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population count Rauma, Finland round -2 ( south of Pori. Granted town privileges on May 17, 1442 (then under the rule of Sweden), Rauma is known for its paper (Pulp and paper industry) and maritime industry, high quality lace (since the 18th century

local team

of other Star Cruises' ships. She was later moved to making day and night cruises from Hong Kong. In May 2009 the ship suspended her sailings from Hong Kong and was laid up initially at Hong Kong, later moved to Port Klang for further lay up. Career in Finland '''Jarmo Myllys''' was born in Savonlinna and started playing ice hockey for the local team Savonlinnan Pallokerho or SaPKo. He played his first adult season (1982–1983) in SaPko, but moved to Tampere for SM


slang dialects in Finland. Also, in Portugal, a special edition of the first volume, Asterix the Gaul, was translated into local language Mirandese. In Greece, a number of volumes have appeared in the Cretan Greek, Cypriot Greek and Pontic Greek dialects. ref>

book published

' ('Yarns from Rauma'), which was also a name of a book published in 1920. This body of writings has been written in the dialect of Rauma, and they are regarded as the first Finnish language texts that have been actually written in a dialect which is not mainstream Finnish. The dialect of Rauma has a lot of vocabulary that is reminiscent of the old seafaring days and ties with Swedish, English and German speaking countries, and therefore is locally regarded as its own language. Nortamo's writings

wooden buildings

in the fires of 1640 and 1682. The wooden city centre, which is how large the town was until 1809, has approximately 600 wooden buildings. The neo-renaissance style of many of the houses is a result of prosperity brought on by seafaring. In 1897 Rauma had the largest fleet of sailing boats in Finland, totalling 57 vessels. Goods were mainly exported to Germany, Stockholm and the Baltic states. In the 1890s, Rauma got a teacher's college (a 'seminar'), which was later annexed

huge rivalry

in ice hockey there is a huge rivalry: Pori has two-times champion Ässät and Rauma, one-time champion Lukko. Local derbies tend to be very hectic. Inhabitants also like to make very humiliating jokes about each other. Although it would be very wise to create more co-operation between the cities, it is likely an impossible task. Still, one step forward was taken when the ports of both cities started planning more co-operation with each other. Star Cruises After the end of her service

business life

to Russia in 1809. During the era of Autonomy (1809–1917), the province experienced slow industrialization, Pori becoming the most important industrial city of the region. The forest and textile industries dominated the business life. In addition, the merchants of Rauma and Pori had impressively large fleets of sailpowered merchantmen, which made up a large fraction of the total merchant navy of the Russian empire. The large-scale use of sail ships continued until the 1930s, even while the steampower

unique artistic

and the cottage industry of lace making spread throughout Europe to most European countries. Countries like Finland (town of Rauma (Rauma, Finland)), Czech Republic (town of Vamberk), Slovenia (town of Idrija), England (town of Honiton), France, Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Malta, Russia, Spain, Turkey and others all have their own unique artistic heritage expressed through lace. * Næstved Municipality, Denmark

performing music

and performing music arts festival Klustermus *Movie festival Blue Sea Film Festival *Blues festival Rauma Blues Sports Rauman Lukko (Lukko) is an ice hockey team that hails from Rauma, playing in SM-liiga. Their home arena is Äijänsuo Arena. Local football (Association football) teams are Pallo-Iirot and FC Rauma. These two teams share the same home field at Äijänsuo sports centre. Sea City Storm

team playing

is an American football team playing in the Finnish American Football Association's (American Football Association of Finland) 2nd division. Fera (Fera (pesäpallo)) is a women's Finnish baseball (Pesäpallo) team, whose home field is the Länsi-Suomi Arena at Otanlahti sports centre. Rauma also has an own orienteering club, Rasti-Lukko, two Basketball teams known as Kaaron Roima and Rauma Basket, a rinkball team called UKP and a floorball team named SalBa. Recreation thumb 250px Marina in Rauma, Finland (File:Rauma port.jpg) One popular saying goes that every family in Rauma owns a boat – this is not true, though the city has room for ca. 2,800 Finnish Maritime Administration August 19, 2008 – Boating in Finland and its economic impacts boats at its docks. People can use their own boats or water buses to get to the Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse that doubles as a hotel and recreation site. Water buses take people to Reksaari island and former garrison island of Kuuskajaskari. Both islands are in recreational use. Consolidation of municipalities Rauma and the surrounding municipality of Rauman maalaiskunta ("rural municipality of Rauma") were consolidated in 1993, continued in 2007 with the consolidation of municipality of Kodisjoki. The municipality of Lappi (Lappi, Finland) was consolidated to Rauma in 2009. File:KirkkoRauma 2.jpg Church of The Holy Cross File:KirkkoRauma.jpg Tower of the Church of The Holy Cross file:PyhanRistinKirkko RaumaFinland 20051225.jpg Church of The Holy Cross file:Rauma Old Cityhall.JPG The old town hall of Rauma file:rauma_3.jpg Street in city center file:rauma_4.jpg Historic buildings file:rauma_2.jpg Historic buildings International relations - 9. P-Iirot (Pallo-Iirot) Rauma (Rauma, Finland) Pallo-Iirot -

Rauma, Finland

'''Rauma''' ( south of Pori. Granted town privileges on May 17, 1442 (then under the rule of Sweden), Rauma is known for its paper (Pulp and paper industry) and maritime industry, high quality lace (since the 18th century) and the old wooden architecture of its centre (Old Rauma, Vanha Rauma), which is a Unesco world heritage site.

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