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in four hours on 29 January 2008. which was the heaviest snowfall for the city in the last ten years. During

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Living in Rahim Yar Khan. Branches The bank is currently operating through more than 400 branches domestically and an international presence in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Bahrain, with the registered office at B.A.Building, I.I.Chundrigar, Karachi. Some of the main branches are located in all of the major cities including: Chakwal, Hyderabad (Hyderabad, Sindh), Lahore, Kasur, Islamabad, Gawadar, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Quetta, D.I.Khan, Rawalpindi

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pollution that in some cities—such as Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi—has exceeded levels deemed safe by the World Health Organization. And Pakistan is suffering a lot from droughts from the dry climates. His brother was killed when Sarkhosh was in his twenties, and his family fled, first to Peshawar and finally to Quetta, Pakistan. Sarkhosh revived his skills by singing and composing songs inspired by a sense of nationalism and suffering in exile. He didn't sing for commercial gain, but out of nostalgia and to convey the feelings about refugee life as experienced by refugees of Afghanistan dispersed throughout the world. They went to his concerts in their thousands, marking Sarkhosh's rise as a singer. It was in Quetta that he mastered the harmonium under the Pakistani composer Arbab Ali Khan. '''Quetta International Airport''' WikiPedia:Quetta Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan Provinces Balochistan Localities Quetta

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. History The province was originally formed over the period 1876-1891 by three treaties between Robert Sandeman (Robert Groves Sandeman) and the Khan of Kalat (State of Kalat). Sandeman became the Political Agent for the British-administered areas which were strategically located between British India and Afghanistan. A military base was established at Quetta which played a major part in the Second (Second Afghan War) and Third Afghan Wars. Kot Adu is a prominent

commercial and industrial City in the Punjab province, it is connected by road a rail with Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Rawalpandi, Islamabad, Quetta, and Faisalabad also by air from Multan Airport to all Pakistan airports. The Baloch rebellion of the 1970s, was the most threatening civil disorder to a United Pakistan since Bangladesh's secession. The Pakistan Armed Forces wanted to establish military garrisons

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and was unhappy with the tone of the camp. They were driven to Quetta, and rather than wait a day for the next plane, took a bus to Karachi so they could leave Pakistan immediately. Taher, Moseb and Galeb all decided to leave together after Sahim Alwan made it clear he wanted to return home and was unhappy with the tone of the camp. They were driven to Quetta, and rather than wait a day for the next plane, took a bus to Karachi so they could leave

Pakistan immediately. Taher, Moseb and Galeb all decided to leave together after Sahim Alwan made it clear he wanted to return home and was unhappy with the tone of the camp. They were driven to Quetta, and rather than wait a day for the next plane, took a bus to Karachi so they could leave Pakistan immediately. rank General (General (United Kingdom)) commands Duke of Wellington's Regiment 2nd Battalion, Duke

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and 10 silver medals at international level. Economic effects The availability of natural resources is limited by the dry climate and mountainous terrain, substantial population growth is increasing pressure on the resource base, and resource management has suffered from the emphasis on rapid economic growth and often-unregulated forms of economic productivity. As a result, human transformation of the environment is manifest in several problems. Population growth and poor water infrastructure

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in four hours on 29 January 2008. WikiPedia:Quetta Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan Provinces Balochistan Localities Quetta

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Such as Fauji Fertilizer Company, Fatima Fertilizer Company, cosmetics, glass manufacturing, cotton production and processing, large textile units, flour mills, sugar and oil mills and large-scale power generation projects. Cotton production in Punjab Province starts from this area. Mango and Citrus are the two main fruits of this city. Cottage industries includes ginning, pottery clay products, agricultural machinery, handicrafts, and embroidery. Agriculture is the Occupation of 65% People

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was not included in the original description; given as "Arni" (India) by Russell (1796:3). Foundation of the Brahmo Samaj In 1861 the Brahmo ''Somaj'' (as it was spelled then) was founded at Lahore by Nobin Roy. page.4 "Pakistan journal of history and culture, Volume 11", by National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research (Pakistan) It included many Bengalis from the Lahore Bar Association. Many

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terrain, crossed deserts and 4,000-metre-high mountain passes, but made good progress and took Kandahar on April 25, 1839. On July 22, in a surprise attack, they captured the until-then impregnable fortress of Ghazni, which overlooks a plain leading eastward into the North West Frontier Province. An Afghan had betrayed his sovereign, and the British troops managed to blow up one city gate and marched into the city in a euphoric mood. In taking this fortress, they suffered 200 men killed and wounded, while the Afghans lost nearly 500 men. 1,600 Afghans were taken prisoner with an unknown number wounded. The fact that Ghazni was well supplied eased the further advance considerably. The story starts with Yama or Jamshid, the father of Garshasp who was overthrown by Zahak and flees to King Ghurang, the king of the country called Zabolistān the region expended from modern Quetta includes province of Zabul, Kandahar, central region Helmand all the way to edge of small Iranian Sistan which still holds the name Zabol, combined as part of Balochistan province. In Zabulistan Jamshid falls in love with the king's daughter and gives birth to Garshasp. Jamshid though was forced to flee again despite king Ghorang's promise to her daughter that King Ghurang will support Jamshid will give him army and money, and face Zehak if he has to, but Jamshid knew that Zehak's Army was much stronger that he did wanted the country of Sistan to be destroyed therefore he went to Ind (India) and from India to Chin (China). Garshasp's mother takes poison and kill herself, Garshasp spends much of his life with his grandfather and grows to be one mighty warrior like Jamshid himself. After Death of Ghurang, he was to become king, although the secret remains until birth of Kariman, he sends his son to help Fereydun the enemy of Zahak. Kariman comes with sorrow and reads Garshasp's letter which states that country of Zabulistan, Kabul is sided with Fereydun and that Fereydun shares same blood from bother side and that Garshasp is the only son of Yama the great, therefore unity between Army of Kabulistan, and Fridon means defeat to Zahak. For the next many generations son of Nariman as well as grandson of Kariman Sam became supporters of Fridon's administarion. '''Spin Boldak''' or '''Spin Buldak''' is a border town in the southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan, right next to the Durand Line border with Pakistan. It is linked by a highway with the city of Kandahar to the north, and with Chaman and Quetta in Pakistan to the south. Spin Boldak has the second major port of entry between Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Chaman border crossing. It is also a major transporting, shipping and receiving site between the two neighboring countries. Early life Jacob was born in 1899 in Quetta, Pakistan (then a part of the British Empire). His father was Field Marshal Sir Claud Jacob (Claud Jacob), in whose footsteps Ian followed by becoming a professional soldier with the Royal Engineers in 1918. In 1924, Jacob married Cecil Treherne, the daughter of another senior army officer, Surgeon Major-General Sir Francis Treherne. The couple had two sons. The Panezai is the biggest clan among Snatia, who live in Bostan, Khanozai, Ziarat Rode Malazai, Gulistan (Gulistan District), Ajram, Kandahar, Harnai and Quetta. Sarghari are the sub-cast of the Kakar tribe, living in Kuchlak the southern region of Killasaifullah District, Pishin (Pishin District), Muslim bagh and Ajram and Toba. The Bostan tribes are living in Zabol, Kandhar Afghanistan and some tribes are in Dehli. The 1st Battalion moved from Rangoon to Secunderabad in 1922, then to Aden in 1925. They finally returned to the UK in 1926, barracked at Maryhill in Glasgow, where they saw duty in the General Strike. Under the Cardwell system, it was common for one battalion to remain at home while the other one served overseas, and accordingly in January 1926 the 2nd Battalion moved to Egypt, then to China in 1928. In 1930 they moved to Quetta, then Lahore in 1934, and finally Hong Kong in January 1938. At the same time, the 1st Battalion was deployed to serve in the Palestine Insurgency, where it would remain for a year, until January 1939. Some sources suggest the 1st Battalion was briefly reorganised as a machine-gun battalion during this period. Pakistan Auto rickshaws are a popular mode of transport in Pakistani towns and is mainly used for traveling short distances within cities. One of the major brands of auto rickshaws is Vespa (an Italian Company). Lahore is hub of CNG Auto rikshaws manufacturers in Pakistan.The government of Pakistan is taking measures to convert all the gasoline run auto-rickshaws to more effective CNG rickshaw by 2015 in all the major cities of Pakistan by issuing easy loans through commercial banks. Environment Canada is implementing pilot projects in Lahore, Karachi and Quetta with engine technology developed in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada that uses compressed natural gas (CNG) instead of gasoline in the two-stroke engines, in an effort to combat environmental pollution. WikiPedia:Quetta Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan Provinces Balochistan Localities Quetta


'''Quetta''' ( making it Pakistan's only high-altitude major city. The population of the city is estimated to be approximately one million.

Located in northern Balochistan near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border (Durand line), Quetta is a trade and communication centre between the three countries. The city lies on the Bolan Pass route which was once the only gateway from Central Asia to South Asia. Quetta played an important role militarily for the Pakistani Armed Forces in the intermittent Afghanistan conflict (War in Afghanistan (1978–present)).

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