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gradually became home to the majority of the expatriate population working in and around Shenzhen and part of its hinterland in the Pearl River Delta. This trend has however abated after 2003, as the country's continued economic reform, development of the Nanshan and Futian areas, and substantial increases in English levels of university graduates have made life in the city proper more acceptable to many foreigners without school-age children. Shenzhen Special Economic Zone comprises four of the six districts of Shenzhen City (Sub-provincial city) in Guangdong Province (Guangdong), namely Luohu (Luohu District), Futian (Futian District), Nanshan (Nanshan District, Shenzhen), and Yantian (Yantian District), with a total area of 493 km². It was formerly a walled city facing Tai Shan Bay for coastal defense in Bao'an County and now is the capital city of the Nanshan District (Nanshan District, Shenzhen) in Shenzhen. It was also the administrative centre in the area surrounding including Hong Kong. The city was on the sea route in South China and regarded as the gatekeeper of Pearl River (Pearl River (China)) and Guangzhou. History History of Nantau can be dated back to 331. It was known as Tung Kwun (東官) as it is the capital city of prefecture of Tung Kwun. It is also known as Po On (寶安), Tuen Mun (屯門) and San On (新安) in the course of history. The current walled city was built in 1394, when Ming (Ming Dynasty) revived the coastal defense after the fall of Mongolian rule (Yuan dynasty). It remains the administrative centre afterward. Nantau guadually lost its prestige as the completion of Kowloon-Canton Railway made the market town of Shenzhen east of Nantau more prosperous. The capital city of Bao'an County was moved to Shenzhen finally in 1953. 300px thumb Across Lau Fau Shan on Kong Sham Western Highway (Image:KongShamWesternHighway LauFauShan.jpg) '''Lau Fau Shan''' ( commons:深圳


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to the influence of the South China Sea, and frost is very rare; it begins dry but becomes progressively more humid and overcast. However, fog is most frequent in winter and spring, with 106 days per year reporting some fog. Early spring is the cloudiest time of year, and rainfall begins to dramatically increase in April; the rainy season lasts until late September to early October. The monsoon reaches its peak intensity in the summer months, when the city also experiences very humid, and hot

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university education. “Why our universities can not always cultivate outstanding talents?” Following the question of Master Qian and reviewing today’s university, we found that China’s universities have been highly “homogenized”. We are eager to appear some small-scale high-quality first-class research-type universities, like California Institute of Technology mentioned by Qian Xuesen. South University of Science and Technology of China aims to become an ideal university starting from scratch

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of historical events, especially the collapse and final stand of the Southern Song Dynasty (13th century), the last stand of the Ming Dynasty (17th century) and the Opium War (19th century). *

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park of China. You can find the famous Forbidden City, Terracotta Soldiers, Tibet Potala Palace, Huangshan Mountains, Yunnan's Stone Forest, and of course the Great Wall of China. This miniature park covers 300 thousand square meters, fully forested with beautiful greenery and flower. The second part consists of 56 houses, each representing one of the 56 nationalities in China, such as Miao, Yi, Bai, Mongol and Uygur. You can find here real people, culture, fashion, habits, religion, language

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by the State Council (State Council of the People's Republic of China) of the People's Republic of China and is funded by the Shenzhen government. The university took its first enrollment the same year at what Deng Xiaoping called "Shenzhen Speed". http: szu2007 doce about.asp?DcoID 4&CateID 28 '''Shenzhen University''' ('''SZU''', Chinese (Simplified Chinese): 深圳大学) is a public university established in 1983 located

in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. It is accredited by the State Council (State Council of the People's Republic of China) of the People's Republic of China and is funded by the Shenzhen government. The university took its first enrollment the same year at what Deng Xiaoping called "Shenzhen Speed". http: szu2007 doce about.asp?DcoID 4&CateID 28 Stem cell therapies provided in China utilize a variety of cell types including

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'''Shenzhen''' ( and the so-called Pearl River Delta Mega City had more than 44.7 million inhabitants at the 2010 census spread over 9 municipalities (including Macao) and an area of 17,573 km 2 . http: php china-guangdong-admin.php

Shenzhen’s modern cityscape is the result of the vibrant economy made possible by rapid foreign investment since the institution of the policy of “reform and opening” establishment of the SEZ in late 1979, before which it was only a small village. Both Chinese citizens and foreign nationals have invested enormous amounts of money in the Shenzhen SEZ. More than US$30 billion in foreign investment has gone into both foreign-owned and joint ventures, at first mainly in manufacturing but more recently in the service industries as well. Shenzhen is now considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. url http: China doingbizinchina regionalinfo secondtiercities eg_cn_025695.asp title Shenzhen publisher U.S. Commercial Service year 2007 accessdate 28 February 2008

Being southern mainland China’s major financial center, Shenzhen is home to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as well as the headquarters of numerous high-tech companies. Shenzhen is also one of the busiest container ports (List of busiest container ports) in the world. The JOC Top 50 World Container Ports In 2007, Shenzhen was named one of China’s top ten most livable cities by Chinese Cities Brand Value Report, which was released at 2007 Beijing Summit of China Cities Forum. url http: engld%5Caboutloudi Loudicity Loudihonor 2011 1_327 default.shtml website publisher Hunan Loudi Official Government date 2012-03-28 accessdate 2014-08-04

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