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at Tarpan Studios, San Rafael (San Rafael, California); Lighthouse Studios, Goodnight L. A., Soundcastle Recording Studio, Los Angeles; Fantasy Studios, Berkeley (Berkeley, California); and Manzanita Studios, Arrington, Tennessee Genre Rock (Rock music) Early life Carré Otis was born in San Francisco (San Francisco, California), and raised in Marin County, California along with her older sister Chrisse and her younger brother Jordan. She attended San

January 6, 1976 (US) February 13, 1976 (UK) Recorded Marin County Civic Center, San Rafael, CA (San Rafael, California), June 13, 1975 Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA (San Francisco, California), June 14, 1975 Long Island Arena, Commack, NY (Commack, New York), August 24, 1975 SUNY Plattsburgh, Plattsburgh, NY (Plattsburgh, New York), November 22, 1975 Genre Rock (Rock music), hard rock '''Dominican

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album to be certified Platinum by the R.I.A.A.title Deep%20Breakfast&artist Ray%20Lynch&startMonth 1&endMonth 1&startYear 1958&endYear 2007&sort Artist&perPage 25 RIAA Gold & Platinum Database In order to have a stronger relationship with Factor 5's North American partners like LucasArts, '''Factor 5, Inc''' was established in the United

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on April 20 or at 4:20 p.m. -- the time the original group gathered after school. http: language stories 420.htm The Oakland, California hardcore punk band Short Changed's EP & song entitled "Burn Down Wagon Town" is about San Rafael, the guitarist Shipwrex's home town, and the old practice spot of the band as well. Shel Silverstien's poem, ''The Great Smoke-Off'', is about a girl named Pearly Sweetcakes who came from the town of San Rafeal

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founder Dan Connors Kevin Bruner Troy Molander location San Rafael (San Rafael, California), California, U.S. (United States) key_people

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the sanctuary of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace. ''The Curse of Monkey Island'' was the first ''Monkey Island'' game to feature voice acting; in it, the part of Elaine Marley was given to British actress Alexandra Boyd. Boyd explains that she got the part of Elaine as she had worked with voice director Darragh O'Farrell previously; O'Farrell brought Boyd in to read for the part. '''KVVF: Latino Mix''' (105.7 FM) is an Latin Pop radio station that broadcasts from Santa Clara, California, and is being simulcast in San Rafael, California on KVVZ (100.7 FM). Its current over-the-air brand and slogan is ''105.7 and 100.7 Latino Mix, "Solo Exitos"''. It is owned by Univision. Between 2003 and June 27, 2005, KVVF was the ''"pop, rock y reggaeton"'' station, ''Viva 105.7'', also owned by Univision. High school years Bailey attended Terra Linda High School in San Rafael, California and was a letterman (Letterman (sports)) and a standout in football (High school football). The largest population of California Clapper Rails is in San Francisco Bay, where a total of about 3000 are resident. The photo above right was taken of a California Clapper Rail at the San Francisco Bay perimeter near the Dumbarton Bridge (Dumbarton Bridge (California)); the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge in the area provides protected habitats for this and other native species. Other frequent sightings of this species around the San Francisco Bay include the Napa Sonoma Marsh, Bothin Marsh in Mill Valley (Mill Valley, California), Gallinas Creek in San Rafael (San Rafael, California), Arrowhead Marsh and Damon Marsh in Oakland (Oakland, California), the Palo Alto (Palo Alto, California) baylands (Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve), John Kemper, ''Birding in California'' Globe Pequot Press (2001) ISBN 1-56044-832-6 Charleston Slough in Mountain View (Mountain View, California), Seal Slough in San Mateo (San Mateo, California) and Belmont Slough. The village is served by Golden Gate Transit route 42 and 40 between Richmond (Richmond, California) and El Cerrito del Norte BART stations (El Cerrito del Norte (BART station)) across the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge in Contra Costa County and San Rafael Transit Center in downtown San Rafael (San Rafael, California). The community is in ZIP code 94964 and area code 415. nationalcompetition Miss USA 2000 birth_place San Rafael, California, U.S. (United States) birth_name Jamie Marie Kern Kern was born and grew up in San Rafael, California but later moved to Des Moines, Washington. Kern graduated from Washington State University as a member of that University's Honor College and was awarded the President's Award. She maintained a GPA of 4.0 and completed her degree in three years. In 1999 she was the Phi Kappa Phi Senior Scholar of the Year. DATE OF BIRTH 1977-07-16 PLACE OF BIRTH San Rafael, California, U.S. (United States) DATE OF DEATH Personal life Deb Caletti was born June 16, 1963 in San Rafael, California. When Caletti was eleven, her father's work relocated the family to Seattle, Washington. Caletti often cites her love for writing and reading stemming back to her early childhood. “My most memorable teacher was Rich Campe, my third-grade teacher at Fairlands Elementary in Pleasanton, California. Rich was a bona fide Bay Area hippie…We also did a lot of creative writing in his class. His remarks on my stories…were the sort of encouragement that could make you feel that maybe, possibly, you were on to something with the whole writing thing. Groovy! he'd scrawl at the top of the page. Far OUT! If anyone knows where Rich Campe is, please let me know so that I can heartily and sincerely thank him.” "PowellsBooks.Blog - Kids Q&A: Deb Caletti", PowellsBooks.Blog, April 7, 2010. Caletti attended Lake Washington High School in Kirkland, Washington, graduating in 1981. She earned a BA (Bachelor's degree) in Journalism from the University of Washington in Seattle (Seattle, Washington) in 1985. Caletti was a longtime resident of Issaquah, Washington, where she set many of her books as the fictional town of "Nine Mile Falls." She currently resides in Seattle, Washington with her husband. Deb Caletti - Bio Montgomery Ward strike In 1943, the union struck Montgomery Ward & Co. (Montgomery Ward) after management refused to comply with a War Labor Board order to recognize the union and institute the terms of a collective bargaining agreement the board had worked out. The strike involved nearly 12,000 workers in Jamaica, New York; Detroit, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; St. Paul, Minnesota; Denver, Colorado; San Rafael, California; and Portland, Oregon. Ward's then cut wages and fired many union activists.

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Grim The Waldos designated the Louis Pasteur statue on the grounds of San Rafael High School as their meeting place, and 4:20 p.m. as their meeting time. The Waldos referred to this plan with the phrase "4:20 Louis". Multiple failed attempts to find the crop eventually shortened their phrase to simply "4:20", which ultimately evolved into a codeword the teens used to mean pot-smoking in general. ref name HuffPost2010 >

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shoreline has been historically filled to a considerable extent to accommodate land development, with underlying bay mud (saturated clayed silt) of up to in thickness. At certain locations such as Murphys Point, the sandstone or shale rock outcrops through the mud. San Rafael has a wide diversity of natural habitats from forests at the higher elevations to marshland and estuarine settings. Its marshes are home to the endangered species Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse


'' (1983) artfully meshed his early classical music training with spatial melodies, and the album became an underground success. When Lynch released his second album ''Deep Breakfast'' (1984), he and his wife Kathleen sold over 50,000 albums out of their small apartment in San Rafael, California before licensing the music to a distributor. ''Deep Breakfast'' has sold over 1 million copies without the benefit of performing, and was the first independently released

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. Conference speakers come from interdisciplinary fields: environmental (environmentalism) and socio-political activism; "green" biology, chemistry, design, architecture and urban planning; organic and "beyond organic" farming (organic farming) and gardening; indigenous (indigenous peoples) perspectives; biodiversity, bioremediation, and wildland preservation (Nature reserve); alternative energy; engaged spirituality, literature

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: 2009 04 20 us 20marijuana.html archivedate 20 January 2011 deadurl no Calling themselves the Waldos, because "their chosen hang-out spot was a wall outside the school,"

San Rafael, California

'''San Rafael''' ( ) is a city and the county seat of Marin County, California, United States. The city is located in the North Bay (North Bay (San Francisco Bay Area)) region of the San Francisco Bay Area. As of the 2010 census (2010 United States Census) the city's population is 57,713.

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