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''' in the world and a trip into the desert is an unforgettable adventure. The Sinai Peninsula is a remote desert mountain range. The rocky mountains are parted from the deep-blue sea by a flat desert strip. This combination of desert and sea is an incredible sight and makes you believe you are on a different planet. About 40 years ago, Sharm el-Sheikh was nothing but a small fishing village with about 100 Bedouin citizens. When Sinai was occupied by Israel in 1967 Sharm el-Sheikh started to develop as a tourist destination (like the rest of the peninsula). Israelis evacuated Sinai between 1979 and 1982, following the signing of a peace agreement between the two countries. Since the 1980's the Egyptians have been continuing the development of Sharm where the Israelis left off. Sharm's 100 grew into a bustling 10,000 population. There is now a nice promenade, a Hard Rock Cafe, one of the most modern hospitals in Egypt and so on. Climate WikiPedia:Sharm el-Sheikh Commons:Category:Sharm el-Sheikh


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. There is great scope for scientific tourism with diversity in marine life species; 250 different coral reefs and 1000 species of fish. These natural resources, together with its proximity to European tourism markets, have stimulated the rapid growth of tourism that the region is currently experiencing. The total number of resorts increased from three in 1982 to ninety-one in 2000. Guest nights also increased in that period of time from sixteen thousand to 5.1

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of the local Bedouin culture are a popular attraction. WikiPedia:Sharm el-Sheikh Commons:Category:Sharm el-Sheikh


) - Type Unresolved (dispute between investigators) (Uncommanded Bank (Mechanical error), Human Error (Vertigo(Disorientation) and Crew had loss of training from the airliner) ) Site Red Sea, near Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt Passengers 142 Image:Memorial Charm-el-Cheikh Paris.jpg thumb right Memorial to the crash victims at the Père-Lachaise Cemetery

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is approximately a ninety minute automobile drive from Cairo. From Ismaïlia it is approximately a four hour drive to Sharm el-Sheikh in South Sinai (Sinai Peninsula). Driving to the Taba Border Crossing at Taba (Taba (Egypt)) and the Rafah Border Crossing at Rafah are both approximately four hour drives. 2010 (2010 Women's World Open Squash Championship) Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt Nicol David 2011 World Finals The 2011 ACM-ICPC World


, when the Sharem-al-Maya Bay became the city's main yacht and service port. and have become popular for various watersports, particularly recreational scuba diving and snorkeling

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22 2005 Sharm el-Sheikh attacks series of explosions ''' * Following yesterday's bomb attacks (21 July 2005 London Bombings) on the London Underground police in London shoot dead a suspected suicide bomber (21 July 2005 London Bombings#July 22) at Stockwell tube station. caption The Ghazala Gardens Hotel (Ghazala Gardens hotel), one of the targeted locations. location Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt target A market in downtown Sharm and the Ghazala

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Sharm el-Sheikh

'''Sharm el-Sheikh''' ( ) is a city situated on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, in South Sinai Governorate, Egypt, on the coastal strip along the Red Sea. Its population is approximately 35,000 as of 2008. Sharm el-Sheikh is the administrative hub of Egypt's South Sinai Governorate, which includes the smaller coastal towns of Dahab and Nuweiba as well as the mountainous interior, Saint Catherine's Monastery and Mount Sinai. Nowadays it is a major touristic hotspot and resort city in Egypt.

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