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-gu , Seoul, South Korea key_people Life He was born in Seoul, in what is now South Korea. He achieved early success as a government official, but his straightforward character made enemies at court and he was banished for imprudent criticism of those in power. Thirteen years later he returned to become tutor to the royal princes but was later banished again. He spent most of his 85 years in his rustic country home, contemplating the nature of life, teaching and writing poetry. 250px left thumb Playing janggi on Seoul (Image:Janggi-seoul.jpg)'s streets One will often see older men crowding around a single janggi board while two men play for small amounts of money. These games are played year round, especially in city parks in Seoul. Generally, janggi is considered a gambling game, and seems less popular in Korea than the strategy game Baduk (Go (Go (board game))). Commons:Category:Seoul Wikipedia:Seoul

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2009 url http: EBchecked topic 326010 Kyongju title Kyŏngju publisher Encyclopædia Britannica accessdate 2009-09-15 The city borders Cheongdo and Yeongcheon to the west, Ulsan to the south and Pohang to the north, while to the east lies the coast of the Sea of Japan (East Sea) (Sea of Japan naming dispute). Numerous low mountains—outliers of the Taebaek Mountains Taebaek range

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members and adherents in 1995. The word ''International'' was added to the church's name in 1975. South Korea *Comic World (in Seoul once a month, in Busan every two months) *The 2,300-year-old cryptomeria, Great sugi of Kayano, at Kaga (Kaga, Ishikawa), Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan *The 500-year-old pair of Ginkgo trees near Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, South Korea. *The 400-year-old tree called the Big

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, and the Imperial Japanese Army stationed at strategic locations throughout Korea, the Korean side was at a distinct disadvantage in the discussions. They have designed more than 125 cycle tracks worldwide, among them many velodromes for Olympic Games, namely in Berlin in 1936, Rome in 1960, Mexico City in 1968, Munich in 1972, Seoul in 1986, Barcelona in 1990, Beijing in 2008. They have also designed such famous world-record tracks as the Velodromo Vigorelli

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sites in a few days, a dedicated traveler could spend months exploring all the alleyways and far-off neighborhoods. As the capital of a country that has gone through massive development in the past sixty years, Seoul is constantly changing at an incredible pace, matched only by the mainland Chinese cities. This frantic pace of life is reflected everywhere - in Seoul's cutting-edge digital technology, in the millions of commuters rushing to work everyday in the world's third largest subway system

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proposals of the International Labor Organization, a body created under the League of Nations, as being far outside the UN's powers and an invasion against American liberties. The Genocide Convention's text can be found on-line here. Proponents of the Bricker Amendment said this language made it essential to add to the Constitution explicit limitations on the treaty-making power. Raymond Moley wrote in 1953

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. It is based on the "Seoul Citizens' Day" held on every October since 1994 to commemorate the 600 years history of Seoul as the capital of the country. The festival is arranged under the Seoul Metropolitan Government. As of 2012, Seoul has hosted Ultra Music Festival Korea, an annual dance music festival that takes place on the 2nd weekend of June. http: Parks File:Dongdaemun Design Plaza on April 2014

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in the category of "Embedded Development". A total of 124 teams representing 61 countries and regions took part in 2008. In 2010 NUI Maynooth won the award for Best Windows Azure Application with their cloud-based medical record system. Coaching Following his playing days, he turned to coaching, and led the former Yugoslav team to a silver medal in the 1988 Summer Olympics 1988

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created a technology transfer of high speed rail technology from French engineers, essentially creating an industry of HSR manufacturing capable of exporting knowledge, equipment, and parts worldwide. Kao, T., Yung-Cheng, L, and Shih, M. (2010). Privatization Versus Public Works for High Speed Rail Projects. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board. Issue: 2159. Pp. 18-26. Garuda Indonesia is increasing its flight frequency of its domestic routes and its international routes. Of the international routes, Garuda is increasing its frequency of Jakarta-Singapore to 8 times per day with a Boeing 737-800 (Boeing 737 Next Generation), Jakarta-Bangkok to 2 times per day with a Boeing 737-800 (Boeing 737 Next Generation), Jakarta-Hongkong to 2 times per day with a A330-200 and a Boeing 737-800 (Boeing 737 Next Generation), Jakarta-Beijing to 5 times per week with a A330-300 (Airbus A330) and a A330-200, Jakarta-Shanghai to 5 times per week with a A330-200 and a A330-300 (Airbus A330), and Denpasar-Seoul to 5 times per week with a Boeing 747-400 and a A330-300. Garuda intends to reopen its flights to Manila and Taipei on November 2011. International routes that are still under consideration to be reopened are Mumbai and Chennai in India. These destinations will be served from Jakarta by an Airbus A330-200. Routes such as Frankfurt, London, Munich, Rome, Paris, and Los Angeles will be reopened when the Boeing 777-300ER (Boeing 777) arrives. However, Garuda waits for its route to Amsterdam to settle first, after which they will reopen other European routes and probably its route to Los Angeles. Commons:Category:Seoul Wikipedia:Seoul

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Episcopal Area), where he served for twelve years. From 1928 until 1932 he was assigned the Pittsburgh Area. In 1932 he was sent to China for his last assignment. He retired in 1936 from the active episcopacy. Personal life and early career Edwards has two daughters, Eleanor and Susannah, and a stepson, Brean Campbell. He is a graduate of St. Xavier High School (Louisville) and the University of Louisville and began his radio career in 1968 at a small radio station in New Albany, Indiana. Afterwards, Edwards served in the U.S. Army, producing and anchoring TV and radio news programs for the American Forces Korea Network from Seoul. Following his army service, he went on to anchor news for WTOP (WTOP-FM)-AM, a CBS affiliate, in Washington, D.C. He also earned an M.A. (Master of Arts (postgraduate)) in Communication from American University in Washington D.C. In 1972, at age 25, Edwards anchored national newscasts for the Mutual Broadcasting System. Edwards joined NPR in 1974. Before hosting ''Morning Edition'', Edwards was co-host of ''All Things Considered''. Edwards is married to WRTI Philadelphia news anchor Windsor Johnston. Korean War When war broke out in Korea, Army broadcasters set up in Seoul, in the Banto Hotel (the old American Embassy Hotel). When the Chinese entered Seoul in December, 1950, the crew moved to a mobile unit that was just completed and retreated to Daegu, South Korea. Due to the large number of American troops in Korea, a number of stations were also started. Mobile units followed combat units to provide news and entertainment on the radio. By the time the 1953 armistice was signed, these mobile units became buildings with transmitters, and a network, American Forces Korea Network, was born. *34UHF ** Yongsan-gu, Seoul (USAG Yongsan (Yongsan Garrison), Camp Market, K-16 Airbase) (30 kW) *49UHF *102.7 MHz ** Yongsan-gu (Yongsan), Seoul (USAG Yongsan (Yongsan Garrison), Camp Market, K-16 Airbase...) (5 kW) *1530 kHz ** Yongsan-gu (Yongsan), Seoul (USAG Yongsan (Yongsan Garrison), Camp Market, K-16 Airbase) (5 kW) UNA-USA's Programs The Global Classrooms program brings Model UN to urban public schools across the US and an array of schools around the world. The program is currently in ten American cities; Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York City, San Juan (San Juan, Puerto Rico), Tampa Bay, and Washington, DC, and fourteen international cities; Beijing, Beirut, Berlin, Cantabria, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London, Madrid, Mexico City, New Delhi, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo. Global Classrooms Model UN In 1994, Yousef and Khalid Sheik Mohammed started testing airport security. Yousef booked a flight between Kai Tak International Airport in Hong Kong and Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport near Taipei. Mohammed booked a flight between Ninoy Aquino International Airport near Manila and Kimpo International Airport near Seoul. The two had already converted fourteen bottles of contact lens solution into bottles containing nitroglycerin, which was readily available in the Philippines. Yousef had taped to the arch of his foot a metal rod, which would serve as a detonator. The two wore jewelry and clothing with metal to confuse airport security. To support their claim that they were meeting women, they packed condoms in their bags. Ressa, Maria (2003) Philippines: U.S. missed 9 11 clues years ago CNN - Commons:Category:Seoul Wikipedia:Seoul


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'''Seoul''' ( With a population of over 10 million, the megacity is the largest city proper (List of cities proper by population) in the OECD.

Situated on the Han River (Han River (Korea)), Seoul's history stretches back more than two thousand years when it was founded in 18 BCE by Baekje, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. It continued as the capital of Korea under the Joseon Dynasty. The Seoul Capital Area contains five UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Changdeok Palace (Changdeokgung), Hwaseong Fortress, Jongmyo Shrine (Jongmyo), Namhansanseong and the Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty. with over 12 million international visitors in 2013, Seoul Statistics making it the world's 10th most visited city (Tourism#MasterCard_Global_Destination_Cities_Index) and 6th largest earner in tourism (Tourism#MasterCard_Global_Destination_Cities_Index). MasterCard-Global Destination Cities index

Today, Seoul is considered a leading and rising global city, resulting from an economic boom called the Miracle on the Han River which transformed it from the damage of the Korean War to the world's 4th largest metropolitan economy (List of cities by GDP) with a GDP of US$774 billion At purchasing power parity, see List of cities by GDP. in 2012 after Tokyo, New York City and Los Angeles. A world leading technology hub centered on Gangnam (Gangnam (3 Districts)) and Digital Media City, the Seoul Capital Area boasts 15 http: global500 samsung-electronics-13 Fortune Global 500 companies such as Samsung, the world's largest technology company (List of the largest technology companies), as well as LG and Hyundai-Kia (Hyundai Kia Automotive Group). In 2013, the city's GDP per capita (PPP) (List of South Korean regions by GDP) of $39,448 was comparable to that of France and Finland. Ranked sixth in the Global Power City Index (Global city) and eighth in the Global Financial Centres Index, the metropolis exerts a major influence in global affairs as one of the five leading hosts of global conferences (Union of International Associations). http: sites files documents statistics press press12.pdf It also hosts the world's most art openings per square mile. http: seoul life 50-reasons-why-seoul-worlds-greatest-city-534720

Seoul is the world's most wired city http: seoul life 50-reasons-why-seoul-worlds-greatest-city-534720 and ranked first in technology readiness by PwC's ''Cities of Opportunity'' report. http: us en cities-of-opportunity 2014 assets cities-of-opportunity-2014.pdf Seoul Station is the main terminal of the KTX (Korea Train Express) high-speed rail and the Seoul Subway is the world's largest subway (Rapid transit) network, http: introduce tour Its Lotte Cinema houses the world's largest cinema screen. http: records-4000 largest-permanent-35mm-cinema-screen Seoul's COEX Mall is the world's largest underground shopping mall. http: ar_detail view.html?ar_id NISX20141201_0013328698&cID 10402&pID 10400 Emporis ranked Seoul's skyline having the world's fourth highest visual impact among major cities. http: statistics skyline-ranking

Seoul hosted the 1986 Asian Games, 1988 Summer Olympics, 2002 FIFA World Cup and the 2010 G-20 Seoul summit. A UNESCO City of Design (Creative Cities Network), Seoul was named the 2010 World Design Capital (World Design Capital).

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