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concert park holding an audience more than 30,000. The arena has hosted also many other events like Sonisphere Festival in 2009 and 2010. SuomiAreena in an international public debate forum held simultaneously with Pori Jazz. What is SuomiAreena? SuomiAreena Official Homepage. Retrieved November 14, 2013. Theatre and music thumb Pori Theatre (File:Theatre of Pori.jpg) Pori is considered to be the birthplace of Finnish

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underground music culture of the city of Pori, Finland. Deep Turtle's music fused the energy of hardcore punk, the harmonies of jazz, latin rhythms, and the experimentalism of progressive rock into a style, which was sometimes dubbed jazzcore (punk jazz) by listeners and reviewers. Signature elements of the band's music were an abundance of uncommon time signatures; frantic and abrupt mood changes between soft jazz tones and blistering punk (Punk rock) assault; nimble

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; Still, one of the most famous rivalries in Finland is between the cities of Pori and Rauma (Rauma, Finland) in the Satakunta Region (Western Province). One of the things that make the difference is the language, which is very different although they're only 50 km apart. Rauma has its own dialect while Pori has a very different kind of lingo. Especially in ice hockey there is a huge rivalry: Pori has two-times champion Ässät and Rauma, one-time champion Lukko. Local


, Pori and Salo (Salo, Finland). The university is a member of the Coimbra Group. birth_date '''Henry Saari''' (born 14 January 1964, in Pori, Finland), also known as '''Henry the Great''' (''Henry Suuri'') is a Finnish (Finland) actor, director and porn star (Pornographic film actor). In 1993, Saari won the title of Mr. Finland and placed 3rd in the Mr. Europe

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, the Junnelius place which is currently used as the City Hall. The National Urban Park also contains one of the most beautiful bridges in Finland architecturally, the Pori bridge; the Old Courthouse; the unique collection of stone buildings, "stone Pori"; the Juselius mausoleum, and Kirjurinluoto island, made famous by the Pori Jazz Festival. Buy *

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below a croup measurement of '''Circle''' is an experimental rock band, founded in Pori, Finland in 1991. Band Biography

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The Western Finland State Provincial Office (State Provincial Offices of Finland) was a joint regional administrative authority of seven ministries. The State Provincial Office served at five localities; the main office was in Turku, regional service offices were located in Jyväskylä, Tampere and Vaasa, and finally there was an office in Pori. The State Provincial Office was led by Governor (Provincial Governors of Finland) Rauno Saari. Approximately 350 persons worked at the State Provincial Office. The agency was divided into eight departments. In 1651


; Pori is a home for several amateur and youth theatres and the Kirjurinluoto Summer Theatre that presents open-air productions in summertime. Pori Symphony Orchestra was established 1938 and it is today known as Pori Sinfonietta. The orchestra performs in 1999 built Promenadikeskus music hall. The first city orchestra was founded in 1877. In its early years the orchestra was mostly performing light orchestral music (Light music) and its musicians were German. The very first symphony

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Kino alt url http: www.barkino.fi email address Itäpuisto 10 lat 61.4853 long 21.7942 directions phone tollfree fax hours price content Live music on Thursdays. Most popular live venue in Pori. On weekends regular, quite popular club with mainstream dance music. * Commons:Pori

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derbies tend to be very hectic. Inhabitants also like to make very humiliating jokes about each other. Although it would be very wise to create more co-operation between the cities, it is likely an impossible task. Still, one step forward was taken when the ports of both cities started planning more co-operation with each other. His other projects include being a composer, music director as well as guitarist for the jazz ballet "Still Point" for Estonian National Opera House


'''Pori''' ( ). Pori is the capital of the Satakunta (Satakunta (region)) region (regions of Finland).

The municipality has a population of largest city in Finland, and the 7th largest urban area.

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