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poor service

, Wisewood, Walkley and Stannington. It tells the story of the reactions of five Sheffield rail workers to the privatisation (Privatization) of the railway maintenance organisation for which they all work, and the consequences for them. The film was inspired by the failure of the Connex South Central and the Connex South Eastern franchise (government-granted monopoly)s: Connex (Connex Group) lost both franchises because of poor service. Due to the large interest in the group, the Herberts quickly set about creating a binding contract for them. Brown, 2002. p 172. Encouraged by the reaction they had received at the showcase, all five members delayed signing contracts on the legal advice from, amongst others, Victoria Beckham's father, Anthony Adams. In March 1995, because of the group's frustration at their management's unwillingness to listen to their visions and ideas, they parted from Heart Management. In order to ensure they kept control of their own work, the group retrieved the master recordings of their discography from the management offices. McGibbon, 1997. p. 101. The next week they were supposed to meet with Sheffield-based producer (music producer) Eliot Kennedy. The Herberts arranged the session weeks before the group's departure. Sinclair, 2004. p 44. Bidding The original winning bid for the competition was for London but the cost to build the required stadium at Picketts Lock and host the event was deemed too expensive by the government. UK Athletics suggested to move the host city to Sheffield (using Don Valley Stadium), but the IAAF stated that having London as the host city was central to their winning the bid. The championships bidding process was reopened as a result. The United Kingdom's withdrawal as host was an unprecedented case for a major sporting event in a developed country. Picketts Lock bid scrapped. BBC Sport (2001-10-04). Retrieved on 2011-01-20. The last known record of Juba places him at the City Tavern in Dublin, Ireland, in September 1851: "Boz's Juba appears here nightly and is well received". ''Era'', September 14, 1851, quoted in Johnson, "Juba's Dance". A performer known as Jumbo is reported as having died two weeks later in Dublin. Dance historian Marian Hannah Winter said that Juba died in 1852 in London. More than 30 years later, theater historian T. Allston Brown wrote that Juba "married too late (and a white woman besides), and died early and miserably. In a note addressed to Charley White, Juba informed him that, when next he should be seen by him White , he would be riding in his own carriage. It has been said that in 1852 his skeleton, without the carriage, was on exhibition at the Surrey Music Hall, Sheffield, England." Brown, T. Allston (November 4, 1876). ''New York Clipper''. Quoted in Johnson, "Juba's Dance". Mahar has given the date as 1853. He would have been in his late 20s. Mahar 19. In 2006, doctor fish spa resorts opened in Hakone, Japan, and in Umag, Croatia, where the fish are used to clean the bathers at the spa. There are also spas in resorts in China, Belgium, the Netherlands, South Korea, Singapore, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovakia, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Bucharest and Sibiu (Romania), Madrid (Corralejo Fuerteventura Dr Fish) and Barcelona (Spain), France and Trondheim (Norway). In 2008, the first widely known doctor fish pedicure service was opened in the United States in Alexandria, Virginia, and later in Woodbridge, Virginia. In 2010 the first U.K. spa opened in Sheffield. WikiPedia:Sheffield Commons:Category:Sheffield

friendly rivalry

Derwent in Hope Valley (Hope Valley, Derbyshire) in the High Peak (High Peak (England)) district of Derbyshire, England. They lie within the Peak District National Park, about 15 miles west of Sheffield and 30 miles east of Manchester. According to the 2001 census, Brough and Shatton had a combined population of 145. There is a friendly rivalry between the two hamlets, which contest numerous sports competitions throughout the year. birth_date WikiPedia:Sheffield Commons:Category:Sheffield

gold service

reception unreliable. Since Pennine Radio was split into Pennine FM and Classic Gold the AM service broadcast to West Yorkshire has been part of a network, initially with sister stations in Hull (Kingston upon Hull) and Sheffield, later as an independent station buying in the former GWR Classic Gold service, later as part of the BIG AM network with sister stations in Stoke and Manchester, then again with the GWR UBC Classic Gold (Classic Gold Digital Network) and latterly GCap Gold (Gold (radio)) network. background group_or_band origin Sheffield, England genre Electronic dance (Electronic dance music) Trip-hop Nu-Jazz thumb right Hood (far left), onstage with Traffic (band) Traffic (File:Traffic 1973.jpg), 1973. '''David Hood''' (born 21 September 1943, in Sheffield, Alabama, USA), is a bass (bass guitar)ist from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. He also plays the trombone and is a member of the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. '''Wicker railway station''' Sometimes, before the opening of Sheffield railway station, Wicker was referred to as the Midland Station. See, for example, WikiPedia:Sheffield Commons:Category:Sheffield

guitar amp

from Sheffield, England. Dave Attwood (drums) and Ian Hutchinson (guitar) now play in a band called Baby Long Legs, and Danny Lowe (vocals) and Chris Moody (bass) play in a band called Crystal Teet Heart. Simon Banks (guitar & vocals) now works as a sound engineer. Forge Radio was founded (under the name of Sure Radio) in 1995 as a student society at Sheffield Union by Helen Grimes, with Jenny Thornton as Head of Music. The station followed in the footsteps of Forge FM


1 January 1957 PLACE OF BIRTH Sheffield, Yorkshire, England DATE OF DEATH In 2010, they were held in Tallinn, Estonia from 18 January to 24 January. In 2011, they were held in Bern, Switzerland from January 23 to January 30. In 2012, they will be held in Sheffield, UK (United Kingdom) from 23 January to 29 January.

publishing line

regeneration of the Lower Don Valley area of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Slab-o-Concrete was originally based in Sheffield; it moved to Hove (Brighton and Hove) in 1995. After intensely ramping up its publishing line in the late nineties (including moving into CDs and prose books), Slab-O-Concrete was laid low in 2001 as policy changes in the book industry caused cash flow issues. Waibel was born in Frankfurt. His father Karl Waibel had worked with Wolf Hirth in the 1920s. Gerhard began flying models in 1948 and in 1951 helped with the building the SG38. He then studied at Akaflieg Darmstadt. Gerhard's father arranged in 1962 a practical course in a steel plant for him and Wolf Lemke in Sheffield where in the evenings they started designing the D-36 (Akaflieg Darmstadt D-36) Circe. After much development back in Germany, Waibel flew the D-36 to the victory in the Open Class of the German Championships in 1964. Northern Rail operates hourly services to Sheffield (approx. 1 hour 20 mins), Manchester Victoria (Manchester Victoria railway station) (approx. 50 mins), Wakefield Westgate (Wakefield Westgate railway station) (approx 35 mins), Selby via Bradford Interchange (approx. 1 hour 40 mins) and Leeds (Leeds railway station) (approx. 40 mins). Third verse Pendlebury, Prestwich, Preston (Preston, Lancashire), York, Skipton, Scunthorpe, Scarborough-on-Sea (Scarborough, North Yorkshire), Chester, Chorley, Cheadle Hulme (could also be interpreted as the equally valid Cheadle (Cheadle, Greater Manchester), Hulme), Ormskirk, Accrington, Stanley (Stanley, County Durham), Ossett, Otley, Ilkley Moor, Sheffield, Manchester, Castleford, Skem (Skelmersdale), Doncaster, Dewsbury, Halifax (Halifax, West Yorkshire), Bingley, Bramhall. To date, the charity has built 16 units in London, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle (Newcastle upon Tyne), Manchester, Glasgow, Southampton, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Wirral. The charity anticipates that the concentration of medical expertise within these units can improve chances of recovery by 15%. Units cost over £2million each to build and Teenage Cancer Trust aims to complete at least 22 units in the UK by 2012 so that every teenager and young adult with cancer in the UK has access to these facilities. '''Sheffield Forgemasters International''' (commonly called just '''Forgemasters''' or '''Sheffield Forgemasters''') is a heavy engineering firm located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. The company specialises in the production of large bespoke steel casting (Casting (metalworking))s and forgings, as well as standard rolls (Rolling (metalworking)), ingots and bar (Bar stock). The week the album was released, the band performed at several HMV branches including those located in Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield and Leeds. birth_date WikiPedia:Sheffield Commons:Category:Sheffield

century bass

"furd" Bass was one of the original FT 30 companies on the London Stock Exchange when the listing was established in 1935. Over the next half-century, Bass maintained its dominance in the UK market by the acquisition of other brewers such as Birmingham

experimental work

. Rowland, Spenner, Hubbard and McCullough all played on the Jesus Christ Superstar (Jesus Christ Superstar (album)) album. Lee has performed an experimental work by artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard in Sheffield called "Performer. Audience. Fuck Off" http: whats_on view.php?id 208 - an interpretation of the seminal piece "Performer Audience Mirror" originally presented in 1975 by American artist Dan

hits album

, is offered and accepts a position on the team. Some early series were set in Cambridge, but it was later relocated to London. In late 2008, some sources stated that Barrett and Lee were to start touring with the group sometime in the following year. It was also stated that a new greatest hits album, ''Ain’t No Party: The Ultimate Collection of S Club 7'' was set for release later the following year. WikiPedia:Sheffield Commons:Category:Sheffield

brand made Gretna administrator racks up £253,000 in fees for six weeks of work at crisis club , ''The Scotsman''. WikiPedia:Sheffield Commons:Category:Sheffield


'''Sheffield''' ( ), though some population figures, like those given at List of English cities by population, use just the urban core of the city and are therefore lower. and it is one of the eight largest regional English cities that make up the Core Cities Group. Sheffield is the third largest (List of English districts by population) English district by population. The metropolitan population of Sheffield is 1,569,000

During the 19th century, Sheffield gained an international reputation for steel production. Many innovations were developed locally, including crucible (crucible steel) and stainless steel, fuelling an almost tenfold increase in the population during the Industrial Revolution. Sheffield received its municipal charter in 1843, becoming the ''City of Sheffield'' in 1893. International competition in iron and steel caused a decline in traditional local industries during the 1970s and 1980s, coinciding with the collapse of coal mining in the area.

The 21st century has seen extensive redevelopment (Urban renewal) in Sheffield along with other British cities. Sheffield's gross value added (GVA) has increased by 60% since 1997, standing at £9.2 billion in 2007. The economy has experienced steady growth averaging around 5% annually, greater than that of the broader region of Yorkshire and the Humber. title Income & Wealth date 30 November 2007 publisher Sheffield City Council accessdate 7 July 2010 archiveurl http: web 20100521085049 http: your-city-council sheffield-facts-figures sheffield-economy income--wealth archivedate 21 May 2010

The city is located within the valleys of the River Don (River Don, South Yorkshire) and its four tributaries, the Loxley (River Loxley), the Porter Brook, the Rivelin (River Rivelin), and the Sheaf (River Sheaf). 61% of Sheffield's entire area is green space, and a third of the city lies within the Peak District national park. url https: your-city-council sheffield-profile introduction.html title City Profile Introduction date 31 January 2013 publisher Sheffield City Council accessdate 13 October 2013 There are more than 250 parks, woodlands and gardens in the city, and an estimated 2 million trees, giving Sheffield the highest ratio of trees to people of any city in Europe.

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