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-liner Eugen Harms. The reason was that the Estonian (Estonians) referee in their last year game against FC Uralmash Sverdlovsk (FC Ural Yekaterinburg) counted a goal from an obvious offside that eventually contributed to the Karpaty's denial of a promotion. Karpaty were trailing 0:1 already after the first 20 minutes and to the end of the half were not able to equalize, but numerous Karpaty's fans drove their team forward.

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AM local time on Sunday. (Interfax) :* Commons:Rostov-on-Don Wikipedia:Rostov-on-Don

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Commons:Rostov-on-Don Wikipedia:Rostov-on-Don

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, and Sergey Zhigunov (1963). Marion Gering, noted for his stage and film productions in the United States, was born in the city. Architects and artists Architects and artists of the city include Yevgeny Vuchetich, Seyran Khatlamajyan, Ashot Melkonian, Natalia Duritskaya, Martiros Saryan (1880–1972), Roman Chatov (1900–1987) Scientists and adventurers Scientists and explorers include, doctors N. Bogoraz and S. Fedosov, scientists Dmitri Mendeleev, A. S. Popov, L. P. Pavlov, George Sedov (Georgy Sedov) the Arctic Sea explorer, Yakov Frenkel (1894–1952) a solid-state physicist, Svyatoslav Fyodorov (1927–2000), ophthalmologist, Sabina Spielrein (1885–1942), psychoanalyst. Other *Vladimir Shumeyko (1945), political figure *Svetlana Boiko (1972), foil fencer (fencing) *Anatoli Morozov (1973), professional association football player and coach *Alexei Eremenko (1983), Russian-born Finnish professional association football player who currently plays in Kazakhstan *Victoria Lopyreva (1983), model and popular television hostess *Tatiana Kotova (1985), beauty pageant titleholder *Andrei Chikatilo (1936), serial killer Tourist sites and excursions Commons:Rostov-on-Don Wikipedia:Rostov-on-Don

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was averted by Army Group South, largely thanks to Richthofen's ''Luftflotte 4'' and his former ''Fliegerkorps VIII'', under his overall command. The loss of Stalingrad left Rostov-on-Don the only bottleneck supplying Army Group A in the Caucasus. In December 1942, ''Luftflotte 4'' was still one of the most powerful single air commands in the world. On 15 January 1943, 1,140 of the 1,715 aircraft on the Eastern Front were under Richthofen's command. Its attacks on the Southwestern Front

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. The stadium was built in 1930 and was known as ''Rostselmash plant stadium'' before 1996, as ''Rostselmash'' in 1996–2002 and as ''Olimp — 21 vek'' ''(Olympus — 21st century)'' in 2002–2005. The capacity of the stadium peaked at 32,000 in 1950s, when the second tier of stand was built. Today, Baltika is the largest Fast-moving consumer goods producer in Russia and has production facilities in 10 Russian cities (Saint Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Tula (Tula, Russia), Voronezh, Rostov

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without further organizational changes. Russia Team relocation in football is rare if not nonexistent. However, one current top-level basketball team has moved twice in the 2000s. The club founded in 1946 as Lokomotiv Mineralnye Vody moved in 2003 to Rostov-on-Don, and then in 2008 to Krasnodar, where it is now known as Lokomotiv-Kuban (PBC Lokomotiv-Kuban). All three of the club's home cities are in adjoining federal subjects (Federal subjects of Russia). # Oktyabrsky

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, Mineralnye Vody, Prokhladny, Budyonnovsk, and Nezlobnaya. '''Yelena Sergeyevna Produnova''', also known as '''Elena''', ( ; born February 15, 1980) is a female Russian gymnast, living in Rostov-on-Don, Rostov Oblast, Russia. Her senior international career lasted from 1995 to 2000, and earned her multiple world and Olympic medals, though gold always eluded her. She is known for her innovative and powerful skills on the vault

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: Tunisia Campaign – General Hans-Jurgen von Arnim's Fifth Panzer Army (5th Panzer Army) launches a concerted attack (Battle of Sidi Bou Zid) against Allied (Allies of World War II) positions in Tunisia. According to the Schechter Letter, early Khazar Judaism was centered on a tabernacle similar to that mentioned in the Book of Exodus. Archaeologists at Rostov-on-Don have tentatively identified a folding altar unearthed at Khumar as part


of Advocacy of Entrepreneurs *Rostov Institute of Foreign Languages *Rostov International Institute of Economy and Management *Rostov Juridical Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation *Rostov Institute of Physical Training and Sports (branch of the Cuban State University of Physical Training, Sports and Tourism) *Rostov Social & Economic Institute *Rostov branch of Moscow Institute of Economy, Management and Law *South-Russian Institute of the Humanities *North


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