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friend Tony Keeler for a while, before he decided to move to the city of Philadelphia, where, at the advice of Jack Fisk, who was already attending it, he decided to enroll at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, something he preferred far more than his previous art college in Boston, claiming that "In Philadelphia there were great and serious painters, and everybody was inspiring one another and it was a beautiful time there." Lynch and Rodley 2005 (#Lyn05). pp. 36


the Valley Forge Music Fair in 1955 and the Westbury Music Fair the following year. He also served on the board of trustees for Science Service, now known as Society for Science & the Public, from 1957-1962. As early as 1922, the Choir, then known as the Dayton Westminster Choir, began touring the United States annually and sang in such prominent places as Carnegie Hall (New York City), Symphony Hall (Symphony Hall, Boston) (Boston), the Academy of Music (Philadelphia

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at Industrial Shipping Limited in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia for her new role including the carving of a new Bear figurehead. Sinking In 1963, while in tow by the tug ''Irving Birch'' to Philadelphia, ''Bear'' foundered about east of Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia at 42°40N, 65°11W. She went down early in the morning of 19 March 1963 after a gale struck and severed the tow line. The mast collapsed and punctured the hull causing the sinking. Her crew of two were

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and the broadcast tower in Warminster (Warminster, Pennsylvania). WRDV jockeys are volunteers and frequently play their own album collections on the air. '''University City''' is a railway station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, along the SEPTA Main Line. The station serves the area around the University of Pennsylvania, and is located at South Street & Convention Avenue. It serves the Airport, Wilmington Newark, and Media Elwyn Regional Rail Lines. '''Glenolden

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Space for Philadelphia Headquarters journal The Philadelphia Inquirer accessdate 2009-05-21 The site for the future skyscraper was at 17th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard (Pennsylvania Route 3), a site occupied by a building that housed the Defender Association of Philadelphia and a parking lot.

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, she became the wife of Horace Jayne, a biology professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Her brother, William Henry Furness III, received his M.D. from the same university and was an "extensive traveler" and a fellow of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain. background group_or_band origin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (United States) genre Thrash metal * Indonesia intends to vaccination

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by Philadelphia baker and fig lover Charles Roser, who, in 1892, was awarded a patent for a machine which inserted fig creme into a cake-like dough: classical fig rolls are encased in a more pastry-like covering, creating a chewy experience. Naming his product '''Newtons''' after the local town of Newton, Massachusetts, he approached the Cambridgeport, Massachusetts based Kennedy Biscuit Company, who agreed to take on production and sales. Charles Darwin's '' The Origin

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, Illinois, USA pages 16 A third claim, beginning in the 1960s asserts that that fried ice cream was invented by Japanese tempura

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a demonstration of two-channel stereophonic motion pictures, developed by Bell Labs and Electrical Research Products, Inc. "New Sound Effects Achieved in Film", ''The New York Times'', Oct. 12, 1937, p. 27. Conductor Leopold Stokowski recorded onto a nine-track sound system at the Academy of Music (Academy of Music (Philadelphia)) in Philadelphia, during the making of the movie ''One Hundred Men and a Girl'' for Universal Pictures in 1937. The tracks were mixed down to one for the final soundtrack. Nelson B. Bell, "Rapid Strides are Being Made in Development of Sound Track", ''The Washington Post'', April 11, 1937, p. TR1. ''Motion Picture Herald'', September 11, 1937, p. 40. In 1938, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer started using three tracks instead of one to record movie soundtracks, and very quickly upgraded to four tracks. One track was used for dialogue, two for music, and one for sound effects. The purpose for this form of multitrack recording was to make mixing down to a single optical track easier and was not intended to be a recording for stereophonic purposes.


'''Philadelphia''' (

In 1682, William Penn founded the city to serve as capital of the Pennsylvania Colony (Province of Pennsylvania). During the American Revolution, Philadelphia played an instrumental role as a meeting place for the Founding Fathers of the United States, who signed the Declaration of Independence (United States Declaration of Independence) in 1776 and the Constitution (United States Constitution) in 1787. Philadelphia was one of the nation's capitals (List of capitals in the United States) during the Revolutionary War (American Revolutionary War), and the city served as the temporary U.S. capital while Washington, D.C., was under construction. During the 19th century, Philadelphia became a major industrial center and railroad hub that grew from an influx of European immigrants. It became a prime destination for African Americans during the Great Migration (Great Migration (African American)) and surpassed two million occupants by 1950. Following numerous civil rights protests and riots (race riots), the city experienced decades of heavy crime and neared bankruptcy by the 1980s. Revitalization began in the 1990s with gentrification turning around many neighbors and reversing its decades-long trend of population loss.

The city is the center of economic activity in Pennsylvania, and is home to the Philadelphia Stock Exchange and seven Fortune 1000 companies. It is also known for its arts and culture. The cheesesteak and soft pretzel (Pretzel) are emblematic of Philadelphia cuisine (Cuisine of Philadelphia), which is shaped by the city's ethnic mix. The city has more outdoor sculptures and murals than any other American city, Gateway to Public Art in Philadelphia, ''Fairmount Park Art Association''. and Philadelphia's Fairmount Park is the largest landscaped urban park in the world.

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