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, Wanganui, Greymouth, Alexandra (Alexandra, New Zealand), and Dunedin (Dunedin, New Zealand). NIWA maintains a fleet of about 30 vessels for freshwater, marine, and atmospheric research. Personal life Adams was born in Rotorua, New Zealand, to a Tongan mother (Lilika Ngauamo "Valerie Vili speaks out" (PDF, in English). ''New Idea''. Hospice New Zealand

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Letters Publishing year 2006 location Masterton, New Zealand series Famous New Zealanders isbn 0-1-877177-59-8 page 7 Susan turned professional at the age of 17. Commons:Category:Rotorua

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in shopping terms relative to its population; however, the expansion of the "Palm Beach Plaza" and "Fashion Island" shopping centres in recent years has created a popular town centre. With the opening of the Domain Road State Highway 2 roundabout, travel times to Mount Maunganui and Tauranga have been reduced. The $455m Tauranga Eastern Link and associated interchanges due to be completed in 2016 will further reduce travel times

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; Covenant Document, published on oath of allegiance, obedience, and deference to Tamaki. Kōauau The kōauau is a small flute, ductless and notchless, 10cm to 20cm (4 to 8 inches) long, open at both ends and having from three to six fingerholes placed along the pipe. Kōauau resemble flutes the world over in tone quality and in the range of sounds that can

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There are numerous places to try the traditional Maori feast, the hangi. This "earthen oven" technique is similar to the Hawaiian umu and results in a very distinctive smoky earthy flavour - well worth trying. In the last decade Rotorua has acquired some nice cafes - good options include: Ciccio Italian cafe, Relish, Capers, ZIppy's or the Fat Dog. The usual chains for pizzas and burgers can be found: they're generally on Amohau Street (SH 30A in the central city) and on Fairy Springs

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newsroom. Two sports reporting journalists will also be leaving from the Auckland newsroom, leaving six. Accredited parliament reporters also look to face redundancy cuts, as well as reporters from the Christchurch (w:Christchurch) newsroom. As well as people losing their jobs, the Queenstown (w:Queenstown, New Zealand), Wanganui (w:Wanganui) and Rotorua (w:Rotorua) newsrooms will be closed, as well as the news reference library, and the current affairs show, Sunday looks set to close its Wellington office. Head of journalism at the University of Canterbury (w:University of Canterbury), Jim Tully says that the closing of the Queenstown newsroom is a big mistake. Current affairs show, Close Up (w:Close Up) will also lose two journalists and a Christchurch producer, but will gain a producer in Auckland. Fair Go (w:Fair Go), consumer affairs show, will lose three senior producers. Breakfast will lose a weather and sports presenter, and a producer. :'''Phil:'''When archaic trading hours for bars and retail exist in a secular society and ‘tourist’ towns like Rotorua (w:Rotorua) and Queenstown (w:Queenstown) can trade openly then things need to change. NZ is highly reliant on Tourism….. we can’t be closed. Over zealous Police and Liquor licensing people who interpret laws made public comments in advance of the weekend which did deter people from coming. While we can’t quantify the numbers we have had considerable comment to this effect. Commons:Category:Rotorua

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(the original station on Amohau Street was closed and relocated to Koutu in 1989). However, owing to poor advertising of the service and the location of the station being a 15-minute walk from the town centre in an industrial area, passenger services stopped in October 2001. Freight services on the line declined over the decades up until the nightly freight service stopped in 2000, largely due to a continual move of freight and passengers onto road transport utilising ever-improving highways in the region. The line is currently disused. Education Commons:Category:Rotorua


, Rotorua MacKillop College . Her family was very involved in the squash community and she started playing when she was very young.

Letters Publishing year 2006 location Masterton, New Zealand series Famous New Zealanders isbn 0-1-877177-59-8 page 7 Susan turned professional at the age of 17. Her first World Open title came in 1985,

book last Kirk first Allan R title Susan Devoy, Squash Champion publisher Capital Letters Publishing year 2006 location Masterton, New Zealand series Famous New Zealanders isbn 0-1-877177-59-8 page 13 with a subsequent win in 1987. Further World Open titles came in 1990 and 1992.


'''Rotorua''' ( southeast of the nation's most populous city, Auckland.

Rotorua has an estimated permanent population of , of which 3,600 live in the Waikato section.

Rotorua is a major destination for both domestic and international tourists; the tourism industry is by far the largest industry in the district. It is known for its geothermal (Geothermal (geology)) activity, and features geysers – notably the Pohutu Geyser at Whakarewarewa – and hot mud pools. This thermal activity is sourced to the Rotorua caldera, on which the town lies. Rotorua is home to the Waiariki Institute of Technology.

The Lakes of Rotorua are a collection of many lakes surrounding Rotorua.

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