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The Seneschal of Sark is the head of the Chief Pleas. Since 1675, he has also been the judge of the island (between 1583 and 1675, judicial functions were exercised by five elected Jurats and a Juge). The Seneschal is appointed by the Seigneur. Recently, following the decision of the English Court of Appeal, the Chief Pleas decided to split the dual role of the Seneschal.

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in the foreground. In the 19th century, industry arrived in Herm with the establishment of granite quarries to serve the large scale military fortifications undertaken in the islands. The island was let to tenants by the Crown and was generally off-limits to visitors. When Prince Blücher (Evelyn Princess Blücher) leased the island from the British government during the First World War (World War I), he introduced a colony of wallabies (Wallaby) to the island. Blücher, Evelyn


and geology thumb left La Coupée (File:Sark Coupee.jpg) Sark consists of two main parts, Greater Sark, located at about 49° 25' N x 2° 22' W, and Little Sark to the south. They are connected by a narrow isthmus called La Coupée which is on each side.


of the nearby Channel Islands of Guernsey and Alderney) formed during geological activity in the continental crust above an ancient subduction zone. This geological setting would have been analogous to the modern-day subduction zone of the Pacific Ocean plate colliding and subducting beneath the North and South American continental plate. Sark also exercises jurisdiction over the island of Brecqhou, only a few hundred feet west of Greater Sark. It is a private island, but it has

it and has been granted its own UN country code (680) to assist in identifying this fact to the world at large. Together with the islands of Alderney and Guernsey, Sark from time to time approves Bailiwick of Guernsey legislation, which, subject to the approval of all three legislatures, applies in the entire Bailiwick. Legislation cannot be made which applies on Sark without the approval of the Chief Pleas, although recently Chief Pleas has been delegating a number of Ordinance making powers

230 230 15 18 189 187 56 61 Data from the 1971 Bailwick of Guernsey report. Population by birthplace and visitors class "wikitable" - ! rowspan 2 Birthplace ! colspan 3 Guernsey ! colspan 3 Alderney ! colspan 3 Sark - ! Persons !! Males !! Females !! Persons !! Males !! Females !! Persons !! Males !! Females - colspan "10" style "text-align:left;" '''Resident in Bailiwick

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to the States of Guernsey. Such powers are, however, in each case subject to dis-application, or repeal, by the Chief Pleas. By long standing custom, Sark's criminal law has been made by the States of Guernsey, and this custom was put on a statutory basis in Section 4 of the Reform (Sark) Law, 2008, by which Sark delegates criminal law making power to the States of Guernsey. Seigneur

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since before the formal policing agreement with Guernsey first began); secondly through the designation of a member of the Guernsey Neighbourhood Policing Team as a dedicated point of contact for Sark authorities; thirdly by means of regular visits and patrols by Guernsey-based

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, although UK and Jersey pounds are also accepted. Note there are no ATM on the islands, and only two banks, with rather short opening times (they usually are open 10-12 and 2-3 Monday to Friday), only one of which (HSBC, at the end of the Avenue) can give money to non-customers (note that Natwest can only help Natwest International customers, not Natwest customers from the UK). Most hotels, and restaurants card terminals, and a couple of the grocery stores on the Avenue can do cashback up to £50. When leaving the Bailwick of Guernsey (i.e. if you are travelling to Jersey or France), you may purchase duty free, usually sold on board ship. Eat Café *

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of Sark year 1977 * *

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Conseillers of Chief Pleas was in January 2009). Language and Culture Sark has its own dialect of the Norman language, ''Sarkese'', ''Sercquiais'' or ''Sark-French'' (''Lé Sèrtchais'' in the original), which is closely related to the language of Jersey, ''Jèrriais''. In practice though, the visitor will only encounter it in place names. French is also relatively widely spoken. For historical reasons, French was until very recently the law used for legal matters, and still is sometimes used in official matters, as the Bailwick still follows some aspects of Norman law. See thumb La Coupée (File:La Coupée.jpg) *


'''Sark''' ( In 2011, Sark was designated as a Dark Sky Community (Dark-sky preserve) and the first Dark Sky Island in the world.

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