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What is Sa Pa known for?

charity based

for local residents. Hoa Sua School for Disadvantaged Youth, 2012. There is a charity based in Saigon that helps to rehouse minority families, especially those with young children. The charity is called 'Sun of Hope' and they build new homes and complete refurbishments on current existing homes. They work on one project at a time but require the projects to be fully funded in advance. Hydrology Image:Sapa vu du mont Ham Rong.jpg thumb left 300px Sa Pa lake and town

rich variety

A black pig in Sapa The Hoàng Liên Mountains are home to a rich variety of plants, birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and insects, many only found in northwestern Vietnam. For this reason, the Hoàng Liên Nature Reserve was made a National Park (Hoàng Liên National Park) in 2006, and covers much of the mountain range to the immediate south of Sa Pa. Forest type and quality change with increasing altitude. At 2000 meters the natural, undisturbed forest begins to be seen. Above 2500


fields carpeting the rolling lower slopes of the Hoàng Liên Mountains. The impressive physical landscape which underlies this has resulted from the work of the elements over thousands of years, wearing away the underlying rock. On a clear day, the imposing peak of Fan Si Pan comes into view. The last major peak in the Himalayan chain, Fan Si Pan offers a real challenge to even the keenest walker, the opportunity of staggering views, and a rare glimpse of some of the last remaining primary rain


and pâté. Punto Italia coffee. * *

made products

-made products, you are better off buying them in the shops in town. It pays to shop around for the right pair of reproduction Montagnard earrings or machine-made fabric items. :Do buy some items, whether handmade or not, direct from ethnic minority sellers, especially if you have enjoyed a good conversation or received help from them. Though they do charge slightly more than shops, bear in mind that the majority of them are very poor and depend on tourist money to survive. However, it is suggested that you avoid buying items from children (see "Ethnic minorities (#Ethnic minorities)" above). *'''Sports and winter wear'''. A number of shops in town sell sports and winter wear such as waterproof jackets and hiking boots. Although they bear the logos of well-known international brands, given their low cost it is unlikely that they are original products. *'''Batteries'''. Be careful when buying batteries as some people will sell ones with no juice. Eat * Commons:Category:Sa Pa Wikipedia:Sa Pa

unique place

, the influence on agricultural yields and health related issues are significant. The geographical location of the area makes it a truly unique place for many interesting plants and animals, allowing it to support many inhabitants. Many very rare or even endemic species have been recorded in the region. thumb right 300px Sa Pa town hall (Image:Sapa4.jpg) The scenery of the Sa Pa region in large part reflects the relationship between the minority people and nature. This is seen especially in the paddy

community projects

local community projects and schools. They also rent motorbikes, offer cooking classes, provide opportunities to volunteer in the community, and accept clothing donations. *

development programs

''Income Diversification and Poverty in the Northern Uplands of Vietnam''. International Food Policy Institute. Research Report 145:29. Efforts to improve the situation for the local people include both governmental and non-governmental initiatives. The government of Vietnam and foreign governments have contributed to local development programs. Centre for Social Initiatives Promotion, Start-up Level 2011. International non-governmental organizations such as Oxfam

major influence

Commons:Category:Sa Pa Wikipedia:Sa Pa

good amp

to walk to the central park area in Lào Cai in front of the railway station where minibuses and vans cruise for passengers and are willing to bargain to 40,000 dong (March 2012). Getting on an empty or half-empty bus will mean waiting for more passengers, regardless of whatever departure time is promised by the driver and his ever-present crew of buddies who are hanging around. The ride is about an hour of beautiful views if the weather is good – otherwise it may be an hour of fog&

Sa Pa

'''Sa Pa''' ( ), or '''Sapa''', is a frontier town and capital of Sa Pa District in Lào Cai Province in northwest Vietnam. It is one of the main market towns in the area, where several ethnic minority groups such as Hmong (Hmong people), Dao (Yao) (Yao people), Giáy (Giáy people), Pho Lu, and Tay (Tay people) live.

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