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; Five local radio stations


in the BBC television series ''EastEnders'' is on the District line, taking the place of Bromley-by-Bow (Bromley-by-Bow tube station). From 4 February 2010 ''EastEnders'' will use shots of District line trains to superimpose on their episodes to show the trains running into the fictional station of Walford East which is part of the set. *Sheffield band Milburn (Milburn (band)) wrote a song called 'The District Line' which refers to London. *Canadian guitarist Pat Travers wrote

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Derwent in Hope Valley (Hope Valley, Derbyshire) in the High Peak (High Peak (England)) district of Derbyshire, England. They lie within the Peak District National Park, about 15 miles west of Sheffield and 30 miles east of Manchester. According to the 2001 census, Brough and Shatton had a combined population of 145. There is a friendly rivalry between the two hamlets, which contest numerous sports competitions throughout the year. birth_date WikiPedia:Sheffield Commons:Category:Sheffield

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but appears to be organically moving towards some kind of recognition of their role as regional capitals outside of London. Career summary Bailey was born in Sheffield, England. A third generation musician http: artist derek-bailey-p6044 biography , he began playing the guitar at the age of ten, going on to study music with Sheffield City organist C.H.C. Biltcliffe and guitar with George Wing and John Duarte (John W. Duarte) http

: artist derek-bailey-p6044 biography , he began playing the guitar at the age of ten, going on to study music with Sheffield City organist C.H.C. Biltcliffe and guitar with George Wing and John Duarte (John W. Duarte) http: artist derek-bailey-p6044 biography . As an adult he found work as a guitarist and session musician in clubs, radio, dance hall bands, and so on, playing with many performers including Gracie Fields

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at Long Eaton, finally completed to Chesterfield in 1862, the Erewash Valley Line, giving access to the coalfields that would become its major source of income. Passengers from Sheffield continued to use Masborough (Rotherham Masborough railway station) until a direct route was completed in 1870. Railway stations in Cromer: The railway came to Cromer in 1877. Ten years later a second station was opened bringing visitors from the East Midlands. The two stations were Cromer High (Cromer High railway station) (owned by the Great Eastern Railway) and the more central Cromer Beach (Cromer railway station) (owned by the Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway), of which the latter still remains (now known simply as Cromer). Direct services were operated from London, Manchester, Leicester, Birmingham, Leeds, Peterborough and Sheffield, but today a service to Norwich is all that remains. The station is on the Bittern Line connecting it to Sheringham, North Walsham, Wroxham and Norwich, from where the rest of the national rail network (National Rail) can be accessed. Transport Market Harborough (Market Harborough railway station) station is on the Midland Main Line and operated by East Midlands Trains. London St Pancras International (London St Pancras) is 70 minutes south. Northbound trains operate to Leicester (15 minutes), Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds and York. Leicester (Leicester railway station) connections east and west. From November 2007 St Pancras has Eurostar services to the continent. 49.3 Manchester A57 Sheffield M67 (M67 motorway) J24 Yorkshire and the East of England The industrial revolution saw Yorkshire towns and cities such as Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford and Huddersfield develop large textile and coal mining industries, which required an efficient transport system. As early as the late 17th century, the Aire and Calder (Aire and Calder Navigation) and Calder and Hebble (Calder and Hebble Navigation) navigations had been canalised, allowing navigation from Leeds to the Humber Estuary, whereas the River Don Navigation connected Sheffield to the Humber. '''Sir Charles Harding Firth''' (16 March 1857, Ecclesall, Sheffield, England – 19 February 1936, Oxford) was a British (United Kingdom) historian. Subsequently his plans were checked by Fairfax's re-capture of Leeds in January 1643, and he retired to York. He escorted the queen, who returned from abroad in February, to York, and subsequently captured Wakefield, Rotherham and Sheffield, though failing at Leeds, but his successes were once more ravished from him by Fairfax. In June he advanced again, defeated the Fairfaxes at Adwalton Moor (battle of Adwalton Moor) on 30 June, and obtained possession of all Yorkshire except Hull and Wressel Castle. - Sheffield Supertram (Supertram (Sheffield)) Sheffield, United Kingdom - Adams quickly endeared himself to the supporters with wins over the Championship (Football League Championship)'s two Sheffield sides in the League Cup (Football League Cup), United (Sheffield United F.C.) and Wednesday (Sheffield Wednesday F.C.), before they lost out to Scunthorpe United (Scunthorpe United F.C.) in the Third Round, after extra time. WikiPedia:Sheffield Commons:Category:Sheffield

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in the area where the Porter Brook meets the River Sheaf, are now gone, but are commemorated in the local names ''Pond Street'', ''Pond Hill'' (formerly ''Pond Well Hill'') and ''Ponds Forge''. He was born in 1959 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and raised in Sheffield, England, son of Robert Woodman Williams, a singer & medical practitioner who was an early pioneer in the then fledgling field of physiotherapy and who also sang with South Yorkshire Opera. Williams excelled

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The Daily Telegraph date 20 July 2003 accessdate 2009-08-01 location London first James last Mossop *Solo violinist on ''Easy Virtue (Easy Virtue (2008 film))'' directed by Stephan Elliott, new film version of Noël Coward play starring Jessica Biel, Colin Firth and Kristin Scott Thomas, with score by Marius de Vries *''Fiddler on the Roof''- Jerry Bock & Joseph Stein - Musical Arranger of critically acclaimed production

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and Leeds Bradford-Skipton (Airedale Line) services. These lines were electrified in 1994, and passenger services were operated by Class 308 (British Rail Class 308) electrical multiple units. foundation 2003 location Sheffield, United Kingdom key_people '''Sumo Digital Ltd.''' is an independent game development studio based in Sheffield, United Kingdom. Set up in 2003 following the closure of Infogrames Studios Sheffield Gremlin Interactive.<

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they headlined the 2004 Feedback Festival in Paris. DATE OF BIRTH 5 May 1949 PLACE OF BIRTH Sheffield, England DATE OF DEATH '''Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet''' is an industrial museum in the south of the City of Sheffield (Sheffield), England. The museum forms part of a former steel-working site on the River Sheaf, with a history going back to at least the 13th century. It consists of a number of dwellings and workshops that were formerly the Abbeydale Works—a scythe-making plant that was in operation until the 1930s—and is a remarkably complete example of a 19th century works. The works are atypical in that much of the production process was completed on the same site (in a similar manner to a modern factory). A more typical example of water powered works in the area can be found at Shepherd Wheel. WikiPedia:Sheffield Commons:Category:Sheffield

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from the border with Derbyshire. It lies in the Peak District


'''Sheffield''' ( ), though some population figures, like those given at List of English cities by population, use just the urban core of the city and are therefore lower. and it is one of the eight largest regional English cities that make up the Core Cities Group. Sheffield is the third largest (List of English districts by population) English district by population. The metropolitan population of Sheffield is 1,569,000

During the 19th century, Sheffield gained an international reputation for steel production. Many innovations were developed locally, including crucible (crucible steel) and stainless steel, fuelling an almost tenfold increase in the population during the Industrial Revolution. Sheffield received its municipal charter in 1843, becoming the ''City of Sheffield'' in 1893. International competition in iron and steel caused a decline in traditional local industries during the 1970s and 1980s, coinciding with the collapse of coal mining in the area.

The 21st century has seen extensive redevelopment (Urban renewal) in Sheffield along with other British cities. Sheffield's gross value added (GVA) has increased by 60% since 1997, standing at £9.2&nbsp;billion in 2007. The economy has experienced steady growth averaging around 5% annually, greater than that of the broader region of Yorkshire and the Humber. title Income & Wealth date 30 November 2007 publisher Sheffield City Council accessdate 7 July 2010 archiveurl http: web 20100521085049 http: your-city-council sheffield-facts-figures sheffield-economy income--wealth archivedate 21 May 2010

The city is located within the valleys of the River Don (River Don, South Yorkshire) and its four tributaries, the Loxley (River Loxley), the Porter Brook, the Rivelin (River Rivelin), and the Sheaf (River Sheaf). 61% of Sheffield's entire area is green space, and a third of the city lies within the Peak District national park. url https: your-city-council sheffield-profile introduction.html title City Profile Introduction date 31 January 2013 publisher Sheffield City Council accessdate 13 October 2013 There are more than 250 parks, woodlands and gardens in the city, and an estimated 2&nbsp;million trees, giving Sheffield the highest ratio of trees to people of any city in Europe.

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