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Sanes ) inside the range, the people of Puerto Rico began a movement to close it. Environmental and health issues fueled the opposition of the people against keeping the range open. A nearby civilian area allegedly was adversely affected by the military operations. The opposition was mainly peaceful, relying on civil disobedience and massive protests. Nevertheless, some violent incidents did occur. A controversy arose because independentist and nationalist movements used the process to promote


degrees while at the same time hosting secondary and primary school students (and sometimes kindergarten and pre-school). Teachers-to-be do intense practical training in the schools annexed to the higher education section. * Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida) (Jamaicans, Bahamas and Barbados). * Downey, California; La Puente, California and Pico Rivera, California - largest Cuban and Puerto Rican (Puerto Rico) communities in California. * East Pasadena, California (Cuban). Delegates from all fifty U.S. states and from American dependencies and territories such as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands attend the convention and cast their votes to choose the Party's presidential candidate. Like the Republican National Convention, the Democratic National Convention marks the formal end of the primary election period and the start of the general election season. locations area_served United States Puerto Rico U.S. Virgin Islands key_people Ralph de la Vega, President and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) - AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets Peter A. Ritcher, CFO (Chief Financial Officer) The Claro (Claro (mobile phone network)) brand ("claro" being Spanish for "Sure or Clear") was launched in Puerto Rico on May 18, 2007 as rebranding the Verizon Wireless trademark, after Verizon International sold its stake in Puerto Rico Telephone Co. (PRTC). Claro is the wireless arm of PRTC, which serves wireline telephone and data services in the island. The brand was introduced to the wireless segment after March 30, 2007 acquisition of the telecom by América Móvil. *Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) — Cuenca (Cuenca, Ecuador) (Ecuador) *San Juan (San Juan (PR)) (Puerto Rico)— Karratha (Australia) *Limerick (Ireland) — Campbell Islands (New Zealand) '''Haitian Creole language''' ('''''Kreyòl ayisyen'''''; Commons:Category:Puerto Rico WikiPedia:Puerto Rico Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Puerto Rico


Didn't Know About Reggaeton" It blends West-Indian (British West Indies) reggae and dancehall with Latin American genres such as bomba, plena, salsa (salsa music), merengue (merengue music), Latin pop, cumbia and bachata (bachata (music)), as well as hip hop (hip hop music), contemporary R&B and electronica. Modern reggaeton beats follow the structure of the Dem Bow Riddim, a beat created by Jamaican producers Steely & Clevie

, with the help of artists such as Antony Santos, Luis Segura, Luis Vargas (Luis Vargas (musician)), Teodoro Reyes, Yoskar Sarante, Alex Bueno, and Aventura (Aventura (band)). Bachata, Merengue and Salsa are now equally popular among Spanish speaking Caribbean people. When Spanish Crusaders sailed over the Atlantic they brought with them a new type of music called Hesparo, which contributed to the development of Dominican music. Out of all of Puerto Rico's musical

exports, it is known for its version of salsa music as well as reggaeton. Bomba and plena have been popular in Puerto Rico for a long time, while reggaetón is a relatively recent invention. Reggaeton is a form of urban contemporary music, which often combine other Latin musical styles and Caribbean and West Indies music together such as reggae and soca and Spanish reggae, most commonly salsa music and merengue music and bachata (bachata (music)). Now in current times in Puerto Rico


distributor for 'Nicholas Power' movie projectors throughout the Caribbean islands. The 'Nicholas Power' company was located in New York. With the help of his business partners Mr. Jose Rahola and Mr. Fundador Vargas, he imported movies from the Pathé Company in Europe, showing them in town centers (plazas) under the stars and at the old Mayaguez Municipal Theater ('Teatro Municipal'). The latter no longer exists, as it was destroyed in the 1918 earthquake that hit the city and was never rebuilt

popular phrase

growth. However, despite an aggressive push into the Southern and Western markets in the 1990s, those gains were greatly reduced as many locations closed. Franchises are also located in Puerto Rico, Honduras, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan. Biography Many Puerto Ricans would use the popular phrase "he was born with an actor's pedigree" in Monclova's case, because both of his parents were acting legends in Puerto Rico. His


–1968) was a noted Puerto Rican (Puerto Rico) composer and music teacher. Early years Business life After his years in charge of the family business, Levine purchased a bedspread factory in Wingate, North Carolina, and attended Wingate College, now Wingate University. After learning that his product didn't sell very well he found a market in Puerto Rico and successfully sold his factory's product. In 1959 he visited a store in Kentucky that sold nothing for over a dollar

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Heidenreich after defeating Brutus Beefcake during the Hulkmania Tour in 2009. After the WWE, Heidenreich moved on to World Wrestling Council, where he defeated Abbad on October 28, 2006 to win the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship, the top title in the Puerto Rico based promotion. Two months later he lost the title to Carlito (Carly Colón) at the Lockout event. However, he was given the title back when Carlito was stripped of the title due to Carlito's contractual compromises with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He lost the title a second time to Eddie Colón, Carlito's brother, on January 6, 2007. In response to Irons' death, a World Championship Tour event in Puerto Rico was postponed for two days with competitors holding a "paddle out" memorial service for Irons. ABC Sport – Irons mourned as surfing event postponed Irons had withdrawn from the event citing ill health and was flying back to his home in Hawaii before dying during a stopover in Grapevine, Texas, near Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (Dfw_airport). He had reportedly stopped in Miami after leaving Puerto Rico and early reports said he was put on a saline drip. He was reported to have been vomiting on the Hawaii bound plane before being removed prior to take-off. Commons:Category:Puerto Rico WikiPedia:Puerto Rico Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Puerto Rico

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Tony Morales created, called ''The Kids From Ponce''. The group played at several hotels and television networks, and achieved local success, appearing on various TV shows. However, the group disbanded and they became soloists. Nazario, then 17, was offered her own prime-time TV variety show: ''El Show de Ednita'', broadcast by Telemundo Puerto Rico, and produced by Paquito Cordero. During this time she also won the "Miss Puerto Rico Teenage Beauty contest

pageant ". Teen success After some presentations, Nazario started alongside singer and photographer ''José Manuel'', and Frankie Sabath, in a band which Tony Morales created, called ''The Kids From Ponce''. The group played at several hotels and television networks, and achieved local success, appearing on various TV shows. However, the group disbanded and they became soloists. Nazario, then 17, was offered her own prime-time TV variety show: ''El Show de Ednita

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single, "The Color of Love". In an attempt to recapture the massive success the group had enjoyed a decade earlier, the album received a significant promotional budget. Arista commissioned a high-budget music video, shot in four different locales by four different directors: supervising director Little X filmed scenes featuring Michael McCary in India, Hype Williams filmed Shawn Stockman in Tokyo, Benny Boom filmed Nathan Morris in Ghana, and Chris Robinson


''' was a Puerto Rican (Puerto Rico) television show directed (Television director) by Tony Mojena. It aired (Broadcasting) Sundays from 6 pm to 9 pm on Telemundo Puerto Rico (WKAQ-TV). The program included comedies (comedy), charity campaigns, gossip, news, reality shows, contest (competition)s, and special guests (e.g. singers, celebrities, etc.). Each section had its own host. The main show was hosted (Master of Ceremonies) by Luis Raúl, and Gricel Mamery. She

Puerto Rico

'''Puerto Rico''' ( , literally the ''Free Associated State of Puerto Rico''), is a United States territory (Territories of the United States) located in the northeastern Caribbean (Caribbean Sea), east of the Dominican Republic, and west of both the United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

Puerto Rico is an archipelago that includes the main island of Puerto Rico and a number of smaller islands, the largest of which are Vieques (Vieques, Puerto Rico), Culebra (Culebra, Puerto Rico), and Mona (Mona, Puerto Rico). The main island of Puerto Rico is, by land area, the smallest of the Greater Antilles. With around 3.5 million people, it ranks third in population among that group of four islands, which include Cuba, Hispaniola and Jamaica. The capital and largest city is San Juan (San Juan, Puerto Rico). Due to its location, Puerto Rico has a tropical climate with warm weather year-round and does not observe daylight saving time. Its official languages are Spanish, which is prevalent, and English.

Originally populated for centuries by aboriginal (Indigenous peoples of the Americas) people known as Taíno (Taíno people), the island was claimed by Christopher Columbus for Spain during his second voyage to the Americas on November 19, 1493. Like Cuba, Puerto Rico remained a Spanish colony until 1898. Despite the Laws of Burgos of 1512 and other decrees for the protection of Indians, some Taíno peoples were forced into slavery (Slavery in the Spanish New World colonies) in the early years of colonization. The population suffered extremely high fatalities from epidemics of European infectious diseases.

During the four centuries of Spanish rule, the island's culture and physical landscape were transformed. European knowledge, customs and traditions were introduced, namely Christianity, the Spanish language, and advances of European civilization such as agriculture, construction in stone, and new technologies such as the clock and the printing press. Numerous public buildings, forts, churches and public infrastructure built during Spanish rule are still standing to this day, including ports, roads and lighthouses. Regular convoys of the West Indies Fleet (Spanish treasure fleet) linked the island to Spain, sailing from Cádiz to the Spanish West Indies every year. Since the beginning of Puerto Rico's colonization by Spain in 1508, its inhabitants were Spanish citizens, and it remained Spanish territory despite invasion attempts by the French, Dutch, and the British.

On November 25, 1897, Spain granted limited self-government to the island by royal decree (Decree) in the Autonomic Charter, including a bicameral legislature (Bicameralism). Retrieved: January 08, 2015. Carta Autonómica de Puerto Rico, 1897. But in 1898, Spain ceded its control of the island to United States following the Spanish–American War , under the terms of the Treaty of Paris (Treaty of Paris (1898)).

Today, people born in Puerto Rico are natural-born U.S. citizens (Birthright citizenship in the United States). 8 U.S. Code § 1402 - Persons born in Puerto Rico on or after April 11, 1899 (1941) Retrieved: January 14, 2015. The territory operates under a local constitution (Constitution of Puerto Rico), and Puerto Ricans elect their own governor (Governor of Puerto Rico). However, Puerto Rico lacks voting members in Congress (U.S. Congress) and is subject to the plenary jurisdiction of the United States under the Puerto Rico Federal Relations Act of 1950. As of 2015, Puerto Rico remains a U.S. territory, although a 2012 referendum (Puerto Rican status referendum, 2012) showed a majority (54% of the electorate) in favor of a change in status, with full statehood the preferred option.

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