Siem Reap

What is Siem Reap known for?

great beauty

surviving temple of Hariharalaya is Preah Ko; the others are Bakong and Lolei. The temples of the Preah Ko style are known for their small brick towers and for the great beauty and delicacy of their lintels. * Bakheng (Phnom Bakheng) Style (889-923): Bakheng was the first temple mountain constructed in the area of Angkor proper north of Siem Reap. It was the state temple of King Yasovarman, who built his capital of Yasodharapura around it. Located on a hill (phnom

food play

Si Dang alt Fresh url email address East River Rd lat long directions next to City River Hotel phone +855 17 875 129 tollfree fax hours 07:00-14:00 price USD3 content Beautiful riverside garden out of the hustle and bustle. Local and Western food, play pool, relax on the balcony and use the free Wi-Fi with sunset views. Friday quiz, Saturday BBQ, Sunday roasts, specials everyday. *

unusual devotion

''' ( , 1125–1200) was a king (reigned c.1181-1200) of the Khmer Empire in present day Siem Reap, Cambodia. He was the son of King Dharanindravarman II (r. 1150-1160) and Queen Sri Jayarajacudamani. He married Jayarajadevi and then, after her death, married her sister Indradevi. The two women are commonly thought to have been a great inspiration to him, particularly in his unusual devotion to Buddhism, as only one prior Khmer king was a Buddhist


. Massage The Khmer believe that Thai massage is derived from Khmer massage and that it is more relaxing as it requires less twisting and turning. The numerous Khmer-style massage shops mostly offer genuine massage and are not a front for sexual services. If you feel unsure what type they will give you, a safe bet is to opt for one of the '''blind massage''' services. The trained masseurs are the real deal. Some are inside the night market. Contrary to common belief, blind massage services DO

OFFER '''special massages''' too. *

actually feel like trained people are giving them. No special services or hidden fees. It is a nice place to go as a couple or alone. They have massage tables and air conditioning. Tasteful exterior surrounded by frangipani plants (partly obscuring their tasteful green sign saying "frangipani"). *

local charity

directions phone +855 92 332 730 tollfree fax hours price USD2 day content Well maintained bicycles can be hired through various guest houses affiliated with this local charity that uses hire proceeds to fund youth education and clean drinking water projects in villages around Siem Reap. The website lists location where the bikes are available. Many guesthouses will lend you bicycles either for free or cheaply (USD1-3). By motorbike Motodops (motorbike taxi

weekly service

fast developing

has a restaurant and bar and there is a crocodile farm and floating villages in some areas of the lake's shores. Climate According to the Köppen climate classification, Siem Reap features a tropical wet and dry climate. The city is generally hot throughout the course of the year, with average high temperatures never falling below 30 C in any month. Siem Reap has a relatively lengthy wet season which starts in April and ends in November. The dry season covers the remaining four months. The city averages approximately 1500 mm of rainfall per year.

historical architecture

thumb This tympanum (architecture) tympanum (File:Stone bas relief at Banteay Srei in Cambodia from front.jpg) from the Khmer temple of Banteay Srei depicts Sugriva fighting with his brother Vali. To the right, Rama is poised to shoot an arrow at Vali. * The combat of Sugriva with his brother Vali (Vali (Ramayana)) was a favorite motif of the Khmer (Khmer people) sculptors contributing to the Angkorian temples and monuments (Architecture of Cambodia) near Siem Reap in Cambodia. ** A detailed and moving tympanum (tympanum (architecture)) at the 10th century Hindu temple of Banteay Srei depicts the combat of the brothers, as well as Rama's intervention and Vali's death in the arms of another monkey


' livelihoods and provides a wonderful experience for visitors as they can see spectacular local butterfly species flying close at hand in a beautiful tropical garden. *

free set

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Siem Reap

'''Siem Reap''' ( ) is the capital city of Siem Reap Province in northwestern Cambodia, and a popular resort town as the gateway to Angkor region.

Siem Reap has colonial and Chinese-style architecture in the Old French Quarter, and around the Old Market. In the city, there are museums, traditional Apsara (Apsaras) dance performances, Cambodian cultural village, souvenir and handycraft shops, silk farms, rice-paddy countryside, fishing villages and a bird sanctuary near the Tonle Sap Lake.

Siem Reap today—being a popular tourist destination—has a large number of hotels, resorts, restaurants and businesses closely related to tourism. This is much owed to its proximity to Angkor temples, the most popular tourist attraction in Cambodia.

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