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America and the Caribbean 2002 publisher Routledge year 2001 page 396 url http: books?id o9ODxqsr-dIC&pg PA396&dq pcn+el+salvador+party+right+wing&hl en&sa X&ei I1xeT-L2CZOXhQe-9YipBA&ved 0CDgQ6AEwAQ#v onepage&q pcn%20el%20salvador%20party%20right%20wing&f false headquarters San Salvador, El Salvador international Works Zúñiga's works have been shown widely, including displays in Los Angeles

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America ) - Canal 21 (Grupo Megavisión) (Telemundo) - Musica a Colores 23 (Musica a Colores) (IND music videos (Independent station)) - Fundación Canal 25 (Fundación Canal) (TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network)) - Canal 27 (religious (religious broadcasting)) - UETC 33 (UETC) - VTV 35 (VTV (San Salvador)) - Canal Católico 57 (Canal Católico) (religious (religious broadcasting)) - CJC 65 (El Canal de Jesus Christo) (religious (religious broadcasting)) - Television Cuscatleca

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in Central America. It was the first Metrocentro and opened in 1970. *San Miguel (San Miguel, El Salvador), El Salvador *San Salvador, El Salvador *Sonsonate, El Salvador '''Ricardo Juan Antonio Saprissa Aymá''' (born June 24, 1901, San Salvador, El Salvador – died August 16, 1990) was a lifelong athlete, coach, and promoter of sports. Early life Saprissa was born in San Salvador, El Salvador to José Saprissa

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Montaña in San Salvador where both Romero and liberation theologian Rutilio Grande studied. Central American and Caribbean Games (2002 Central American and Caribbean Games) San Salvador, El Salvador bgcolor "gold" 1st - 3. December 10, 1995 San Salvador, El Salvador 3-0 Win UNCAF Nations Cup 1995 - The Congregation declared that Sobrino's "works contain propositions which are either erroneous or dangerous and may

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. , C.D. Atlético Marte and C.D. Universidad de El Salvador. Alianza F.C. plays their home games at Jorge "Mágico" González; Atlético Marte plays home games at Cuscatlán, and C.D. Universidad de El Salvador plays theirs at Estadio Universitario UES. Alianza is well known throughout El Salvador for its loyal supporters and for the exuberant atmosphere created during games. Major tourist attractions * Catedral Metropolitana (Catedral Metropolitana de San Salvador) – Metropolitan Cathedral * Teatro Nacional de El Salvador – The National Theatre of El Salvador * National Palace (El Salvador) – The National Palace * Monumento al Divino Salvador del Mundo – Monument to the Savior of the World * Casa Presidencial (Casa Presidencial (El Salvador)) – The Presidential Mansion * Monumento a La Libertad – Monument to Liberty * Estadio Cuscatlán – Soccer stadium * Monumento a la Constitución – Constitution monument * Plaza Alberto Masferrer (Alberto Masferrer) * Los Planes De Renderos - Popular attraction with many pupuserías, overlooking San Salvador. Education San Salvador has numerous private high schools, including Protestant and Catholic high schools, as well as secular ones; the city also has numerous private bilingual schools. It Also has several higher education institutions. Transportation San Salvador is a major regional transportation hub, served by a comprehensive public transport network. Major routes of the national transportation network run through the city. Airport The country's primary airport is El Salvador International Airport (AIES), which handles all international flights. AIES replaced Ilopango as the country's main airport in 1980. * '''AIES''': Until 1980, San Salvador was served by Ilopango International Airport, but on January 31, 1980, Ilopango was replaced by the El Salvador International Airport (IATA: SAL, ICAO: MSLP). Ilopango airport is located within the city limits and could not be expanded due to the lack of land and the proximity of the surrounding population, so the new airport was built outside the city in the neighboring department of La Paz. AIES lies on flat terrain, and it is not surrounded by populated areas, so it can be expanded in the future. AIES is located in the municipality of San Luis Talpa, WikiPedia:San Salvador Dmoz:Regional Central_America El_Salvador Localities San_Salvador Commons:Category:San Salvador

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Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting accessdate 3 February 2013 National Theater thumb left 200px National Theater of El Salvador (File:Teatro Nacional San Salvador.jpg) The ''Teatro Nacional de El Salvador'', or National Theater of El Salvador, is the oldest theater in Central America. It was designed by the French architect Daniel Beylard, with construction starting on November 3, 1911. The building was inaugurated on March 1

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, also known as the Civic Plaza, is located in the heart of the city. The statue that dominates the site, designed by Francisco Durini Cáseres, is dedicated to President Gerardo Barrios and was unveiled in 1909. It was the work of the sculptors Antonio and Carlos Ezeta, who were brothers. The figure, made of bronze, is placed on a pedestal of granite and depicts battle scenes and the shield of El Salvador. Plaza Gerardo Barrios is the site of many demonstrations and political rallies. Mass is celebrated there as well, and it is the destination of many parades. The plaza is also the focal point for celebrations accompanying the feast of San Salvador on August 5 and 6. The religious procession called ''El Descenso'' ("The Descent"), dedicated to the ''Divine Savior of the World'' and representing the resurrection of Jesus and his descent from the tomb, terminates there. Plaza Libertad Plaza Libertad is the location of the ''Monumento de los Héroes'' (Monument to the Heroes), a commemoration of the centenary of the "First Cry of Independence" in 1811. The monument, designed by Francisco Durini Cáseres, and installed in 1911, is crowned by an "angel of freedom" at its pinnacle holding a laurel wreath in both hands. As a consequence of increased commercial activity, the area around the plaza was enhanced with the construction of two ornate buildings, the ''Portal la Dalia'' in 1915–1916 and the ''Portal de Occidente'' in 1917. Plaza Morazán During the administration of President Rafael Zaldivar, the Salvadoran government ordered the erection of a marble statue here to commemorate the fortieth anniversary (March 15, 1882) of the death of Francisco Morazán, former president of the Federal Republic of Central America. The sculpture was created by the artist Francisco Durini Vasalli originally of Tremona, Italy. The government declared March 15 as a day of national civic celebration, and Morazan's son attended the inauguration as a representative of the Government of Honduras. Casa Dueñas This important residential building was built in the 1920s by coffee farmer Miguel Dueñas. The government confiscated the house in 1922 to cover the owner's debts, and it then remained unoccupied for years. From 1930 to 1933, Mexico leased the house for use by its diplomatic delegation, then from 1935 to 1957 the United States legation rented the house for its ambassadors' residence. Six successive U.S. ambassadors resided there, and occasional guests such as former Presidents Richard Nixon and Lyndon B. Johnson, Senator Robert Kennedy, and movie stars Clark Gable and Tony Curtis stayed there. After 1957 it was the temporary headquarters of an advertising agency, then was vacated again in 1960. In 1973 the Department of Vocational Training Ministry of Labor occupied the structure; in 1986 it was declared a Cultural Asset by an Executive Agreement of May 8, 1985. The Ministry of Labor transferred the property to the authorities of the Ministry of Education, with a directive to explore the possibility of its restoration and rehabilitation. The restoration work began in 2001 under the leadership of Dr. Alfredo Martínez Moreno, former director of the Salvadorean Language Academy and the Royal Spanish Academy. Museums Two of San Salvador's most important museums are located in Zona Rosa (Zona Rosa (San Salvador)). The ''Museo Nacional de Antropología Dr. David J. Guzmán'' (The National Museum of Anthropology) contains a variety of Mayan and Pipil artifacts dating to the Mayan classical period (Mayan civilization#Classic). The ''Museo de Arte de El Salvador'' (MARTE) consists of several facilities, including its own theater, which is often used by schools to present lessons on subjects such as the theory of evolution, how dinosaurs disappeared, and the cultural heritage of the Mayan Civilization. The Museo de Arte MARTE displays an extensive collection of Salvadoran and international art. Convention centers thumbnail Centro Internacional de Ferias y Convenciones (CIFCO) (File:CIFCO SS.JPG) The Centro Internacional de Ferias y Convenciones (CIFCO) is a multipurpose convention center in the Colonia San Benito-Zona Rosa (District 3), WikiPedia:San Salvador Dmoz:Regional Central_America El_Salvador Localities San_Salvador Commons:Category:San Salvador

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noteworthy structures have distinct Modern (Modern architecture), Googie (Googie architecture) and Populuxe influences, similarly to those of Los Angeles, a city San Salvador is influenced by. As a '''gamma''' global city, San Salvador is also an important financial center hub within Central America. The city is home to the ''Concejo de Ministros de El Salvador'' (Council of Ministries of El Salvador), ''La Asamblea Legislativa'' (The Legislative Assembly of El Salvador

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" to, rather than a "metaphor" for, America (McCormick (2006), p. 186) the band wanted to build on ''The Unforgettable Fire'' U2 interrupted their 1986 album sessions

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and then went on to the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication in 2000, and was hired by WNYW, New York City's Fox (Fox Broadcasting Company) affiliate, as a field producer. Channel One News, the high school TV network, then made him a news anchor, sending him abroad to cover stories in San Salvador, Indonesia, Afghanistan, and the Sudan. At age twenty-two, Doane was nominated for an Emmy Award at WNYW for his "School

San Salvador

'''San Salvador''' (English: ''Holy Savior'') is the capital city of El Salvador, and the capital of the San Salvador department (San Salvador Department).

San Salvador has been the host city for various regional and international sporting, political, and social events. It hosted the Central American and Caribbean Games in 1935 and 2002, and the Central American Games in 1977 and 1994, as well as the Miss Universe 1975 pageant. The Olympic Committee of El Salvador has expressed interest in bidding for the 2019 Pan American Games; if successful, it will be the first time the Pan American Games have been hosted in Central America. 2019 Pan American Games El Salvador has placed a bid for the 2015 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. 2015 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup San Salvador has also been the host city of the 18th Ibero-American Summit, held October 29–31, 2008—this is the most important sociopolitical event in the Spanish and Portuguese sphere. Ibero-American Summit The Central American Integration System (SICA) has its headquarters in San Salvador. Central American Bank for Economic Integration In 1991, the institutional framework of SICA included Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Belize joined in 2000 as a full member, while the Dominican Republic became an associated state in 2004. The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE) also has its headquarters in San Salvador.

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