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the navigation channel (Channel (geography)). The lift span is one of the highest and longest in the world. The bridge consists of five sections, with the two sections closest to the bank on each side fixed. '''Marie Watt''' (born 1967) is a contemporary artist living and working in Portland, Oregon. Part Seneca (Seneca (tribe)), Watt has created work centered on contemporary Native American (Native Americans in the United States) themes. '''Vecepia

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: www.portlandfooty.com Official Site - '''The Art Institute of Portland''' (AiPD) is a college in Portland (Portland, Oregon), Oregon, United States that grants bachelor and associate degrees in advertising, apparel accessory design, apparel design, design management, design studies, digital film and video, game art and design, graphic design, industrial design, interactive media design, interior design, media arts and animation, photography and design, visual and game programming, and visual effects

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in 1888 when local brewer Henry Weinhard volunteered to pump beer from his brewery into the newly dedicated Skidmore Fountain. Portland's modern abundance of microbreweries dates to the 1980s when state law was changed to allow consumption of beer on brewery premises. Brewery innovation was supported by the abundance of local ingredients, including two-row barley, over a dozen varieties of hops (List of hop varieties), and pure water from the Bull Run Watershed. Portland is home

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; The Portland Rose Festival takes place annually in June and includes two parades, dragon boat races, carnival rides at Tom McCall Waterfront park, and dozens of other events. thumb left size 190px Chorus line (File:Oaks Park Chorus Line.jpg) performing at the Oaks Park (Oaks Amusement Park) pavilion, c. 1920 Washington Park (Washington Park (Portland, Oregon)), in the West Hills, is home to some of Portland's most popular recreational sites, including the Oregon Zoo

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. Forest Service accessdate 2007-09-06 Forest headquarters are located in Sandy, Oregon. A 1993 Forest Service study estimated that the extent of old growth in the Forest was .

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year he married Mabel Allred, who he remained with until his death. They had two children and a fondness for cats. Garrett resides in the Portland, Oregon area and continues to perform throughout the United States. He is currently involved in the Ray Charles Tribute, which is a group of Northwest (Northwestern United States) based musicians along with a 1950s style rock and roll and 1960s style R&B (Rhythm and blues) group called the Boomerband. alias

Portland, Oregon

'''Portland''' is the largest city in the U.S. state of Oregon, near the confluence of the Willamette (Willamette River) and Columbia (Columbia River) rivers. According to the 2010 Census (2010 United States Census), it had a population of 583,776, estimated to have reached 609,456 in 2013, making it the 29th most populous (List of United States cities by population) city in the United States and the third most populous city in the Pacific Northwest region (after Seattle, Washington (Washington (state)); and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada). Approximately 2,314,554 people live in the Portland metropolitan area (MSA (United States metropolitan area)), the 19th most populous (List of metropolitan areas of the United States) MSA in the United States.

Portland was incorporated in 1851 and is the county seat of Multnomah County (Multnomah County, Oregon).

Located in the Marine west coast climate region, Portland has a climate marked by both warm, dry summers and wet, cool-to-chilly winter days. This climate is ideal for growing roses. For more than a century, Portland has been known as the "City of Roses",

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