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football friendly

was completely demolished and redesigned, a roof over the west stand was added. New Seats replaced bench seating all around the stadium, and the three existing stands were cleaned up. On February 9, 2011 Croatia (Croatia national football team) hosted the Czech Republic (Czech Republic national football team) in an international football friendly for the inaugural match to open the stadium. The match finished with a 4-2 home win. **Dubrovnik - Dubrovnik Airport (KF) seasonal **Pula - Pula Airport (KF) seasonal **Split (Split (city)) - Split Airport (SK) (KF) seasonal At the outbreak of the First World War, Arnauld de la Perière served as an adjutant to admiral Hugo von Pohl in Berlin. Upon the mobilization, he was transferred to an active post where he served in the Marine-Luftschiff-Abteilung (Peter Strasser). In 1915, Arnauld de la Perière transferred to the U-boats. After a course in Pola (Pula), he was given command of the ''U-35'' (Unterseeboot 35 (1914)) in November 1915. He made 14 voyages with the ''U-35'' during which he sank 189 merchant vessels and two gunboats for a total of commons:Pula


" Guthrie, 326–27. One source, the largely fictional ''Passion of Artemius'', probably penned in the eighth century by John of Damascus, makes the legendary connection explicit. ''Art. Pass'' 45; Woods, "Death of the Empress," 71–72. As an interpretation of the executions, the myth rests on only "the slimmest of evidence": sources that allude to the relationship between Crispus and Fausta are late and unreliable, and the modern

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in music. In 1711 he was appointed member of the Council of Forty (in Venice's central government), and in 1730 he went to Pola (Pula) as ''Provveditore'' (district governor). Due to his health having been "impaired by the climate" of Istria, Marcello retired after eight years to Brescia in the capacity of ''Camerlengo'' where he died of tuberculosis in 1739. Modern hospital ships display large Red Crosses or Red_Crescent_(symbol)#Red_Crescent Red Crescents

taking light

an amphibious landing at Al Hoceima by Spanish troops during the summer of 1925 after the Rifs (Riffian people) attacked French Morocco during the Third Rif War. She destroyed coastal defence batteries there despite taking light damage from six hits and remained there until October as the flagship of the French forces. She was refitted again from 16 August 1927 to 15 January 1929 at Toulon and her fire-control systems were comprehensively upgraded. A large cruiser-type fire-control director

attacked French Morocco during the Third Rif War (Rif War (1920)). She destroyed coast defense batteries there despite taking light damage from six hits and remained there until October as the flagship of the French forces. She received the second of her upgrades from 16 August 1927 to 15 January 1929 at Toulon. She resumed her role as flagship of the 2nd Division of the 1st Squadron of the Mediterranean Squadron until 1 October 1931 when she became a training ship. ref name w68 >

good defending

(Roman Empire) Venetia et Histria province. The territory of Gračišće remained confined between coastal colonies but not belonging to them. After a while it become imperial property and in 3rd century it came under control of the revenue officials situated in Pola (today Pula). Strategic position of Gračišće grew more important during and after 3rd and 4th century when hills around Gračišće become good defending positions. After 476 AD West Roman Empire fell but after 30 years Justinian I

large bronze

stone, or earth tumuli (natively called ''gromile'') that in Herzegovina were reaching monumental sizes, more than 50 meters wide and 5 meters high. The ''Japodian tribe'' (found from Istria in Croatia to Bihać in Bosnia (Bosnia (region))) have had an affinity for decoration with heavy, oversized necklaces out of yellow, blue or white glass paste, and large bronze fibulas, as well as spiral bracelets, diadems and helmets out of bronze. Small sculptures out of jade in form of archaic Ionian plastic are also characteristically Japodian. Numerous monumental sculptures are preserved, as well as walls of citadel ''Nezakcij'' near Pula, one of numerous Istrian cities from Iron Age. Illyrian chiefs wore bronze torques around their necks much like the Celts did. commons:Pula

political sponsorship

deklaracija , commons:Pula

numerous films

astern. By this time she was overdue and the Italians began to search for her. She was towed back to Venice by an Italian destroyer that found her about mid-morning. Wilson, pp. 78–79 Throughout his career, Pekić worked on numerous films, writing more than twenty original screenplays and adapting some of his novels to the screen. ''The Time of Miracles'' was selected to represent Yugoslavia at the Cannes Film Festival in 1991, where it won an award, and later at film

extremely rich

''' - The beautiful Brijuni islands (also referred to as Brioni) stretch alongside the south-west coast of the Istrian peninsula. The national park offers too many attractions for all of them to be described here (dinosaur footprints, archaeological finds and sites, a little zoo, extremely rich flora and fauna, beautiful beaches, a former resort for European royals) so visit their website for more information '''Rovinj''', Rovigno * '''Poreč''', Parenzo * '''Grožnjan''', Grisignana * '''Motovun''', Montona commons:Pula

time performing

;Barbun", and on Autumn, with KUD Idijoti, Goblini and Sikter, the band performed in Sarajevo at the ruined hall of the city train station. They also had successful appearances on several times in Rijeka, Pula and Zagreb. ; commons:Pula


'''Pula''' ( , Ancient Greek: Πόλαι, ''Polae'') is the largest city in Istria County, Croatia, situated at the southern tip of the Istria peninsula, with a population of 57,460 (2011). Like the rest of the region, it is known for its mild climate, smooth sea, and unspoiled nature. The city has a long tradition of winemaking, fishing, shipbuilding, and tourism. Pula has also been Istria's administrative centre since ancient Roman (ancient Rome) times.

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