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;BigGayAlCommentary" Stone said the scenes were meant to parody the commentators, not the subjects of the jokes. However, they were only allowed to stay in after what Stone called "a big fight" with Comedy Central. After the episode was scheduled to air, ''TV Guide'' refused to advertise it under its true title for fear of offended readers, and instead called the episode "Big Al's Boat Ride". '''Sir Andrzej Panufnik''' (September 24, 1914 WikiPedia:Poland Commons:Category:Poland Dmoz:Regional Europe Poland


this essential aspect of human nature are fundamentally flawed and inherently unable to satisfy the deepest human longings for the fullest expression of human life. This lays a philosophical underpinning to the pope's own remarkably successful actions confronting Communism in the political field. Early career Ayabe graduated from the 27th class of the Army Cavalry School in October 1917. List of graduates of the Japanese Imperial Military Academies On receiving his

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and its stance on international affairs. It shows Polish society, its daily life as well as scientific and cultural achievements. Early life Andrei Sawoniuk was born in Domaczewo, Poland (now Damachava, Belarus), a spa town on the Bug River. At that time 90% of the town's population was Jewish, with the remainder being Poles, Ukrainians, Belorussians and German Volksdeutsche. Sawoniuk, nicknamed "Andrusha" (a Russian language Russian

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on Amtrak trains, all exterior train shots in the 1976 film '''Silver Streak (Silver Streak (1976 film))''' were filmed on the Canadian Pacific Railway in Alberta? * Thirteen U.S. coal miners are trapped after an underground explosion in Upshur County (Upshur County, West Virginia), West Virginia. (ABC) * Russia-Ukraine gas dispute: Countries across Europe report reductions

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Tanner Her work as a diplomat took her many places including the Tatra Mountains and the bottom of a Silesian coal mine.

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with the United States. U.S., Russia no closer on missile defense, USATODAY.com Previously, a controversial initiative existed for placing GMD missile defense installations in Central Europe, namely in Poland and Czech Republic. As a result of strong Russian (Russian Federation) opposition, the plan has been abandoned in favor of Aegis-class missile defense based in the Black Sea and eventually in Romania. From 1976 he became involved in the Intercosmos and made his third and final spaceflight on an Intercosmos flight with Polish (Poland) cosmonaut Mirosław Hermaszewski (Miroslaw Hermaszewski) on Soyuz 30. http: www.windows.ucar.edu tour link people astronauts klimuk.html&nl 7l UCAR http: www.spacefacts.de bios cosmonauts english klimuk_pyotr.htm Spacefacts '''Henry Morgentaler''', WikiPedia:Poland Commons:Category:Poland Dmoz:Regional Europe Poland

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France, Poland and Russia. The treatment of the different ethics was quit unequal. While the Russians remained in Prisoner-of-war camps, the Polish and French were accommodated with the villagers. However, even this accommodation was mostly rather inadequate cause the villagers feared denunciation and announcement by other inhabitants loyal to government in case of a friendly treatment of the prisoners. *Growth in global economic output helped modernize many less developed economies. Economic modernization, which includes structural changes like increased rates of urbanization, education, and a rising middle class, unleashes a constellation of social forces with the organizational capacity and education to press for democratic governance. *Changes in the Catholic Church brought about by Vatican II (Second Vatican Council) emphasized individual rights and opposition to authoritarian rule. This shift in world view was especially important for the Catholic countries of the Mediterranean and Latin America, as well as the Philippines, Poland and Hungary. *Regional Contingency Factor (Snowball effect. ''For Soviet equivalent see Domino Theory''), also known as demonstration effects, happens when success of democracy in one country causes other countries to democratize. International structural factors during the 1970s were cited by Huntington as the causal sources for initiating the Third-Wave. Prospects for European Union membership provided the necessary pressure for creating the critical domestic masses for the push toward democracy in Portugal, Spain, and Greece, since the establishment of democratic institutions was necessary to secure the economic benefits for Community membership. As other authors have pointed out, E.U. membership has also functioned to inspire democratic changes in a number of former Soviet satelites, including Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Kopstein, Jeffrey and David Reilly A. ''Geographic Diffusion and the Transformation of the Postcommunist World.'' World Politics, 53(2), pp.137 In addition to the reform pressures from international actors and powerful states as a culprit to the sustenance of the third-wave, which transpired from the 1970s through to the 1990s, Huntington cites that the “demonstration effect” is an important factor for explaining the breadth of the third wave. For example, once it was clear that the reformist Solidarity (Solidarity (Polish trade union)) in Poland would come to power, reformists in other eastern European countries gained energy to push for change. As the wave swept through Eastern Europe, African leaders began to see ’the winds of change’ and subsequently redrafted their constitutions to allow for multiparty elections, fearing that any resistance to reforms would lead to an emboldened opposition. '''Lt. Col. Helena Wolińska-Brus''' (1919 – 26 November 2008) born ''' Fajga Mindla Danielak''', was a military prosecutor in Poland with the rank of lieutenant-colonel (podpułkownik), involved in Stalinist (Stalinism) regime show trials of the 1950s. She has been implicated in the arrest and execution of many Polish anti-Nazi resistance fighters including key figures in Poland's Home Army. From WikiPedia:Poland Commons:Category:Poland Dmoz:Regional Europe Poland

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painters#Article Requests ''' here ''' . WikiPedia:Poland Commons:Category:Poland Dmoz:Regional Europe Poland

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Union Soviet ballistic missile, and this name was regarded too provocative by the government). Besides a band had very controversial lyrics and being constantly attacked by state censorship they made a choice to change a name without change anything else. To become less recognizable by regime they often changed name at posters, sometimes written as "De-zerter", sometimes as "The Zerter" - it was cheap and efficient trick to cheat an opponent. Competitions Illarionov

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for the publication of ''A Covert Agenda: The British Government’s UFO Top Secrets Exposed'' (1997), ''The FBI Files: The FBI’s UFO Top Secrets Exposed'' (1998) and ''Cosmic Crashes: The Incredible Story of the UFOs That Fell to Earth'' (2000). These books were published in the UK, Canada, Russia, Poland, Australia, New Zealand and Portugal. '''PCC Rail Sea''' is a Polish (Poland) rail company operating as a dependent company PCC Rail. PCC Rail Sea is responsible for servicing rolling stock (shunting and forming trains, weighting wagons, expedition). The company cooperates with PKP PLK and PKP Cargo. '''LOTOS Kolej''' is a Polish (Poland) rail company operating as a part of Grupa LOTOS JSC. Lotos Kolej is responsible for transporting Lotos Group products and delivering petrol for Rafineria Gdańska. '''Orlen KolTrans''' is a Polish (Poland) rail company operating as a part of PKN Orlen. Orlen KolTrans is responsible for transporting PKN Orlen products and delivering crude oil to refineries. See also Life The trained architect was from 1924 a Party speaker, an SA (Sturmabteilung) leader, and leader of an NSDAP local (''Ortsgruppenleiter''). During the Night of the Long Knives he only narrowly missed being arrested and murdered. He served in the Poland and France campaigns. Only from August 1941 did Giesler once again take up important Party functions, at Martin Bormann's instigation, first becoming NSDAP Gauleiter of Westphalia-South in 1941, and then as of April 1942 Adolf Wagner's successor as acting Gauleiter of Munich-Upper Bavaria. After Ludwig Siebert (Ludwig Siebert (politician))'s death on 1 November 1942, he was also appointed acting ''Ministerpräsident'' of Bavaria. As the war continued, he took up more and more ministerial posts, especially after Wagner's death. thumb Fritz Bracht (on right, in lighter colored uniform), in 1941, in Katowice, Poland, planning a village, presumably for Germans to take the place of Polish population of the area. (Image:Bundesarchiv R 49 Bild-1731, Kattowitz, Fritz Bracht vor Dorfmodell.jpg) '''Fritz Bracht''' (18 January 1899 in Heiden, part of Lage near Detmold – 9 May 1945 in Bad Kudowa, now Kudowa Zdrój, Poland) was Nazi Gauleiter of Upper Silesia. He was directly involved in the mass murder of Jews and Poles. Competitors There were participants from 18 countries - Bulgaria, Soviet Union, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, East Germany, West Germany, Cuba, Poland, North Korea, Yugoslavia, Sweden, Denmark, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Japan. The single topped the charts in Germany, Poland, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and New Zealand. The song also peaked at number 2 on the European Singles Chart. On 1 September 2006 "Big City Life" was the winner of the 43rd Sopot International Song Festival in Poland. The song also appeared as an EA Trax song on the video game 2006 FIFA World Cup (2006 FIFA World Cup (video game)), and in the UK compilation, Now That's What I Call Music! 62 (UK series) in 2005. In 1991, a joint venture company involving '''Calor, SHV and Primagaz''' (in which SHV holds a 50% stake) had been started in both Poland and Slovakia. This was then followed with Hungary in 1992. In 1997 SHV acquired the rest of Calor's shares. Background Arquette was born in New York City, the son of Brenda "Mardi" Olivia (née (married and maiden names) Nowak), an actress, poet, theater operator, activist, acting teacher and therapist, and Lewis Arquette, an actor. Patricia Arquette Biography (1968-) Arquette's paternal grandfather was comedian Cliff Arquette. Arquette's mother was Jewish, the daughter of a Holocaust refugee from Poland, WikiPedia:Poland Commons:Category:Poland Dmoz:Regional Europe Poland


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'''Poland''' , making it the 71st largest country (List of countries and dependencies by area) in the world and the 9th largest in Europe. With a population of over 38.5 million people, Poland is the 34th most populous country (List of countries by population) in the world, the sixth most populous member of the European Union (Member state of the European Union), and the most populous post-communist member of the European Union. Poland is a unitary state divided into 16 administrative subdivisions (voivodeship).

Many historians trace the establishment of a Polish state to 966, when Mieszko I (Mieszko I of Poland), ruler of a territory roughly coextensive with that of present-day Poland, converted to Christianity. The Kingdom of Poland (Kingdom of Poland (1025–1385)) was founded in 1025, and in 1569 it cemented a longstanding political association (Polish–Lithuanian union) with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania by signing the Union of Lublin, forming the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. The Commonwealth gradually ceased to exist in the years 1772–1795, when the Polish territory was partitioned (Partitions of Poland) among Prussia (Kingdom of Prussia), the Russian Empire, and Austria (Habsburg Monarchy). Poland regained its independence (History of Poland (1918–39)) (as the Second Polish Republic) at the end of World War I, in 1918.

Two decades later, in September 1939, World War II started with the invasions of Poland by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union (as part of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact). More than six million Polish citizens died in the war. Project in Posterum, Poland World War II casualties. Retrieved 20 September 2013. Holocaust: Five Million Forgotten: Non-Jewish Victims of the Shoah. Remember.org. AFP Expatica, ''Polish experts lower nation's WWII death toll'', Expatica.com, 30 August 2009 Tomasz Szarota & Wojciech Materski, ''Polska 1939–1945. Straty osobowe i ofiary represji pod dwiema okupacjami'', Warsaw, IPN 2009, ISBN 978-83-7629-067-6 (Introduction online.) In 1944, a Soviet-backed Polish provisional government (Polish Committee of National Liberation) was formed, which, after a period of conflict, falsified referendum (Polish people's referendum, 1946) and elections (Polish legislative election, 1947), gave rise to a satellite state Rao, B. V. (2006), History of Modern Europe Ad 1789-2002: A.D. 1789-2002, Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd. of the Soviet Union, ''Polish Republic'' (''Rzeczpospolita Polska''), renamed to the People's Republic of Poland (''Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa'') in 1952. During the Revolutions of 1989, Poland's Marxist–Leninist government was overthrown and Poland adopted a new constitution establishing itself as a democracy under the name ''Rzeczpospolita Polska'', often referred to as the "Third Polish Republic" (''III Rzeczpospolita'').

Despite the vast destruction (World War II casualties of Poland) the country experienced during World War II (Occupation of Poland (1939–45)), Poland managed to preserve much of its cultural wealth (Culture of Poland). There are 14 heritage sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage (List of World Heritage Sites of Poland) and 54 Historical Monuments (List of Historic Monuments (Poland)) and many objects of cultural heritage (Objects of cultural heritage in Poland). Since the end of the communist period (People's Republic of Poland), Poland has achieved a "very high" ranking in terms of human development (Human Development Index), as well as gradually improving economic freedom. http: www.heritage.org research reports 2015 01 asia-pacific

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