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, theater and administrative buildings, including a television studio and radio studio, broadcasting a four-time award winning FM radio broadcast produced by students, can be found. Marywood's Catholic identity coupled with its mission to educate students to "live responsibility in an interdependent world" encourages students to be socially responsible agents of change. Many Marywood students have gone on to work in social justice-related careers, including a high number of AmeriCorps

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education high school, is headquartered in Scranton.

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speed running

, Pennsylvania , towards Buffalo, New York. Apart from a six-mile helper district just west of Scranton and Dansville Hill between Groveland and Perkinsville, New York, this was flat, high-speed running. The railroad's existing 4-8-2 "Mountain" types were proving increasingly inadequate for this service as train lengths increased and because of the drag of air-conditioning equipment. However, the railroad's existing 4-8-4 "Pocono" types, used east of Scranton, were

progressive nature

, Peace Corps, and Teach for America volunteers. The progressive nature of the campus allows for a politically active student body. airdate June 3, 1985 location Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania) Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania callsign_meaning '''W'''e're '''S'''cranton '''W'''ilkes-'''B'''arre '''WSWB''' is the CW (The CW)-affiliated television station for Northeastern Pennsylvania, New York's Eastern Southern Tier and parts of Northern (North Jersey) New Jersey licensed to Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania). It broadcasts a high definition (High-definition television) digital signal on UHF channel 31 from a transmitter northwest of Scranton and I-476 (Interstate 476). The station can also be seen on Comcast channel 7 and Service Electric channel 11. There is a high definition feed offered on Comcast digital channel 807 and Service Electric digital channel 511. airdate June 3, 1985 (1985 in television) location Hazleton (Hazleton, Pennsylvania) Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania) Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania callsign_meaning '''WOLF (wolf)''' (the animal) Digital programming Its signal is multiplexed. Although WSWB operates its own signal, it cannot be received in the Wilkes-Barre (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania) area so it is also offered on WOLF-DT2. WQMY cannot be received over-the-air in the Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania) and Wilkes-Barre areas due to its transmitter being in Williamsport (Williamsport, Pennsylvania) so it can be seen on WOLF-DT3. right Pennsylvania in blue with Area Code 570 272 shown in red (Image:Area code 570.png) '''Area code 570''' is a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania telephone area code which serves the northeast corner of the state including the cities of Williamsport (Williamsport, Pennsylvania), Wilkes-Barre, Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania), and Sayre (Sayre, Pennsylvania). Area code 570 was split from area code 717 on December 5, 1998. Fictional character biography '''Robert Hunter''' was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He was an electrical engineer. Due to genetic alteration carried out on him by the Kree Lunatic Legion, Robert gained the ability to explode and reform himself at will and became a professional criminal. Some time later, he exposed Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) to a carcinogenic nerve gas; ''Captain Marvel'' #34 this encounter ultimately caused Marvel's fatal cancer. Since then he has clashed with Earth's superhumans, who have found creative ways to defeat him, including using the "fractioning (separation) of his exploded mass" against him (essentially, if he can't reform himself after an explosion, he can't explode again). right upright thumb White Deer Hole Creek near the First Gap in South White Deer Ridge. There are now hiking and horseback riding trails throughout its watershed. (File:White Deer Hole Creek near 1st Gap.JPG) Culbertson's Path followed White Deer Hole Creek west from Allenwood, then followed Spring Creek north, crossed Bald Eagle Mountain and followed Mosquito Run to the river at the current borough of Duboistown (Duboistown, Pennsylvania). Here it crossed the river to "French Margaret's Town" (western modern day Williamsport (Williamsport, Pennsylvania)) before joining the major Sheshequin Path, which led north up Lycoming Creek to the North Branch of the Susquehanna River, modern New York, and the Iroquois there. These trails were only wide enough for one person, but settlers in White Deer Hole valley broadened the path to DuBoistown to take grain to Culbertson's mill on Mosquito Run, hence the name. Culbertson's Path was used as a part of the Underground Railroad until the American Civil War began in 1861. Escaped slaves would often wade in creeks to hide their scent from pursuing bloodhounds.

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-owned shortline) provide freight service within Pittston City and Pittston Township. A proposed nearby commuter train from Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania) to New York City has received government funding. Local online media includes Billtown Live (events & index), Billtown Blog (commentary), Billtown Boards (discussion), (directory

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;(Office Supplies) '''Svensk kontorshygien AB''' (Office hygiene Company) - Broadcasting career O'Reilly's early television news career included reporting and anchoring positions at WNEP-TV in Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania), Pennsylvania, where he also reported the weather. At WFAA-TV in Dallas (Dallas, Texas), Texas, O'Reilly was awarded the Dallas Press Club Award for excellence in investigative reporting (investigative journalism). He then moved to KMGH

special history

; and on the movie ''Terror Train'' (1979), Chapell, Gordon. ''Steam Over Scranton: The Locomotives of Steamtown.'' ''Special History Study, American Steam Locomotives: Canadian Pacific Railways No. 1293''National Park Service. 1991. Accessed July 13, 2010 and the Meadow River Lumber Company No. 1 Shay (Meadow River Lumber Company 1). ref name "

;SteamtownSHSShay" Chapell, Gordon. ''Steam Over Scranton: The Locomotives of Steamtown.'' ''Special History Study, American Steam Locomotives: Meadow River Lumber Company No. 1''National Park Service. 1991. Accessed July 13, 2010 - 45 Joseph Biden November 20, 1942 20th 47 Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania), Pennsylvania - The following season, McDermott was promoted to Boston's Triple

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in the Honolulu Transit Industry author Bernard W. Stern publisher University of Hawai'i, Center for Labor Education & Research year 1986 chapter Part III: The Weinberg Era url http: uhwo clear Pubs RutledgeUnionism.html#P3 In Honolulu, Hawaii, he repeated this with the Fifth Avenue Coach Company, in Scranton, Pennsylvania and Dallas, Texas. He started buying stock in the Honolulu Rapid Transit Company in 1955, eventually gained

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, William Muldoon, and John McMahon (John McMahon (wrestler)). * Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh International Airport) (At the time of TWA's end in 2001 the main airline and Trans World Connection served Pittsburgh ) * Wilkes-Barre (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania) Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania) (Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport) Rhode Island death_date

Scranton, Pennsylvania

'''Scranton''' is the sixth-largest city in the State (U.S. state) of Pennsylvania behind Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown (Allentown, Pennsylvania), Erie (Erie, Pennsylvania) and Reading (Reading, Pennsylvania). It is the county seat of Lackawanna County (Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania) in the state's northeastern region (Northeastern Pennsylvania) and is also the central point for the federal court (United States federal courts) of the area. With a population of 76,089, it is the largest city in the Scranton–Wilkes-Barre–Hazleton, PA Metropolitan Statistical Area, with a greater population of about 570,000, http: scranton-wilkes-barre-pa-area.htm also known as the Wyoming Valley.

Scranton is the geographic and cultural center of the Lackawanna River valley, and the largest of the former anthracite coal mining communities in a contiguous quilt-work that also includes Wilkes-Barre (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania), Pittston (Pittston, Pennsylvania), and Carbondale (Carbondale, Pennsylvania). Scranton was incorporated as a borough on February 14, 1856, and as a city on April 23, 1866. Scranton became known as "the Electric City" when electric lights were introduced at Dickson Locomotive Works in 1880. Six years later, the nation's first successful, continuously operating electrified streetcars began operating in the city.

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