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literary talent

(襄城, in modern Xuchang, Henan), died early, and it was said that Li Jiao served his mother Lady Zhang with great filial piety. His literary talent began to be known when he was young, and his reputation matched that of Su Weidao, who was also from Zhao Prefecture. He already understood the Five Classics at age 14 and was praised by the chancellor (chancellor of Tang Dynasty) Xue Yuanchao. He passed the imperial examination at age 19 and was made the sheriff of Anding County (安定, in modern Dingxi, Gansu). He was soon promoted to serve in the capital Chang'an, and he, along with older colleagues Luo Binwang and Liu Guangye (劉光業), became known for their literary talent. commons:Shijiazhuang

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'''Zhengding County''' (Zhengding County)

original major

to act against Wu Shaocheng's subordinate Wu Shaoyang, who seized control of the circuit, and was forced to commission Wu Shaoyang, much to the lament of his imperial scholar advisors, who viewed Zhangyi as a far easier target than Chengde.) The campaign against Chengde stalled, however, with one of its original major proponents, Lu Congshi (盧從史) the military governor of Zhaoyi Circuit (昭義, headquartered in modern Changzhi, Shanxi), secretly communicating with Chengde

cultural interest

of the 27th Group Army (27th Army (People's Republic of China)) of the People's Liberation Army, one of the three group armies that comprise the Beijing Military Region responsible for defending China's capital. Culture thumb right Hebei Art Center (Image:ShijiazhuangArtCentre.jpg) thumb left Huai'an Road (Image:Huaian bridge.jpg) As a young industrial city, Shijiazhuang city proper is generally considered to have relatively few sights of historical or cultural interest. Exceptions are: * Martyrs' Memorial ( commons:Shijiazhuang

elegant spectacular

high and low, primary and secondary dependencies, exquisite gorgeous elegant, spectacular. Do There are some well-equipped leisure centers, especially the luxury bathing centers. * commons:Shijiazhuang

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Administrative Division Shijiazhuang.png width 600 link


'''Zhengding County''' (Zhengding County)


with name.png 40px G4 (G4 Beijing–Hong Kong–Macau Expressway) Beijing - Shijiazhuang - Zhengzhou - Xinyang - Wuhan - Changsha - Guangzhou **G4 (G4 Beijing–Hong Kong–Macau Expressway) Branch from Guangzhou to Shenzhen (adjacent to Hong Kong) As of 2009, D-series trains provide fast frequent service between main cities in China. For example: *Beijing - Shijiazhuang (2 hours travel time), Taiyuan(3 hours travel time), Handan (3-3.5 hours travel time

running high

, Hefei, Shenzhen, Nanchang, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, Ningbo, Wuxi, Guiyang, Ürümqi label8 The Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway calls at the new Jinan West Railway Station, which is outside the central metropolitan center and is in suburban western Jinan's Huaiyin District. It will become a future hub with west-east running high speed railways to Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang and Qingdao. *The top five cities with most

winning film

Province, China, where his tomb and memorial hall lie opposite the tomb of Dwarkanath Kotnis, an Indian doctor also honoured for his humanitarian contribution to the Chinese. One of the three honoured in this memorial is the hero of the Academy Award–winning film, ''Chariots of Fire'', Reverend Eric Liddell of Scotland. He died while incarcerated in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in Shandong Province. Edison is primarily a middle-class community with more than 75 ethnic communities represented. Edison has a large Jewish community next to Highland Park (Highland Park, New Jersey), with multiple synagogues located in Edison. Edison also has a growing Indian (Indian American) community and a number of temples serving the religious needs of the community. Reflecting the number of Edison's residents from India and China, the township has sister city (Town twinning) arrangements with Shijiazhuang, China, "POSITION PAPER ON SISTER STATE AND SISTER CITY RELATIONS BETWEEN AUSTRALIA AND CHINA", Australia-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New South Wales, dated November 14, 2001. Accessed December 26, 2007. and Vadodara, India. Sister Cities Partnerships Abroad Not Directly Hit, Sister Cities International. Accessed December 26, 2007. "Baroda, Gujarat State, sister city to Edison, New Jersey" Later, Ashina Mochuo demanded a Tang dynasty prince for marriage to his daughter, part of a plot to join his family with the Tang, displace the Zhou, and restore Tang rule over China (under his influence). When Wu Zetian sent a member of her own family, grandnephew Wu Yanxiu (武延秀), to marry Mochuo's daughter instead, he rejected him. commons:Shijiazhuang

radio world

and Shijiazhuang in neighbouring Hebei province, speak a dialect closest to the standardized pronunciation; this form is generally heard on national and local television and radio. World production of synthesised vitamin C is currently estimated at approximately 110,000 tonnes annually. Main producers have been BASF Takeda (Takeda Chemical Industries), DSM (DSM (company)), Merck (Merck KGaA) and the China Pharmaceutical Group Ltd. of the People's Republic of China. By 2008 only the DSM plant in Scotland remained operational outside the strong price competition from China. commons:Shijiazhuang


pic SJZ name.svg piccap "Shijiazhuang", as written in Chinese picsize 180px s t p psp Shikiachwang (present) Shimen (former) j sek 6 gaa 1 zong 1 wuu zah 入 ka 平 tsaon 平 poj Chio̍h-ka-chng l The Shi's Village showflag p order st '''Shijiazhuang''' ( southwest of Beijing, http: between Beijing Shijiazhuang and it administers 6 districts (District (PRC)), 5 county-level cities, and 12 counties (Counties of the People's Republic of China).

At the 2010 census, it had a total population of 10,163,788, with 2,766,614 in the urban area and 4,770,400 in the built-up (''or metro'') area comprising the 5 urban districts, the counties of Zhengding and Luancheng, Luquan City and now Gaocheng City largely conurbated with the Shijiazhuang metropolitan area as urbanization continues to proliferate. Shijiazhuang's total population ranked twelfth in mainland China.

Shijiazhuang is a modernizing and ever growing city. It experienced dramatic growth after the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. The population of the metropolitan area has more than quadrupled in only 30 years as a result of fast industrialization and major infrastructural developments. Shijiazhuang is a major transportation hub in the region which has contributed to the city's fast growth and development. From 2008 to 2011, Shijiazhuang implemented a three-year plan which concluded with the reorganization of the city resulting in an increase of green areas and improved urbanization (new buildings, new roads and road plans). The three-year plan was a success and even after it ended, the city continues to benefit from the major projects that were implemented with the opening of a new train station, a new airport and a subway system. http: question 52434834.html Even with the green areas, however, Shijiazhuang continues to suffer from pollution. The top ten cities that suffered the most days of severe pollution includes Shijiazhuang.

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