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to understand its political, cultural and social headquarters. Get in Travelers arriving by air will fly into Comalapa International Airport (SAL), the biggest airport in Central America, which is located 45 minutes by highway from the city. For budget travelers the local bus can take you from the airport into downtown San Salvador for $0.70 US. It is slower than the shuttles and can take up to an hour to get into town. To reach the local buses; cross the big parking lot. Then go through an open

building to reach the road. There is a bus-stop. If you drive to San Salvador from Comalapa, please exercise extreme caution. There are many residents who walk this highway as well as cross it. There are many accidents with vehicles speeding as well as people who are hit. Get around thumb Old Micro Bus in San Salvador. These "micros" were replaced by new ones in 2010 (Image:Microbus.jpg) If driving, rental car agencies include Budget Alamo http

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the restaurants, and near-by parque Balboa, (Balboa Park) with lots of trees and green lawns, ideal for picnics. Indulge yourself eating the tasty salvadorean treat known as pupusas! Visit the nearby colonial town of Panchimalco, one of the few towns in the country with a large indigenous population. Another interesting spot not to be missed is the spectacular natural formation and viewing area known as Puerta del Diablo (devil's gate). thumb The David J Guzman Museum of Anthropology (Image:Natmuseumofanthropology.jpg) Museums San - Salvador has many museums, the two most important are "Museo David J Guzman" and "Museo de Arte MARTE". David J Guzman National Museum of Anthropology contains a variety of Mayan and Pipil artifacts, while Museo de Arte MARTE displays an extensive collection of international art. Both are located in the Zona Rosa district. There is also a children's museum, the Tin-Marin museum, where kids can experience the world in a fun way. The old national palace is being restored to house the "National Archives," and the "National Museum." Also a new display of early mammal fossils, including a giant sloth, mastodon and more than twenty other species is being set up in the "Museo de Historia Natural," or "Natural History Museum" situated in the SE section of Saburo Hirao park by the National Zoo. Close to the zoo is the "Museo Militar," or Military Museum which is housed in the old castle-like "El Zapote" barracks built in 1895. In the military museum you can find weapons and army uniforms from the 17th, 18th, and early 20th centuries, which were historically used by the Salvadoran army. Other highlights of this museum include the original copies of the 1992 peace accords and the Pope Mobile used when Pope John Paul II visited the country. Entrance is free and a guide service is provided at no charge. thumb View of MARTE museum's courtyard and Teatro Presidente in the background (Image:Courtyardmartemuseum.jpg) Theatres San Salvador has numerous theatres, including the beautiful Teatro Presidente (located near Zona Rosa), where the symphony regularly performs expensive and inexpensive concerts, and the Teatro Nacional (downtown), which was recently restored to its full splendor. Here you can step back and experience the grandeur once reserved for the city's elite in the early 1900s. thumb The National Theatre (Teatro National) in downtown built in the early 1900's (Image:Teatro Nacional San Salvador.jpg) Entertainment San Salvador has several entertainment venues. You can go to restaurants, bars, clubs, casinos, or if you are traveling with kids you can go to the cinemas, bowling, bingo, arcades etc. Cinemas in San Salvador include * WikiPedia:San Salvador Dmoz:Regional Central_America El_Salvador Localities San_Salvador Commons:Category:San Salvador

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price Doubles from $15 checkin checkout content Surf lessons, laundry service, English spoken. Rooms with A C and private bath available. * *'''Laguna Verde Guest House''' The dome shaped house is located at the border of an ancient, deep

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Montaña in San Salvador where both Romero and liberation theologian Rutilio Grande studied. Central American and Caribbean Games (2002 Central American and Caribbean Games) San Salvador, El Salvador bgcolor "gold" 1st - 3. December 10, 1995 San Salvador, El Salvador 3-0 Win UNCAF Nations Cup 1995 - The Congregation declared that Sobrino's "works contain propositions which are either erroneous or dangerous and may

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checkin checkout content Av. Magnolias y Boulevard del Hipod. Located in the center of Zona Rosa, and offering quality comparable to Hilton Hotels found elsewhere in the world. Rooms from $109 per person, per night. Wi-Fi in All Rooms * WikiPedia:San Salvador Dmoz:Regional Central_America El_Salvador Localities San_Salvador Commons:Category:San Salvador

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" to, rather than a "metaphor" for, America (McCormick (2006), p. 186) the band wanted to build on ''The Unforgettable Fire'' U2 interrupted their 1986 album sessions

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Schools helping a lot of adult workers to be new technicians and get also High School Diplomas. He supported emergent sectors of the economy and a redistribution of wealth within the restraints of a modern economy, Duarte easily won the next 2 election for mayor in March 1966 and March 1968. After leaving office in 1970, he set up his own estate agency until he ran in the February 20, 1972 presidential election under a political grouping called the United National Opposition (UNO). He lost

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Hall. It has balconies on three levels—the Presidential Balcony, located between the third and second Floor, has a direct view of center stage. The building features an ellipsoidal dome containing a mural by painter Carlos Cañas and a crystal chandelier; other impressive spaces include the Chamber Hall and the Grand Foyer. The theater is open to tourists, and after the Historic Downtown Restoration has been used for plays, shows, operas, song recitals, and modern dance performances

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: Basilea (unique), Plaza San Benito, Villas Españolas and many more. These malls have luxury boutiques, the latest in international fashion, specialty stores, large foodcourts (some even have 3 food courts) and many other amenities. thumb 250px Inside Multiplaza Mall (Image:Multiplazainside.jpg) Local Crafts For local arts and crafts, visit the Ilopango markets east of the city. Test your bargaining skills and take home some unique, handmade goods

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on '''gigs''', '''raves''','''dance parties''', '''international acts''' and '''concerts''' in San Salvador check here: Larger events and conventions are generally held in the Feria Internacional

San Salvador

'''San Salvador''' (English: ''Holy Savior'') is the capital city of El Salvador, and the capital of the San Salvador department (San Salvador Department).

San Salvador has been the host city for various regional and international sporting, political, and social events. It hosted the Central American and Caribbean Games in 1935 and 2002, and the Central American Games in 1977 and 1994, as well as the Miss Universe 1975 pageant. The Olympic Committee of El Salvador has expressed interest in bidding for the 2019 Pan American Games; if successful, it will be the first time the Pan American Games have been hosted in Central America. 2019 Pan American Games El Salvador has placed a bid for the 2015 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. 2015 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup San Salvador has also been the host city of the 18th Ibero-American Summit, held October 29–31, 2008—this is the most important sociopolitical event in the Spanish and Portuguese sphere. Ibero-American Summit The Central American Integration System (SICA) has its headquarters in San Salvador. Central American Bank for Economic Integration In 1991, the institutional framework of SICA included Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Belize joined in 2000 as a full member, while the Dominican Republic became an associated state in 2004. The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE) also has its headquarters in San Salvador.

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