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events: appearances on French television with proceeds donated to children suffering from cerebral palsy. Over the years, "PT" has performed throughout Ukraine and Poland and conducted concert tours of Germany, the United States, Canada, Italy, Russia and France. Auburn hair occurs most frequently in the phenotypes (Phenotype) originating in Northern Europe for example, Scandinavia, Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany

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Revolution, Rodchenko's radical action was full of utopian possibility. It marked the end of art along with the end of bourgeois norms and practices. It cleared the way for the beginning of a new Russian life, a new mode of production, a new culture. Rodchenko, A. and V. Stepanova (1975) 1920 'The Programme of the Productivist Group', in Benton and Benton (eds), pp. 91-2. "1. Down with art, long live technical science. 2. Religion is a lie. Art is a lie. 3. Destroy the last

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in Germany (where their records continued to be produced) and the Scandinavian countries, and their Spanish-flavoured interpretation of the disco sound also brought them recognition in Japan and Russia. Baccara represented West Germany at the eighth ''World Popular Song Festival (Yamaha Music Festival)'' held in November 1977 – until it ended in 1989 the largest such contest in the world. Their song, ''"Mad In Madrid"'', came 14th out of 37 participating countries

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, and continues to be used in Russia today, to refer to singer-songwriters who wrote songs outside the Soviet establishment, similarly to beatnik folk singers of the United States. Because in bard music songwriters perform their own songs, the genre is also commonly referred to as '''author song''' ("авторская песня" ''avtorskaya pesnya''). Bard poetry differs from other poetry mainly in the fact that it is sung with simple guitar accompaniment as opposed to being spoken. Another difference is that this form of poetry focuses less on style and more on meaning. This means that fewer stylistic devices are used, and the poetry is often in the form of a narrative. What separates bard poetry from other songs is the fact that the music is far less important than the lyrics; chord progressions are often very simple and tend to repeat from one bard song to another. A far more obvious difference was the commerce-free nature of the genre; songs were written to be sung and not to be sold. * '''Wheeler''' (voiced by Joey Dedio): From North America (specifically Brooklyn, NY (Brooklyn)), Wheeler controls the power of Fire. Wheeler is shown to be the least knowledgeable about earth preservation trends though this improves as the show goes on (in a way representing the oblivious aspect people have of the harm that they can cause to nature). He is the street-smart comic relief for the group who, while having his heart in the right place, tends to get himself into tight spots when acting impulsively; fittingly, he is sometimes a "hothead". Throughout the series, he openly flirts with and tries to get closer to Linka, almost always having his advances shot down. * '''Linka''' (voiced by Kath Soucie): From the Soviet Union (now Russia) (Eastern Europe), Linka has the power of Wind. Linka closely studies bird life (Ornithology) and, due to this, is extremely emotional when pollution harms them. Wheeler often tries to flirt with her, and despite more often than not shooting down these advances, is shown every now and again in her own way she too possesses feelings for him. She is a master of strategy and logic, as well as a computer expert. * '''Gi''' (voiced by Janice Kawaye): Hailing from Thailand Penderson, T., "Beast of the Temple" Captain Planet. episode 17 (Asia), Gi controls the power of Water. Gi is a self-proclaimed marine biologist. Her compassion for sea life contributes to the overall effort of the Planeteers' protection of animals, becoming extremely emotional when pollution affects them, especially dolphins. She also often works on the mechanical and forensic aspects for the team. Gi can also be seen wearing a gold medallion around her neck. - 1994 – '''Aeroflot Flight 593''' crashed into a hillside in Kemerovo Oblast, Russia, after the pilot's 15-year-old son, while seated at the controls, had unknowingly disabled the autopilot, killing all 75 people on board. refimprove - 1809 – At the '''Diet of Porvoo (Diet of Finland)''', the Four Estates (Riksdag of the Estates) of Finland pledged allegiance to Tsar Alexander I (Alexander I of Russia) of Russia, commencing the secession of the Grand Duchy of Finland from Sweden (Lands of Sweden). Tagged with Commons:Category:Russia WikiPedia:Russia Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia


companies in Europe and the world's largest investor-owned energy service provider. As result of mergers, E.ON inherited the subsidiaries of VEBA, VIAG and Ruhrgas in Central and Eastern Europe (Central Europe). It is also present in Russia, where it has a stake in the natural gas company Gazprom (6.4%) and control of the generation company OGK-4. E.ON is present in most of Scandinavia. After marrying Lucho Gatica, Mapita Cortés semi-retired from the world of show business, becoming a housewife instead and attending to her son. But she returned to activity sporadically, becoming what is known as a ''character'' actress in some of Mexico's most famous telenovelas. In 1989, she participated alongside Verónica Castro in Televisa's ''Mi pequeña Soledad'', which became a major hit across Mexico, the United States and even Europe, giving Mapita Cortés a degree of celebrity in countries like Russia and others. Mapita Cortés also had the opportunity to work alongside Mariana Levy, who died in 2005. It stars Christopher Lee as Grigori Rasputin, the Russian peasant-mystic (mysticism) notable for gaining great influence with the Tsars prior to the Russian Revolution (Russian Revolution of 1917). It also stars Barbara Shelley, Francis Matthews (Francis Matthews (actor)), Suzan Farmer, Richard Pasco, Dinsdale Landen and Renée Asherson. The story is largely fictionalized, although some of the events leading up to Rasputin's assassination are very loosely based on Prince Yusupov's (Felix Yusupov) account of the story. For legal reasons, the character of Yusupov was replaced by Ivan (Matthews). Born on April 7, 1951 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, Malyshkin graduated from the Polytechnic Institute in Novocherkassk as a mining engineer. He was a professional boxer (Boxing) (12 wins by knock-outs) and soccer player. As soccer defender (Defender (football)) he competed for Torpedo Taganrog, Uralan and some clubs from Rostov-on-Don mainly in Soviet Second League Fazer studied baking in Berlin , Paris, and Saint Petersburg before becoming a pioneer of Finnish (Finland) confectionery. Together with his wife Berta he opened a French (France)-Russian confectionery at Glogatan (Kluuvikatu) 3 in Helsinki on September 17, 1891. Later he opened a chocolate and candy factory in Rödbergen (Punavuori) (fi: Punavuori). After the Estonian President Konstantin Päts was arrested by Soviet occupation forces and deported to Russia in July 1940, Professor Uluots became ''prime minister in the duties of the president'' as dictated by the Estonian constitution. When the Nazis invaded Soviet-occupied Estonia in 1941 the communist government was overthrown. Abraham Harkavy hypothesized that the Khalyzians were refugees fleeing the destruction of their khaganate by the Kievan Rus (Kievan Rus') in the 960s CE and the Pecheneg influx which followed in the 970s. A contemporary of Harkavy's, the Polish (Poland) historian August Bielkowski, suggested that the Khalyzians were identical with the tribe known in Russian sources as the Khvalisy; hence they may have been connected to the Arsiya. Huaibei is one of the ten largest coal exporting cities in China and the largest exporter of textile products within Anhui Province. A large exporting enterprise in the city is responsible for producing 13 classes of over 100 kinds of export goods, among them coal, textile, grain, oil, silk, ores, chemicals, and pharmaceutical products. These merchandise are then exported to more than 80 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, Western Europe, Russia, and Hong Kong, etc. Perhaps because of Weyrich's switch from Latin Rite to the Melkite Rite, which is in full communion with Rome although there are some differences in its liturgy and traditions from the Latin Rite best known in the US, FCF has been friendlier to post-communist Serbia and Russia than most contemporary conservatives. It was against US intervention in the Balkans, leaning more toward the Orthodox Christian Serbs than the Muslim Bosnians (Bosniaks) and Albanians. Originating in Russia in 1919, constructivism (constructivism (art)) rejected art in its entirety and as a specific activity creating a universal aesthetic Varvara Stepanova: Lecture on Constructivism, 22 December 1921.In: Peter Noever: Aleksandr M. Rodchenko - Varvara F. Stepanova. The Future Is Our Only Goal. Munich: Prestel, 1991, pp. 174-178. "From here, Constructivism proceeds to the negation of all art in its entirety, and calls into question the necessity of a specific activity of art as creator of a universal aesthetic." in favour of practises directed towards social purposes, "useful" to everyday life, such as graphic design, advertising and photography. In 1921, exhibiting at the 5x5 25 exhibition (5x5 25), Alexander Rodchenko created monochromes and proclaimed the end of painting. "I reduced painting to its logical conclusion and exhibited three canvases: red, blue, and yellow. I affirmed: this is the end of painting." - Alexander Rodchenko. For artists of the Russian Revolution, Rodchenko's radical action was full of utopian possibility. It marked the end of art along with the end of bourgeois norms and practices. It cleared the way for the beginning of a new Russian life, a new mode of production, a new culture. Rodchenko, A. and V. Stepanova (1975) 1920 'The Programme of the Productivist Group', in Benton and Benton (eds), pp. 91-2. "1. Down with art, long live technical science. 2. Religion is a lie. Art is a lie. 3. Destroy the last remaining attachment of human thought to art. . . . 6. The collective art of today is constructive life." Commons:Category:Russia WikiPedia:Russia Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia

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, including crosses, flowers, braids, wheat, or other designs representing aspects of Orthodox and Eastern Catholic faith. Babka is a Ukrainian bread also made at Easter. Rather than being broad and round, like Paska, Babka typically is tall and cylindrical. It frequently contains raisins, may be iced on top, and is much sweeter than Paska. Babka usually is only made, like Paska, to celebrate Easter Sunday and the rising of Christ. In the wake of the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, representatives of Pathfinder Press traveled to Russia to "save" books by Marx, Engels, and Lenin from being sold for pulp. In San Francisco, the American Communist Party closed its bookstore. Sensing what was happening, Montauk rushed to arrange to purchase their remaining stock of Marxist literature at fire sale prices. Biography Olsen was born to Russian Jewish immigrants in Wahoo, Nebraska and moved to Omaha (Omaha, Nebraska) while a young child. There she attended Lake School in the Near North Side (Near North Side (Omaha, Nebraska)) through the eighth grade, living among the city's Jewish community (Jews and Judaism in Omaha, Nebraska). At age 15, she dropped out of Omaha High School (Omaha Central High School) to enter the work force. Over the years Olsen worked as a waitress, domestic worker, and meat trimmer. She was also a union (labor union) organizer and political activist in the Socialist community. In the 1930s she joined the American Communist party (Communist Party USA). She was briefly jailed in 1934 while organizing a packing house workers' union (the charge was "making loud and unusual noise"), an experience she wrote about in ''The Nation (The Nation (U.S. periodical))'' and ''The Partisan Review (Partisan Review)''. She later moved to San Francisco, California, where in 1936 she met and lived with Jack Olsen, who was an organizer and a longshoreman. She married Jack in 1944, on the eve of his departure for service in World War II. http: Tillie_biography.html http: contemporary-literary-criticism olsen-tillie http: mag_intv1199 San Francisco remained her home until her 85th year when she moved to Berkeley, California, to a cottage behind her youngest sibling. Commons:Category:Russia WikiPedia:Russia Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia

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programs, and a lasting legacy of ethnic tensions and environmental problems. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, five Central Asian countries gained independence, although none of the new republics could be considered a functional democracy. ('''more... (history of Central Asia)''') The '''AK-47''' is a gas-operated assault rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov, produced by Russian manufacturer Izhevsk Mechanical Works and used in many Eastern

not share Crowley's increasing interest in the esoteric. Sutin 2000 (#Sut00). pp. 41–47. Churton 2011 (#Chu11). pp. 33–24. Crowley himself later stated that "I told him frankly that I had given my life to religion and that he did not fit into the scheme. I see now how imbecile I was, how hideously wrong and weak it is to reject any part of one's personality." Sutin 2000 (#Sut00). p. 47. In October

countries used rifles such as the relatively expensive M14 (M14 rifle), FN FAL, and H&K G3 (Heckler & Koch G3) battle rifles and M16 (M16 rifle) assault rifle during this time, the low production and materials costs of the AK-47 meant that the Russia USSR could produce and supply its allies at a very low cost. Because of its low cost, it was also duplicated or used as the basis (List of weapons influenced by the Kalashnikov design) for many other rifles

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, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Spain, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland, Tonga, Tunisia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Vanuatu Ada Douglas Wetherill Some sources describe Ada Douglas Wetherill as a French princess. In fact, she was neither French nor a princess. This is very likely a fiction created to give her some legitimacy later in life. Wetherill had been Dalip's mistress before he

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The '''Agrarian Party of Russia''' (''Agrarnaya Partiya Rossii'', Аграрная Партия России, АПР) was a left-wing agrarian political party in Russia. Founded in February 1993, it was among the earliest parties in modern Russia (Russian Federation). While not officially communist, it displayed many similarities with the ideologies of collectivism and socialism, while at the same time promoting some private property for small farmers. On September 12, 2008 the leadership of the party stated that the party had decided to merge with the United Russia party; The merge was made official on October 10, 2008. http: news 2008 9 12 148971.html In 1955, at the height of the Cold War, Anderson, as winner of the USA National Amateur Athletic Union Weightlifting Championship, traveled to the Soviet Union, where weightlifting was a popular sport, for an international weightlifting competition. In a newsreel of the event shown in the United States the narrator, Bud Palmer, commented as follows: "Then, up to the bar stepped a great ball of a man, Paul Anderson." And paraphrasing Palmer "The Russians snickered as Anderson gripped the bar which was set at 402.5 pounds, an unheard of lift. But their snickers quickly changed to awe and all out cheers as up went the bar and Anderson lifted the heaviest weight overhead of any human in history." Prior to Anderson's lift, the Russian champion, Medvedev, had matched the Olympic record of the time with a 330.5 pound press (clean and press). Anderson then did a 402.5 pound press. During the 1955 World Championships in Munich, Germany that October, Anderson also broke two other world records (for the press - 407.7 pounds - and total weight cleared - 1129.5 pounds) as he easily won the competition in his weight class to become world champion. Upon his return to the USA, he was received by then vice-president Richard Nixon, who thanked him for being such a wonderful goodwill ambassador. The stay in Boston was not to last long, however, as the ''Munro'' shifted to a new homeport of Seattle, Washington, on August 29, 1973. The ''Seattle Post-Intelligencer'' hailed the arrival of "Two (''Munro'' and ''Boutwell'' (USCGC Boutwell (WHEC-719))) of the newest, finest ships in the Coast Guard fleet." Seattle was also especially receptive to the ''Munro'' because Douglas Munro himself had been a resident of Cle Elum (Cle Elum, Washington), a small town in Washington (Washington (U.S. state)) State. While operating out of Seattle, the ''Munro'' became more active in the fisheries enforcement mission and less active in the ocean station mission, which was quickly being made obsolete by technological advances. Alaskan fisheries were especially busy and controversial at this time. In 1971, for instance, the combined Japanese, Russian, Canadian (Canada), and South Korea


Sir Titus Salt, died, Saltaire was taken over by a partnership which included Sir James Roberts from Haworth who had worked at the mill since the age of twelve, and who travelled to Russia each year, speaking Russian fluently (Russian language). James Roberts came to own Saltaire, but chose to invest his money heavily in Russia, losing some of his fortune in the Russian Revolution (Russian Revolution (1917)). He endowed a chair (Chair (academic)) of Russian at Leeds University


'''Russia''' ( Extending across the entirety of northern Asia (North Asia) and much of Eastern Europe, Russia spans nine time zones (Time in Russia) and incorporates a wide range of environments (Environment of Russia) and landforms.

The nation's history began with that of the East Slavs, who emerged as a recognizable group in Europe between the 3rd and 8th centuries AD. ", ''Journal of World-Systems Research'' Vol. 12 (no. 2), pp. 219–229 (2006).

Following the Russian Revolution, the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic became the largest and leading constituent of the Soviet Union, the world's first constitutionally socialist state and a recognized superpower, Rozhnov, Konstantin, "Who won World War II?". BBC. The Soviet era saw some of the most significant technological achievements (Timeline of Russian inventions and technology records) of the 20th century, including the world's first human-made satellite (Sputnik), and the first man in space (Yuri Gagarin). Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Russian SFSR reconstituted itself as the Russian Federation and is recognized as the continuing legal personality (the sole successor state (Succession of states)) of the Union state (Government of the Soviet Union).

The Russian economy ranks as the ninth largest (List of countries by GDP (nominal)) by nominal GDP and sixth largest (List of countries by GDP (PPP)) by purchasing power parity in 2014. GDP, PPP (current international $) Data Table Russia's extensive mineral and energy resources, the largest reserves in the world, have made it one of the largest producers of oil (oil producer) and natural gas (natural gas producer) globally. The country is one of the five recognized (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) nuclear weapons states and possesses the largest stockpile of weapons of mass destruction (Russia and weapons of mass destruction). Russia is a great power and a permanent member (Permanent members of the United Nations Security Council) of the United Nations Security Council, a member of the G20, the Council of Europe, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Eurasian Economic Community, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), and the World Trade Organization (WTO), as well as being the leading member of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

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