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, and the province of Fujian to the southwest. The name of the city literally means "Beautiful Water", and the pronunciation of its first character is "lí", not the usual "lì". Geography and climate Lishui is situated in the southwest of Zhejiang province, with its administrative area covering latitude 27° 25' to 28° 57' N and longitude 118° 41' to 120° 26' E. It borders the cities of Ningde and Nanping (Fujian province) to the southwest as well

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for intelligence work with Claire Chennault's Flying Tigers. - JUZ ZSJU Quzhou Airport Quzhou, Zhejiang, China *'''Wuzhou (Wuzhou Wu dialects)''' ( ): Spoken in and around Lishui (Lishui, Zhejiang) and Quzhou

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, Taizhou (Taizhou, Zhejiang) in Zhejiang also joined the association. In 2010, the association accepted 6 new members after six-year observation and review, including Yancheng and Huai'an in Jiangsu, Jinhua and Quzhou in Zhejiang, and Ma'anshan and Hefei in Anhui. The total number of cities in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Coordination Association is now 22. Some other cities that have been in consideration

and in review include Wenzhou and Lishui in Zhejiang, Lianyungang and Xuzhou in Jiangsu, and Chuzhou, Wuhu, Tongling, Huainan and Xuancheng in Anhui. *Jiangsu Province: Nanjing, Suzhou (including county-level urban centres of Changshu, Taicang, Kunshan, Wujiang (Wujiang, Jiangsu) and Zhangjiagang), Wuxi (including county-level urban centres of Jiangyin and Yixing), Nantong (including county-level urban

centres of Rugao, Haimen, and Qidong (Qidong, Jiangsu)), Changzhou (including county-level urban centres of Jintan and Liyang), Yangzhou (including urban centre of Yizheng), Yancheng (including county-level urban centres of Dafeng and Dongtai), Taizhou (Taizhou, Jiangsu) (including county-level urban centres of Jiangyan, Jingjiang, Taixing and Xinghua (Xinghua, Jiangsu)), Zhenjiang (including county-level urban centres of Danyang


hours, it was nighttime, the weather was stormy, and Doolittle was unable to locate their landing field. Doolittle came down in a rice paddy (saving a previously injured ankle from breaking) near Chuchow (Quzhou). He and his crew linked up after the bailout and were helped through Japanese lines by Chinese guerrillas and American missionary John Birch (John Birch (missionary)). Other aircrews were not so fortunate. Although most eventually reached safety with the help of friendly Chinese

Birch , an American missionary in China. As did the others who participated in the mission, Doolittle had to bail out but fortunately landed in a heap of dung (saving a previously injured ankle from breaking) in a paddy in China near Quzhou. Doolittle thought that the raid had been a terrible failure because the aircraft were lost, and that he would be court-martialed upon his return. Doolittle and Glines 1991, p. 12. Doolittle subsequently recommended Birch

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at the military base. Transportation Quzhou is well served by both railways and highways. The city of Quzhou is a major connection hub between the three provinces of Anhui, Jiangxi and Fujian, with the Zhegan Railroad running through southern Quzhou and the Qu River flowing past northern Quzhou. A local saying goes: "Four provinces through Qu, it's the head of five roads" (四省通衢、五路总头). ;Airport Quzhou Airport, ranked as class 4C, is located away from east

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annual temperature is and is affected by the plum rains (Meiyu) of the Asian monsoon in June, when average relative humidity also peaks. The frost-free period lasts 251–261 days. Winds along the Qiantang River valley are predominantly north-easterly and north-east-easterly. Occasionally typhoons

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; lit. "Golden brilliance") is a prefecture-level city in central Zhejiang province of Eastern China (East China). It borders the provincial capital of Hangzhou to the northwest, Quzhou to the southwest, Lishui to the south, Taizhou (Taizhou, Zhejiang) to the east, and Shaoxing to the northeast. thumb Jinhua Railway Station (File:Jinhua railway station.jpg) Jinhua enjoys convenient transportation, being the communications center in Southeast China between coastal and inland areas, and one of the major hubs of landway transportation in the country. The Zhejiang-Jiangxi, Jinhua-Wenzhou and Jinhua-Qiandaohu Railways intersect in the City. The Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Expressway, the Jinhua-Lishui (Lishui, Zhejiang)-Wenzhou Expressway, the No. 330 and 320 National Highways, and other provincial highroads, also traverse the area. The city aggregation around Jinhua Proper has formed a "Half-an-Hour's-Ride Economic Circle", there being merely a 90-minute and a 3-hour journey driving from the City to Hangzhou and Shanghai respectively. At present, the Yiwu Civil Airport (Yiwu Airport) in the City offers airlines destined for Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Qingdao. * '''ZSJN''' (TNA) – Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport – Jinan, Shandong * '''ZSJU''' (JUZ) – Quzhou Airport – Quzhou, Zhejiang * '''ZSLD''' (LCX) – Longyan Guanzhishan Airport – Longyan, Fujian states People's Republic of China region Quzhou prefecture, Zhejiang province speakers approx. 2 million In fall 352, Yin prepared a second campaign. Initially the campaign had some success, recovering Xuchang from Former Qin. However, Yin became suspicious of Yao's military capabilities and independence, and therefore tried to assassinate Yao. Yao discovered this, and, as Yin headed north, he ambushed Yin's troops, inflicting heavy losses on Yin. Yao then took over the Shouchun (壽春, in modern Lu'an, Anhui) region. The people despised Yin for his military losses, and Huan submitted a petition demanding Yin's ouster. The imperial government was compelled to demote Yin to commoner status and exile him to Xin'an (信安, in modern Quzhou, Zhejiang). Yuan was born in Xin'an, the capital of Quzhou prefecture, to an established gentry family. In the 1150s he was a student at the National University (大学) at the Southern Song capital of Hangzhou. After passing the ''jinshi (Jinshi (imperial examination))'' degree in 1163, Yuan Cai served in several prefectures outside the capital. Altogether Yuan Cai served as magistrate of four counties (Counties of the People's Republic of China#History). In Quzhou, Zhejiang Province: *Suburban Zhang Yujun, age 40, of Quzhou (w:Quzhou) County (Hebei), who produced and sold melamine (w:melamine)-laced "protein powder" in the milk scandal, was convicted of endangering public security and sentenced to death by the Shijiazhuang intermediate people's court.

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Temple of the Southern Confucian Clan * Lanke Mountain, southeast of the city proper. It features green peaks and clear waters, and the huge rocks on top of the mountain support a horizontal rock to form a natural arch, the Tiansheng Bridge ("Nature-Formed"). Demographics As of 2003, Quzhou municipality registered a population of 2,413,500. The vast majority are Han Chinese (99.16%) but there are also small minorities of She (ethnic group

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2.4 Feb low C 3.9 Mar low C 7.6 Apr low C 13.3 May low C 18.1 Jun low C 21.8 Jul low C 24.9 Aug low C 24.7 Sep low C 20.7 Oct low C 15.2 Nov low C 9.3 Dec low C 3.7 year high C 21.8 year low C 13.8 year high F 71.3 year low F 56.8 precipitation colour green Jan precipitation mm 79.8 Feb precipitation mm 111.5 Mar precipitation mm 202.7 Apr precipitation mm 214.8 May precipitation mm 235.2 Jun precipitation mm 316.3 Jul


''' ) is a prefecture-level city in southwestern Zhejiang province (province of China), People's Republic of China. Sitting on the upper course of the Qiantang River, it borders Hangzhou to the north, Jinhua to the east, Lishui to the southeast, and the provinces of Fujian, Jiangxi and Anhui to the south, southwest and northwest respectively.

In early European sources, based on accounts by French missionaries, the name of Quzhou (Fu (Zhou (country subdivision))) was transcribed in the contemporary French manner, as '''Kyu-tcheou-fou''' E.g.: title An historical, geographical, and philosophical view of the Chinese empire: comprehending a description of the fifteen provinces of China, Chinese Tartary; tributary states; natural history of China; government, religion, laws, manners and customs, literature, arts, sciences, manufactures, &c edition 2 url http: books.google.com books?id A7g2AAAAMAAJ&pg PA83 page 83 or '''Kiu-tcheou-fou'''. first Hugh last Murray authorlink Hugh Murray (geographer) first2 John last2 Crawfurd authorlink2 John Crawfurd first3 Peter last3 Gordon publisher Oliver & Boyd year 1843 title An historical and descriptive account of China: its ancient and modern history, language, literature, religion, government, industry, manners, and social state ... edition 3 url http: books.google.com books?id 2iELAAAAYAAJ&pg PA25 pages 25–26

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