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December 31, 1840) was a Senator (United States Senate) from Massachusetts; born in Sterling, Massachusetts to Rev. John

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Bucksport are two of the more popular midcoast venues. Geno's Rock Club, The Big Easy, The Asylum, The Freeport Square Gallery and L.L. Bean's Discovery Park and in Freeport (Freeport, Maine), and The Station in Portland (Portland, Maine) are other popular venues. Portland is home to independent record label Death Grip Records, while Lisbon Falls (Lisbon Falls, Maine) is home to liveMainejams.com, an online web 2.0 resource for local musicians and their fans. 1972 and 1973 were good

years for EPA. The number of passengers carried grew dramatically every year from 1969 until 1973. The company expanded, starting jet services into Saint John (Saint John, New Brunswick) and Fredericton (New Brunswick) and Stephenville (Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador), (Newfoundland). New employees were hired and EPA was successful in obtaining a Foreign Air Carrier Permit for the United States. EPA had interest in Sydney (Sydney, Nova Scotia) to Boston and Halifax

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of its schedule. Local buses and taxis There are two public bus systems in Portland. The Portland Explorer is a service that connects various transportation centers within the city and the METRO provides public bus transit throughout Portland and the surrounding area. South Portland (South Portland, Maine)'s municipal bus service connects with Portland's METRO service

. Numerous private taxi cab companies operate in and around Portland. Honors thumb right Downtown Portland (File:DowntownPortlandMe1.jpg) * Ranked No. 9 ''Travel and Leisure'' magazine's "America's Best Cities for Hipsters" (2013). * Ranked as ''Forbes'' magazine's "Top City for Empty Nesters" (2012). "Top City for Empty Nesters


. Legacy ''Long Division'' remains a favorite among the Rustic Overtones' fan base, despite not being widely available for nearly a decade . Several songs from the album were put into WCYY's regular rotation, including "Simple Song", which topped the station's listener vote-based "top 5 at five" for months. ''Long Division'' is often seen as the band's "breakthrough" album that made them a big name in the Portland, Maine, local music

scene, largely thanks to the large amount of airtime that "Simple Song" received. Prior to the breakup, many songs from the album were commonly found in their setlists. After the band reunited in 2007, songs from the album were less commonly played as the touring focused more around material from ''Rooms by the Hour'', ''Viva Nueva!'' and ''Light at the End'', although songs such as "About a Kid", "Simple Song", "Long Division" and "Pop

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Mastering Studios in Portland, Maine. The June 2006 issue of ''Guitar World'' (released April 11, 2006) featured an interview with guitarist Adam Jones (Adam Jones (musician)) discussing the new album. Jones explained that recording techniques for the album involved the use of a "pipe bomb microphone" (a guitar pickup mounted inside a brass cylinder), and a talk box guitar solo on the song "Jambi". The "pipe bomb microphone" and other studio related


MIDRED GILLARS, 87, OF NAZI RADIO, AXIS SALLY TO AN ALLIED AUDIENCE, New York Times, July 02, 1988 Modern biographical accounts speculate she was sexually abused (Sexual abuse) by her step-father.arts stories 2011 01 30 sallys-axis-of-evil-ended-at-convent-in-columbus.html?sid 101 "Sally's axis of evil ended at convent in Columbus", Joe Blundo. Columbus Dispatch. January 30, 2011. Accessed February 17, 2011 ref

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and 1676, commonly called Philip ...'', pp.175-176 The fall of Fort Loyal (Casco) led to the near depopulation of Maine. Native forces were then able to attack New Hampshire frontier without reprisal. Conquering the American wilderness: the triumph of European warfare in ... By Guy Chet; p. 82 '''Events''' * National Association (NABBP) membership triples and geographic scope explodes, from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas to Portland, Maine. The association

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and pursued, but did not complete, her Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) Starting as a journalist, her first published work of fiction is thought to be "The Customs Lounge", a science fiction story published in the September 1963 issue of If (If (magazine)), under the byline "E.A. Proulx". ref

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. Syndicated (television syndication) programming on WPXT includes ''How I Met Your Mother'', ''Friends'', ''Scrubs (Scrubs (TV series))'' and ''Divorce Court'' among others. Throughout its history, the station has also produced and aired several local programs. Biography He was born in Alabama on October 11, 1849, the son and grandson of Army officers, and he graduated third in the United States Military Academy class of 1873. Commissioned in the United States Army

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in Bangor (Bangor, Maine) direction_b North Career A 1993 graduate of Colby College in Waterville, Maine, Harris began his career as an anchor for WCSH in Portland, Maine. He anchored ''World News Sunday (World News with Diane Sawyer)'' 2006-2011 and frequently anchors ''World News (World News Now)'', ''World News with Diane Sawyer's'' webcast. He is also a frequent contributor to ''World News (World News with Diane Sawyer)''. He also anchored ABC's coverage of Hurricane Katrina in September 2005. In October 2010, he was named the new co-anchor for the weekend edition of ''Good Morning America'', succeeding Bill Weir. 1963–1965 In July 1963, ''York County'' revisited the Caribbean and transported the highly publicized Puerto Rican National Guard from Ponce, Puerto Rico, to Isla de Vieques. While in the West Indies, she also patrolled off Haiti, ready to evacuate American civilians if the civil disorders in that island required such action. Fortunately, tension eased, and ''York County'' returned to Little Creek on 4 October. A visit to Portland, Maine, from 9 to 11 November, preceded a short trip to Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico, to transport the men and equipment of Military Construction Battalion 7. ''York County'' returned on 25 November and finished the year undergoing tender availability and upkeep. Evans then practiced law in Portland, Maine and continued to be involved in politics. He served as chairman of a commission to ascertain claims against Mexico from 1849 to 1850, and served as attorney general of Maine during the 1850s. He died in Portland, Maine and is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery in Gardiner, Maine. thumb right 250px Becky's Diner (Image:Becky's Diner, Portland ME.jpg) '''Becky's Diner''' is an historic, popular diner on Commercial Street in Portland, Maine. It is located on Portland's historic waterfront (Portland Waterfront). '''Theophilus Bradbury''' (November 13, 1739; Newbury (Newbury, Massachusetts), Massachusetts – September 6, 1803; Newburyport (Newburyport, Massachusetts), Massachusetts) was a U.S. Representative from Massachusetts. He graduated from Harvard College in 1757; taught school and studied law in Portland, Maine; was admitted to the bar and commenced practice in Portland in 1761; moved to Newburyport, Mass., in 1764 and continued the practice of law; member of the State senate 1791-1794; elected as a Federalist to the Fourth and Fifth Congresses and served from March 4, 1795, until July 24, 1797, when he resigned; appointed justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in 1797. Bradbury was a member of the electoral college in 1800. Early history The New England League played its first game in 1886 (1886 in baseball), with clubs in Massachusetts and Maine. Its first champion was the Portland (Portland, Maine) club. The league was inactive in 1889-90, then resumed play from 1891 to 1915 (with the exception of 1900) under the presidency of Tim Murnane, the ''Boston Globe'' sportswriter. When the minor leagues were assigned classifications in 1902, the NEL was graded Class B, at that time two levels below major league status, equivalent to Class AA today. * You talk about an island in the Darwinian sense. Here's a major American city stuck at the end of a series of river valleys, cut off from the rest of country. It is a Eastern European immigrant city — working class, blue collar — that has reinvented itself over the last 10-20 years with this craftsman approach to life that reminds me of cities like Austin (w:Austin), Portland, Oregon (w:Portland, Oregon) and Portland, Maine (w:Portland, Maine). I hate to be one of those people who's like 'Pittsburgh is the next big thing,' but I get around more than most people and I'm telling you, Pittsburgh is like the next big thing. The geography lends itself, it's incredibly lush farmland, and inexpensive city with incredible history. They're renovating 100 year old railroad terminals into city markets. They had chefs who left the city because there was no scene and went to LA (w:Los Angeles), they have the talent to be anywhere in America, and they have come back and can afford to open their own places and do what they want. It's very, very exciting. As a student of these things, there's just enough Fortune 500 (w:Fortune 500), sports teams, to feed that group. The art community and food community are kind of leading but there's money following them … why not get a beautiful house on the river? I saw places that are just breathtaking. It's also got the Appalachians (w:Appalachians) running through, so it's got stunning geography. The food scene is cool. Lots of good stuff going on. There are these old bars in these old 'hoods … It's like today's special is goulash (w:goulash), tomorrow's is stuffed cabbage (w:stuffed cabbage), huge portions. There's like three grandmas and a grandpa making this from scratch, the best stuffed cabbage I've ever had and I grew up on that. ** Andrew Zimmern (w:Andrew Zimmern) June, 2013 the cause of Hedberg's death is yet unconfirmed, Hedberg's performance at a show in w:Portland, Maine Portland, Maine in October 2004 suggested he might have a problem with drug use. According to Steve Kolowich of the ''Bowdoin (w:Bowdoin College) Orient (w:Bowdoin Orient)'', "Hedberg, who was clearly intoxicated, was falling down all over the stage that night. At one point, he lay down behind the back curtain and told jokes for approximately ten minutes before rolling back into sight. He also asked the audience where the best bar in town was, and invited them to join him there after the show."

Portland, Maine

'''Portland''' is the largest city in the state (U.S. state) of Maine and the county seat of Cumberland County (Cumberland County, Maine). In 2013, the city proper had a population of 66,318, growing 3 percent since the census of 2000, while the urban area had a population of 203,914. The Greater Portland metropolitan area (Portland, Maine metropolitan area) is home to over half a million people, more than one-third of Maine's total population.

Tourists visit Portland's historic Old Port district along Portland Harbor, at the mouth of the Fore River (Fore River (Maine)) and part of Casco Bay, and the Arts District (Arts District, Portland, Maine), which runs along Congress Street (Congress Street (Portland, Maine)) in the center of the city. Portland Head Light is located in nearby Cape Elizabeth (Cape Elizabeth, Maine) and marks the entrance to Portland Harbor.

The city seal depicts a phoenix (Phoenix (mythology)) rising from ashes, which aligns with the city's motto, ''Resurgam'', Latin for "I will rise again." The motto refers to Portland's recoveries from four devastating fires.

Portland Public Schools (Portland Public Schools (Maine)) is the largest school system in Maine, serving more than 7,000 students. http: www2.portlandschools.org sites default files Fast%20Facts%20Spring%202013.pdf With about 230 restaurants, Portland is believed to have the most restaurants per capita of any city in the United States.

thumb 250px Aerial view of Portland (File:Porltland, Maine, USA, aerial view.jpg) 250px right thumb Deering Oaks Park with fountain and castle pavilion is located at the point where Interstate 295 (Maine) Interstate 295 (File:Deering Oaks Park and fountain, Portland, ME IMG 1838.JPG) meets State Street, Park Avenue, and Deering Avenue.

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