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. In addition to Holbrook, she is survived by her daughters from her first marriage: Ginna Carter (of Los Angeles) and Mary Dixie Carter (of Brooklyn) as well as a sister, Melba Helen Heath (of San Anselmo, California) and several nephews and nieces. In addition to family, her funeral, held on April 15, 2010, was attended by ''Designing Women'' co-stars Delta Burke, Annie Potts and Jean Smart. Dixie Carter was interred in her hometown, McLemoresville, Tennessee. During its

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discovered music videos and went on to direct many promos. Drakes Bay and Sir Francis Drake Boulevard of Marin County, California are both named after him, as well as the high school in San Anselmo, California. The boulevard runs between Drakes Bay at Point Reyes to Point San Quentin (New_Albion#Point_San_Quentin.2C_San_Francisco_Bay.2C_California) on San Francisco Bay. A large hotel in Union Square, San Francisco also bears his name. In Devon, England

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title Topographical map of San Anselmo, from Google Maps A large part of southern and western San Anselmo is built on a natural flood plain. About every 15–23 years, heavy rains cause the San Anselmo creek to flood the center of town by up to 4 feet - 1925,

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, his health improved and he enrolled at Redwood High School (Redwood High School (Larkspur, California)) as a freshman. He then transferred to Tamiscal High School in the Tamalpais Union High School District, an alternative school offering self-directed, individualized study programs. While there, he studied world culture, including Islam and the Middle East. Lindh subsequently left the school and eventually earned an equivalent of a high school diploma by passing

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and music recording (Sound recording and reproduction) division of George Lucas' (George Lucas) Lucas Digital motion picture (film) group. Its main facilities are located in Lucas Valley, near Nicasio, California. It began as '''Sprocket Systems''' in San Anselmo, California and changed names soon after the release of ''The Empire Strikes Back (Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back)''. '''Arjan Singh''' (born August 12, 1974), known by the stage name '''Arj Barker

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director George Lucas, bought an old Victorian in San Anselmo with some of the proceeds from his film, "American Graffiti," a house which his then-wife Marcia Lucas named "Parkhouse." Biskin, Peter, ''Easy Riders Raging Bulls'', Simon & Schuster, 1998, p. 557. Lucas worked on his "Star Wars" script for two and a half years, writing much of it at the back of his San Anselmo house in a room he shared with a gaudy Wurlitzer

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: comics a 624 arj_barker title Arj Barker's Biography: Chortle :The UK Comedy Guide accessdate 17 May 2010 He was born to an engineer father and artist mother, and is half-Indian (Indian-American), half-European (European American). His father is of Sikh heritage. In 1968 Bozzio attended Sir Francis Drake High School in San Anselmo, California, where he received a music

scholarship award, and later went on to the College of Marin. During this time he studied concurrently with Chuck Brown on the drum set and Lloyd Davis and Roland Kohloff on a percussion and timpani scholarship. He also played Bartok-Dahl-Cowell & Baroque chamber ensembles with the Marin and Napa County Symphonies. death_date death_place San Anselmo, California, United States origin Comilla


(born 1944), Film director, screenwriter, producer, and entrepreneur. http: 2010 dirt real-estalker george-lucas-scoops-up-oceanfront-contemporary-in-carpinteria-1201230928 * Mary Ann Shaffer (1934-2008), American writer, lived and died in San Anselmo. Schools San Anselmo is home to a variety of schools: * Brookside Elementary School (Brookside Elementary School (California)) of the Ross Valley School District, grades K-5. * Hidden Valley

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at age eight with an 8 mm camera. Fincher eschewed the film school route, getting a job loading cameras and doing other hands-on work for John Korty’s Korty Films. He was later hired by Industrial Light & Magic in 1983, where he worked on productions for ''Twice Upon a Time (Twice Upon a Time (1983 film))'', ''Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi)'', and ''Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom''. In 1984, he left

life story date accessdate 2012-07-29 Truax Field (Dane County Regional Airport) Dane County Regional Airport KMSN, located in Madison, WI was named in memory of Lt. Truax. A third pilot, Lt. Walter V. "Ramblin" Radovich, Walter Radovich life story had left the formation over San Rafael, almost hit the city courthouse on 4th

San Anselmo, California

'''San Anselmo''' is an incorporated town (List of cities in California) in Marin County (Marin County, California), California, in the western United States. San Anselmo is located north of San Francisco. Neighboring towns include San Rafael (San Rafael, California) to the east, Fairfax (Fairfax, California) to the west, and Ross (Ross, California) to the south. Mount Tamalpais dominates the view to the south. The population was 12,336 at the 2010 census (2010 United States Census).

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