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in the fire. According to Rukhin's wife, Popova, the fire was simply a cover up for a K.G.B. murder, but the official report states that he died of carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of the fire. Either way Evgeny Rukhin was dead at the young age of 32 after producing hundreds upon hundreds of striking examples of non-conformist art. After starting an apprenticeship in a metalworks as a foundryman, Gagarin was selected for further training at a high technical school in Saratov. While there, he joined the "AeroClub", and learned to fly a light aircraft, a hobby that began to take up an increasing proportion of his time. After completing his technical schooling, he entered military flight training at the Orenburg Pilot's School. While there he met Valentina Goryacheva, whom he married in 1957, after gaining his pilot's wings in a MiG-15. After graduating, he was posted at an airbase in Murmansk region, near Norwegian border (Norway) On the same day the earthquake in Saratov caused by tectonic changes in the Volga region after the Baku earthquake took place. "Саратовские Вести" By 5 April 1961, Kamanin was still indecisive, ranking Gagarin and Titov equally fit for the flight. Three days later, he recommended Gagarin, with Titov on backup. After the final training session (afternoon, 11 April), Kamanin parted with Yuri Gagarin. Next day, Gagarin lifted off in Vostok 1, made a full orbit and safely landed 23 kilometers from Saratov. Landing place is given as in Kamanin's diaries, 12 April 1961. See Vostok 1 for a different description. Kamanin left the mission control 20 minutes after launch, as soon as Gagarin reported that he is safe in orbit, and rushed to Stalingrad in Antonov An-12. Still airborne, Kamanin received radio message that Gagarin has landed safely and is flown to Kuybyshev airport. Later, in 1966, he recorded that "As odd as it may seem, Gagarin's flight was the safest. Voskhod 2 was the most dangerous to date" ("Как это ни странно звучит, но самым надежным у нас был полет Гагарина. Самым опасным до настоящего времени являлся полет "Восхода-2"). Kamanin diaries, 1 March 1966 - follow up to the crash of Charles Bassett and Elliott See thumb Cathedral of St. Clement in Saratov (1917) (Image:Saratov Catholic Cathedral.jpg) The Roman Catholic '''diocese of Tiraspol''' (''Dioecesis Tiraspolitanus'') was established in 1848, as a suffragan see (suffragan diocese) of the Archdiocese of Mogilev (Metropolitan Archdiocese of Mohilev). Entry of Tiraspol in the Catholic Encyclopedia. Diocese of Tiraspol in Catholic Hierarchy. The Catholic population for which it catered was largely German in ethnic origin, although there were also significant Polish and Armenian Catholic communities. The see city of the diocese was Saratov rather than Tiraspol; the choice of Tiraspol for the name of the diocese may have because the city had been the cathedral city of the fourteenth century diocese of Kherson. The first Roman Catholic bishop of Tiraspol, appointed in 1850, was Ferdinand Helanus Kahn, OP, a German Dominican (Dominican Order). Wincenty Lipski, a Pole, was appointed auxiliary bishop in 1856. In downstream, TNK-BP controls wikipedia:Saratov commons:Саратов

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school and, later, a secular high school. She began writing poetry at the age of 15. When she was 17, she moved to Kiev and began studying painting Grishaver, Joel L., and Barkin, Josh. ''Artzeinu: An Israel Encounter''. Los Angeles: Torah Aura Productions, 2008. 99. ''Google Books''. Web. 25 Oct. 2011. . ) is a Russian song written in 1860 by the composer and folklorist Ivan

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children's literature. Her first literary work, a short story entitled ''Leningrad-Odessa'', was published around this time, under the pseudonym "A. Uglov". *1987-1995: Žalgiris (BC Žalgiris) *1995-1999: Avtodor, Saratov, Russia *1999-2001: CSKA Moscow (PBC CSKA Moscow) The plan envisioned a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union with 20 to 30 atomic bombs. It earmarked 20 Soviet cities for obliteration in a first strike: Moscow, Gorki (Nizhny Novgorod), Samara, Russia

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with the Bolshevik authorities at an early age, when one of her friends used her father's typewriter to print an anti-Bolshevik leaflet. Lydia was exiled to the city of Saratov for a short period, but the experience did not make her particularly political. Indeed, upon her return from exile, she returned to Leningrad's literary world, joining the state publishing house in 1927 as an editor of children's books. Her mentor there was Samuil Marshak, perhaps her father's biggest rival in Russian children's literature. Her first literary work, a short story entitled ''Leningrad-Odessa'', was published around this time, under the pseudonym "A. Uglov". *1987-1995: Žalgiris (BC Žalgiris) *1995-1999: Avtodor, Saratov, Russia *1999-2001: CSKA Moscow (PBC CSKA Moscow) The plan envisioned a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union with 20 to 30 atomic bombs. It earmarked 20 Soviet cities for obliteration in a first strike: Moscow, Gorki (Nizhny Novgorod), Kuybyshev (Samara, Russia), Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg), Novosibirsk, Omsk, Saratov, Kazan, Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Baku, Tashkent, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Tagil, Magnitogorsk, Molotov (Perm), Tbilisi, Stalinsk (Novokuznetsk), Grozny, Irkutsk, and Yaroslavl. Michio Kaku and Daniel Axelrod, "To Win a Nuclear War: The Pentagon's Secret War Plans", Boston, South End Press, 1987, pp. 30-31. '''Volsk''' ( wikipedia:Saratov commons:Саратов

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statue in the central part of the city is a fun place for kids with sleigh rides and photo opportunities with Russian version of Santa Claus. There is also an inexpensive large public outdoor ice skating rink a few blocks from Lenin's statue but although they rent skates be prepared for a long wait to rent them. There are also large beautiful forests in and around Saratov. There are several beaches on the Volga river including some on an island. Buy thumb Saratov Market Building (File:Saratov Markthal.jpg) The usual Russian souvenirs such as matryoshkas are available in Saratov, although if travelling through Moscow it is probably best to wait to get them there as they will be cheaper. The markets in Saratov are useful spots to pick up winter clothes if necessary, including coats, boots, leather gloves and of course hats. Haggling is indulged. Prospekt Kirova is the most upmarket shopping area in the city, with fancy boutiques selling expensive shoes, bags and jewellery. There are branches for Mango, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, United Colors of Benetton, and L'Occitane among others. Also on Prospekt Kirova is an excellent tobacconist, selling all kinds of pipes and tobacco including hookah pipes, as well as a speciality tea shop. Barrikada, on Ulitsa Gorkogo, is an excellent alternative music store that sells legitimate (i.e. non-pirate) albums and music DVDs at prices much cheaper than in Western Europe, and stocks a diversity of artists unparalleled by even Moscow's gargantuan Gorbushka market. Electronics can be purchased from one of the city's branches of El Dorado (one particularly large one is located on the embankment near the river station). Dom Knigi, the book shop on the corner of Ulitsa Volskaya and Prospekt Kirova, has an English language section and is also a good spot to pick up postcards, maps and souvenirs such as books of old postcard views of Saratov. Noviy Knizhniy, on the fourth floor of the Aurora Shopping Center (Chapaeva and Sovetskaya), also features an English language section. Grab a coffee at the nearby cafe, bring your laptop, and enjoy the free wireless on the fourth floor. Despite its name, Detsky Mir ('Children's World') at the top of Prospekt Kirova near McDonalds, stocks all kinds of everything (clothes, accessories, stationery, hipflasks, penknives...) in cabinets, behind counters, and at individually manned stalls. TsUM (Tsentralniy Universalniy Magazin, 'Central Universal Store') across the way is a similar sort of operation. Eat thumb Saratov Orthodox Theological Seminary (File:Саратовская православная духовная семинария 19.09.2014.JPG) Cafe Fortuna, above an internet cafe on Prospekt Kirova, is reliable for good Russian food like blini, borshch and solyanka, as well as omelettes and chips and the like. Papa's Irish Bar, also on the Prospekt, serves a decent menu including a fry and Irish stew, as well as other slightly Russified Western pub food. There is a Tinkoff Restaurant and Bar in Saratov. Tinkoff hosts live groups, as it does in its other locations in Russia. Decor inside is clean and swanky, with dimmed lights and lounge-style tables. The food is overpriced and uninspiring. Expect to go through security by stocky bouncers if you arrive to see a concert. There are a number of passable sushi restaurants around, while street food like shwarma and hot pirogi are readily available. For those unwilling to spread their wings, there is a McDonalds on Prospekt Kirova. There is also an ice-cream parlour called Pingvin on the Prospekt and a Baskin Robbins by the multi-coloured church off the end of the Prospekt. Near the circus there is perhaps Russia's only branch of Papa John's. Like many American fast-food imports, Russian Papa John's appears to be a decent, sit-down restaurant. The restaurant provides free wireless to its guests. Saratov is also home to a locally-owned chain of overpriced coffee shops called Vostok-Zapad ('East-West'), where no two cappuccinos are ever the same (or, indeed, ever much like a cappuccino). They are, however, a pleasant place to hang out and the coffee is decent enough, if not exactly what you may have in mind but the quality is consistently better than the used dishwater served in most US and UK randed coffee chains. Another café is Café et Chocolat which, as the name suggests, is a French-style establishment, serving crepes and pastries. They have several branches. Drink Bars along the main pedestrian street, Prospekt Kirova, include Pivnoy Zavod (Beer Factory, a microbrewery); Papa's Irish Pub; Pivnoy Bul'var (with American pool tables as well as Russian billiards); and Grand Michel (with bowling). There are also numerous wine bars around the city where wine can be sampled by the cup. Saratov's main nightclubs include Jumanji and Ars. Both operate rigorous security checks (metal detectors and body searches are par for the course) and face control policies (nonwhite ethnic minorities may be refused point blank). In summer, barges along the naberezhnaya (embankment) become floating bars and clubs. Sleep Saratov does not offer much choice in terms of accommodation. Visitors on tourist visas are mainly confined to one of the following four hotels: Hotel Volga — located in the centre of the city, in a turn of the century (19th 20th) building on Prospekt Kirova. This is a small hotel; comfortable, but probably in need of some modernisation. Hotel Slovakia — a large, purpose-built, more modern hotel located further from the centre, on the river embankment. Seems popular with business types. The other two hotels are Hotel Olympia and Hotel Zagreb. If you have a business visa then you are confined to the Slovakia and the Volga. However, the Bohemia, a very comfortable and modern hotel has an arrangement for registration with the Volga and will sometimes accept business travellers. The Hotel Bohemia (there are three) is the choice for Saratov and can also be booked in advance via the only incoming tour operator in Saratov TK Primavera (they do speak English). The rates have been in fact cheaper than the other four hotels. Alternatively, if you have local contacts, it is possible to book a furnished apartment in Saratov at a rate of 600-900 rubles a night. As with the taxis, these rates explode if you are identified as a non-Russian. If you decide to do this, it is strongly recommended only with an advance stay of two nights at one of the hotels handling then the necessary registration with OWIR, the office of migration where all visitors (business or leisure) must register within three days upon arrival in Russia! Go next Just opposite Saratov, on the other side of the Volga, is the smaller town of Engels, accessible via a quick bus journey across the bridge. Catch the bus on Ulitsa Moskovskaya. If you have a car, you can visit the sight of Yuri Gagarin's landing in 1958. It is located south of Engels off of a main thoroughfare. The landing site features a statue of Gagarin. Other towns in the Saratovskaya Oblast', accessible via marshrutka, include Marks and Balakovo. wikipedia:Saratov commons:Саратов

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on the Volga On February 23, 1918 VCheKa sent a radio telegram to all Soviets with a petition to immediately organize emergency commissions to combat counter-revolution, sabotage and speculation, if such commissions had not been yet organized. February 1918 saw the creation of local Extraordinary Commissions. One of the first founded was the Moscow Cheka. Sections and commissariats to combat counterrevolution were established in other cities. The Extraordinary Commissions arose, usually

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Saratov, Russia thumb right Russian ''F series'' oil-fired Fairlie built in 1884 (Image:Parovoz Ferly.jpg) In Russia, Fairlies were used on a line between Tambov and Saratov (1871–1887) and on Surami Pass of the Transcaucasian Railway (since 1872). These locomotives, like the ones used in Mexico were an 0-6-6-0 configuration. The first of them were built in England (Avonside Engine Company, Yorkshire Engine Company and Sharp Stewart and Company), the second

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;), in which he published his main literary reviews and his essays on philosophy. DATE OF BIRTH July 12, 1828 PLACE OF BIRTH Saratov, Russia DATE OF DEATH October 17, 1889 DATE OF DEATH October 17, 1889 PLACE OF DEATH Saratov, Russia * wikipedia:Saratov commons:Саратов

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Pierre Naville: "The French expelled me from Paris for having signed a declaration of the opposition. Stalin expelled me from the Foreign Affairs Commissariat for having signed the same declaration. But in both cases they let me keep the jacket". Rakovsky, in Fagan, ''Opposition and Exile'' ref>


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