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web title Dark Passion Play JPN Version work url http: productinfo.cfm?tuotenumero 196964&from startpage&lang en accessdate October 30, 2008 Within a week after the release, the fifth single was announced to be "The Islander (The Islander (song))". "The Islander" single features an orchestral version of the epic ballad "Meadows of Heaven" and also includes an instrumental version

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;!-- remove if nessecary -- . * The Black Metal band Beherit (Beherit (band)) came from Rovaniemi. Popular culture 1998 Spanish romantic film '''''Lovers of the Arctic Circle''''' ''(Los amantes del Círculo Polar)'', by director Julio Medem, partly takes place in Rovaniemi. Rovaniemi appears in the video game ''Tom Clancy's EndWar'' as a possible battlefield. In the game, Rovaniemi houses military facilities critical to a missile shield for a European Federation (federal Europe). Commons:Category:Rovaniemi

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shopping centre phone tollfree fax hours closed Mondays price €8 adult, €5 students, 3€ children (7-15) content Art, music and events. Art museum collection consists mostly of modern Finnish art. Home of the Chamber Orchestra of Lapland. *

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auroras ''' are seen on most nights if the sky is clear. Do Various '''Arctic safari''' companies, many of which are on the west bank of the river, can arrange all sorts of cold and snowy activities like '''snowmobile safaris''', '''husky sledding''' and '''reindeer sledding''' . Most of the tour operators have summer activities available too. *

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, located opposite to the safari company offices near the river. * *

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; for tourists. Ethnically Finnish (Finns) actors dress up in fake "gáktis" and perform fake "traditional rituals". This activity has been met with fierce protests http: web index.php?odas 3374&giella1 eng from ethnic Sámi since it creates a false image of Sámi culture, diverts tourist industry money from ethnic Sámi to ethnic Finns (thereby exploiting the Sámi presence in Lappland without giving anything back to the Sámi) and is dishonest


island of Spitsbergen, where the towns of Ny Ålesund and Longyearbyen are located. From there he sails across the Barents Sea on a supply ship to the Norwegian port city of Tromsø, where he visits a statue of Roald Amundsen, the first man to reach the South Pole. He also meets some avid Norwegian football fans. In the town of Karasjok, he meets up with the Sami people and pans for gold in the Karasjoka River. From there, Palin travels by bus and crosses the border

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;% Is Santa? in order to find Santa Claus who is assumed to live in Rovaniemi. A version of the music video for Lordi's song "Hard Rock Hallelujah" was filmed near Rovaniemi. The video for the Nightwish single "The Islander (The Islander (song))" was filmed in Rovaniemi by Stobe Harju

-13 accessdate 2011-05-30 '''Final:''' Apocalyptica opening '''Semi-final:''' Finnish dancers dancing to accordion music by Johanna Juhola '''Final:''' Lordi video from Rovaniemi transitioning into Lordi performing "Hard Rock Hallelujah" on stage footnotes **Oulu - Oulu Airport (KF) **Rovaniemi - Rovaniemi Airport (KF) seasonal **Tampere - Tampere

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-Pirkkala Airport (KF, SK) birth_date Commons:Category:Rovaniemi

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mythology. thumb 320px right From left: Aake Otsala, Tomi Krutsin, Aki Lääkkölä, Tommi Liimatta, Janne Hast. (Image:Absoluuttinen_Nollapiste.jpg) '''Absoluuttinen Nollapiste''' (Finnish (Finnish language) for absolute zero) is a pop rock band (Musical band) originating from Rovaniemi, Finland. It is somewhat famous for combining catchy melodies (melody) and solid, slightly progressive (Progressive rock) songwriting with Tommi Liimatta's eccentricity (behaviour


'''Rovaniemi''' ( .

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