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, was recently awarded a "Blue Flag" certificate, handed out by the nonprofit Foundation for Environmental Education, for its excellent water quality. "El Chileno" beach is extremely well maintained, has on-site facilities (restrooms, showers, trash bins) and unpaved parking with security. The beach is open from 7am to 7pm in the summer. Buy Eat Many restaurants are located in or near downtown San Jose del

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in peaceful San Jose del Cabo. * Do The road connecting San Jose del Cabo and Cabo Pulmo along the east road cape (unpaved) has some beautiful views and beaches with nice surfing spots. It's possible to take a day trip or even spend a few nights on the road exploring

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and , she captured the town of Mazatlán, Mexico, 11 November 1847. On January 22, 1848, she arrived off San José del Cabo to relieve the besieged garrison there. She landed a force of about 100 men who fought (Siege of San José del Cabo) the final engagement and broke the Mexican siege. She returned to Norfolk 9 October 1848 to receive the congratulations of the Secretary of the Navy (United States Secretary of the Navy) for her significant contributions

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. It includes Loreto (Loreto, Baja California Sur), the historic first capital of all three Californias (Las Californias) (Baja California Sur, Baja California, and California), the town of Santa Rosalía (Santa Rosalía, Baja California Sur) which is the site of a historic church designed by Gustave Eiffel. * June 3 - Transit of Venus is observed from many places in order to obtain data for measuring the distance from the Earth to the Sun. Those taking part included ** Jean

, and burnt two enemy gunboats in the harbor of Guaymas under heavy fire. He led the main line of ships that took Mazatlán on November 11, 1847, and on February 15, 1848, launched an amphibious assault on San José del Cabo that managed to strike three miles (5 km) inland and relieve a besieged squadron, despite heavy resistance. He was given command of the California naval blockade in the last months of the war and, after taking part in further land maneuvers, was ordered

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Wikipedia:San José del Cabo

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of the rooms smell a bit smoky. Excellent location, right near the center, though some of the rooms have windows facing a larger road so noise may be an issue. Overall good value. * Connect

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Most major attractions are within walking distance of downtown San Jose del Cabo. * Wikipedia:San José del Cabo

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-Baptiste Chappe d'Auteroche at San José del Cabo, Baja California **James Cook and Charles Green (Charles Green (astronomer)) on Tahiti Cabo San Lucas has become an important vacation and spa destination, with a great variety of sites of interest, and timeshares that have been built on the coast between San Lucas and San José del Cabo. The distinctive El Arco de Cabo San Lucas is a local landmark. Cabo San Lucas has the largest big-game fishing marlin tournament

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is not frequent (about once every 20-30 minutes). Bus lines are represented by the color of the bus (for example, "white" line, "yellow" line). Local buses also run between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, with service every 20-30 minutes, taking about 30-45 minutes to travel between these cities using Transpeninsular Hwy (Highway 1). Buses stop at most major attractions and beaches along the highway. Pay the driver when you get on the bus. Service stops around 11pm. See

San José del Cabo

The city of '''San José del Cabo''' is located in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, and is the seat of the municipality (municipalities of Mexico) of Los Cabos (Los Cabos Municipality) at the south end of the Baja California peninsula. In the 2010 census, it had a population of 69,788. The two cities are served by Los Cabos International Airport.

The Mission San José del Cabo (Misión Estero de las Palmas de San José del Cabo Añuití) was founded in 1730; the nearby Río San José (Río San José (Mexico)) was useful to the Spanish as a source of fresh water for galleons traveling to and from the Philippines. Encyclopædia Britannica, Second edition, 1778, Edinburgh, page 1580. Scan of page can be found at http: britannica.htm

San José del Cabo is one of two places where the rare and possibly extinct rice rat (Oryzomyini) ''Oryzomys peninsulae'' has been found. Carleton, M.D. and Arroyo-Cabrales, J. 2009. Review of the ''Oryzomys couesi'' complex (Rodentia: Cricetidae: Sigmodontinae) in Western Mexico. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 331:94–127.

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