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of the Bhatti tribe in the ages preceding the Christian era. Graeco-Bactrian coins, together with ancient bricks, occur over an area of 500 ha (Hectare) (2 mi²). Known within historical times as Fatehpur Baori, Rawalpindi fell into decay during one of the Mongol invasions in the 14th century.

was an agricultural market, and became populated by the Muslim tribes of Kamboh, Mirza Dhudhi, Sahu, Malik, Bhutta, Sial, Bhatti Sukhera, Juta, Thaheem. Jats and Arain tribes. Some Hindu families, particularly Arun, also lived in the town. There are references of its being a sizable town during Ghazni dynasty as the armies traveling from Rawalpindi and Chakwal to Multan used to rest at this point. Kabirawala, as part of Multan, was taken back by Hindus after the death of Mahmood

modern education

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published numerous

. He later published numerous treatises in English. It was during this period that he was exposed to the natural sciences as well as confronted with the Christian mission. Location The university campus is located on the outskirts of Taxila, 5 km from the city. It is situated near railway station Mohra Shah Wali Shah on Taxila-Havelian branch line. The city of Taxila is 35 km from the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and 6 km from Rawalpindi–Peshawar highway. The university buses commute daily between the campus and the cities of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Wah (Wah, Pakistan) and Hasan Abdal. The campus covers an area of WikiPedia:Rawalpindi Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan Provinces Punjab Localities Rawalpindi commons:Rawalpindi

drinking culture

' from 'karim hotel', or 'fresh from the pan' halwa poori from satelitown, or 'rabri' (milky drink) from 'nirala' in saddar ... Its a never-ending list! Drink Alcohol in Pakistan is forbidden but one can find drinks at many modern hotels like Pearl Continental(PC), Shalimar hotel and Flashman Hotel. There are no bars and night clubs in Rawalpindi city but all the big markets are open til late-night. Drinking culture in Pakistan is essentially soft-drink culture, where Pepsi is traditionally

the drink of choice. It is impossible to avoid Pepsi advertising throughout Pakistan. Be warned as a traveller about the cleanliness of bottles - always drink from a straw, and always request that bottles be opened in front of you, as a cleanliness measure. Drinking culture also revolves around tea, called 'chai' in Urdu, and this is available everywhere and anywhere. Coffee is not impossible to come by, however iced coffee tends to be the popular coffee drink of choice. The Locally available


in the cantonment area of the city and also has a big parking area. Eating in these chains is more of a statement of status in Pakistan than anything else, and you will notice that there is usually quite a fashion parade in many of these establishments ! In rawalpindi, do as the pindites do! Grab a bag of the most yummy and juicy local sweet called "jalebee" from gratto on murree road, or the luxuriously garnished icecream from "Chaman" at saddar, or the famous 'samosas

distinct cultural

among themselves. The newer generation are now more conversant in Urdu (Urdu language), Punjabi (Punjabi language), Sindhi (Sindhi language) and English (English language). Muslim Communities of South Asia: Culture Society and Power edited by T N Madan Manohar Publications Meos have lost their group identity and distinct cultural traditions and have assimilated (Cultural assimilation) with local Muslim population. WikiPedia:Rawalpindi Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan Provinces Punjab Localities Rawalpindi commons:Rawalpindi

extensive architectural

parts will require some Urdu. A trip to Bahria Town is best done in your own car or a taxi (and armed with a map). See Rawalpindi is not blessed with an extensive architectural history. However the city is an interesting place to wander, especially if you are based in Islamabad and are looking for some hustle and bustle. *'''Liaqat Bagh''' gardens that has a depressing history of political assassination - The first prime minister of Pakistan, Khan Liaquat Ali Khan, was assassinated here

numerous publications

to India when he was three. He attended La Martinere school (La Martiniere Lucknow) in Lucknow and the university there (Lucknow University). He has authored several books including the biographies of Sanjay Gandhi and Meena Kumari. He took over as editor-in-chief of Debonair in 1974. Since then, he has founded and edited numerous publications. He is the founder-editor of India's first Sunday paper, The Sunday Observer, the founder editor of the now defunct Bombay daily, The Independent, and the founder-editor of The Pioneer (The Pioneer (Indian newspaper)) (Delhi edition). He was also editor of The Indian Post. WikiPedia:Rawalpindi Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan Provinces Punjab Localities Rawalpindi commons:Rawalpindi

independent title

;. Youth and early career Sajid Mahmood's grandfather, Llal Khan, emigrated from Rawalpindi in Pakistan to England with his family in 1968. The family settled in Halliwell (Halliwell, Greater Manchester), a residential area of Bolton.

high scoring

Piesse, pp. 32–33, 165. Knight, pp. 274–275. After making 42 and 43 in the high-scoring Second Test at Peshawar, Waugh scored 117 in the second innings of the Third Test at Karachi to end the series with 228 runs at 45.60. Piesse, pp. 171–172. On the 1994 tour of Pakistan

subcontinent than Ponting. In the first Test starting in October, Lehmann scored 98 in Rawalpindi, as Australia won their first Test in Pakistan in 39 years. Ponting's only Test outing was in a high-scoring second Test draw in Peshawar, when he scored 76 not out and 43 as Lehmann was injured. The match saw Mark Taylor (Mark Taylor (cricketer)) equal Don Bradman's Australian record score of 334, when he declared Australia's innings overnight on 4 599, despite being not out. Ponting

, Ricky Ponting was instead dropped. Lehmann scored 98 in the First Test in Rawalpindi, but an injury forced him out of the Second Test in Peshawar in which Taylor scored a (then) Australian record 334 not out on a flat pitch in a high-scoring drawn match. Lehmann failed to perform in the final Test in Karachi and, despite scoring his maiden ODI century, he was dropped for the first two Tests of the 1998 99 Ashes series. Ponting was recalled by the selectors, under the justification


'''Rawalpindi''' (Punjabi (Punjabi language), to the north-west of Lahore. It is the administrative seat of the Rawalpindi District. Also, Rawalpindi is the military headquarters GHQ of the Pakistani Armed Forces.

Many tourists use the city as a stop before traveling towards the northern areas. Numerous shopping bazaars, parks and a cosmopolitan population attract shoppers from all over Pakistan and abroad. The city is home to several industries and factories. Islamabad International Airport is located in Rawalpindi, which is also the Chaklala Airbase, and serves both cities and several neighboring districts for international flights.

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