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live guitar

, MC with dance act (electronica) The Prodigy Montalbano, Dan "The city of Hereward the Wake", ''The Independent'', London, 31 August 2006. – Graham 'Gizz' Butt (Gizz Butt), who played live guitar with The Prodigy, lives in the area and Aston Merrygold of The X Factor (Series 5) (The X Factor (UK series 5)) runners-up (and Brit Award 2010 British Breakthrough Act) JLS (JLS (Group)). "X Factor: Aston Merrygold and The JLS journey", ''Peterborough Evening Telegraph'', 27 October 2008. Comedian Ernie Wise lived on Thorpe Avenue for many years, next door to Canadian baritone and actor Edmund Hockridge. Patrick, Neil "Obituary of Edmund Hockridge: Canadian actor and singer whose life story read like the script of a musical", ''The Guardian'', London and Manchester, 18 March 2009. Sir Jimmy Savile also lived in the city in the early 1990s. WikiPedia:Peterborough Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Cambridgeshire Peterborough Commons:Category:Peterborough

line run

Eastern Main Line -run by National Express east Anglia-with intercity services serving Chelmsford, Ipswich, Norwich, Stratford (Stratford, London) and London. Other destinations include Peterborough, Cambridge and other more local destinations. These are all from the town's main railway station (Colchester railway station). Trains also go to Clacton on Sea, Frinton on Sea, Wivenhoe and Walton-on-the-Naze all week from the main station and Monday

large red

: Didcot Railway Centre . Didcot Railway Centre. Retrieved on 2011-03-02. and an open platform were rented by Queen from the Didcot Railway Centre in Oxfordshire and repainted for the video. In particular, the group named the train "The Miracle Express", and this name was reflected in large red letters on the sides of the locomotive. Peterborough Tourist Attractions: Sightseeing and Attractions in Peterborough Area, England, UK. Retrieved on 2011-03-02. The idea of using a train in the video was suggested by Taylor and was inspired by the rhythm of the rapid part of the song. During the introduction ("new life is born"), the video features Taylor's then-girlfriend Debbie Leng, with a black mask painted around her eyes, waking up and getting up on the rail track. The commencing of the fast part coincides with the scene of the train breaking through a polystyrene wall painted as a brick wall; the wall was constructed in a tunnel, under an arch of a stone bridge. The group was dissatisfied with this part because polystyrene could not stand the enormous air pressure buildup in the tunnel from the incoming train and the wall started breaking before the physical impact. The rest of the clip mostly shows the moving train with an attached open platform whereon the group performs the song. May, Deacon and Taylor are playing guitars and drums, whereas Mercury is moving around the whole platform with his trademark bottomless microphone stand while singing. Leng appears in some scenes on the platform and further in the clip. WikiPedia:Peterborough Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Cambridgeshire Peterborough Commons:Category:Peterborough

major radio

Honours Peterborough Speedway Showcase (Retrieved 19 March 2008). The Showground hosts the annual British Motorcycle Federation Rally each May. In 2009, Peterborough hosted one of the first rounds of the Tour Series, a new series of televised town and city centre cycling races. Media There is a major radio transmitter (Peterborough Transmitter) at Morborne, approximately eight miles (13 km) west of Peterborough, for national FM radio (BBC Radios 1–4

guitar playing

Violence, Religion, Jailbait, Forces of Law, Wild Thing) and albums (Excorcise the demons of youth, Armaggedon in action, Bomb Hanoi, Merry Xmas and F*** off) By 1984 he had left The Destructors to join English Dogs. Ian Glasper, Burning Britain, London: Cherry Red, 2004, p. 209. While in The English Dogs he toured the USA, and it was at this time Gizz's fusion of punk and metal based guitar playing was started to get him noticed by the likes of Metallica and helping

shows red

. They no longer have official meaning, but remain in place and there are a couple of locations where the presence or absence of flashing provides useful information to drivers. * Splitting distants - at some locations approaching a junction two heads are placed side by side. When this signal or the junction signal is at danger, one head is dark and the other shows red or single yellow. When the junction signal is not at danger, both heads show an aspect: the one for the route set ahead of the junction

including music

, when a local entrepreneur purchased the building as part of a larger project, including a restaurant and art gallery. The Broadway, designed by Tim Foster Architects, was one of the largest theatres in the region and offered a selection of live entertainment, including music, comedy and films. "First Glimpse of Mecca to Movies" WikiPedia:Peterborough Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Cambridgeshire Peterborough Commons:Category:Peterborough

controversial documentary

' impact on public services" , ''The Guardian'', London and Manchester, 20 September 2007. On 11 March 2008, the BBC broadcast ''The Poles are Coming!'', a controversial documentary on the impact of Polish (Poles) migration to Peterborough by Tim Samuels, as part of its ''White Season''. The Poles are Coming! Is white working class Britain becoming invisible? A season of programmes on BBC Two (Retrieved 19 March 2008). The number of languages in use is growing where previously few languages other than English were spoken. Peterborough now offers classes in Italian, Urdu and Punjabi (Punjabi language) in its primary schools. Positively Plurilingual: The contribution of community languages to UK education and society (p.6) CILT the National Centre for Languages, 2006. As the city expands the council has introduced a new statutory development plan. Peterborough Local Plan (First Replacement) Peterborough City Council, July 2005. Its aim is to accommodate an additional 22,000 homes, 18,000 jobs and over 40,000 people living in Peterborough by 2020. The newly developing Hampton (Hampton, Peterborough) township will be completed, there will be a 1,500-home development at Stanground (Stanground, Peterborough) and a further 1,200-home development at Paston (Paston, Peterborough). Religion thumb right Norman gateway below the chapel of St. Nicholas (1177–1194), Minster Precincts. (File:Peterborough precinct.JPG) Christianity has the largest following in Peterborough, in particular the Church of England, with a significant number of parish churches and a cathedral. Recent immigration to the city has also seen the Roman Catholic population increase substantially. Walton, Jemma "How immigration has led to the rebirth of the Catholic Church", ''Peterborough Evening Telegraph'', 27 February 2007. Other denominations (Christian denomination) are also in evidence; the latest church to be constructed is a £7 million "superchurch," KingsGate (Kingsgate Community Church), formerly Peterborough Community Church, which can seat up to 1,800 worshippers. Sandall, Jonathan "Peterborough superchurch to open", ''Peterborough Evening Telegraph'', 21 September 2006. In comparison with the rest of the country, Peterborough has a lower proportion of Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and Sikhs. The city has a higher percentage of Muslims and people with no religion than the national average. Ethnicity and Religion in Peterborough WikiPedia:Peterborough Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Cambridgeshire Peterborough Commons:Category:Peterborough

good musical

in 1916. In 1922 he received a Doctor of Music from McGill University. Adrian began his career as a chorus boy at a silent moving-picture house, coming on as part of the chorus line while the reels were being changed. He made his stage debut in the chorus of ''Katja the Dancer'' in 1925. according to his ''Who's Who (Who's Who (UK))'' entry; Morley dates his debut to August 1926 He then toured with ''Lady Be Good (Lady, Be Good (musical))'' and ''The Blue Train''. He made his West End (West End theatre) debut in ''The Squall'' at the Globe Theatre (Gielgud Theatre) in December 1927. After working with Tod Slaughter's company at Peterborough, he joined the weekly rep (Repertory) in Northampton, where he took some forty roles a year. He made further West End appearances in ''The Best of Both Worlds'' at the Players' Theatre in 1930, ''The Glass Wall'' at the Embassy Theatre (Embassy Theatre (London)) in 1933, ''First Episode'' by Terence Rattigan and Philip Heimann at the Comedy Theatre in 1934 (later toured in the UK and then transferred to Broadway, Where the play was retitled ''College Sinners'' (ref. Gaye, p. 288) ''This Desirable Residence'' at the Embassy in 1935, and ''England Expects'', also at the Embassy in 1934. ''The Times'' described his performance in the last as "a gilded habitué of the backstairs" as outstanding. ''The Times'', 25 January 1930, p. 10; 21 February 1933, p. 10; 27 January 1934, p. 8; 28 May 1935, p. 14; and 14 April 1936, p. 8 On 10–11 December 1891, the Great Eastern Railway's Stratford Works built one of these locomotives and had it in steam with a coat of grey primer (Primer (paint)) in 9 hours 47 minutes; this remains a world record. The locomotive then went off to run 36,000 miles on Peterborough to London coal trains before coming back to the works for the final coat of paint. It lasted 40 years and ran a total of 1,127,750 miles. WikiPedia:Peterborough Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Cambridgeshire Peterborough Commons:Category:Peterborough

largest home

within the group. In 1998 SodaStream was bought by Soda-Club, an Israeli company founded in 1991 by Peter Wiseburgh, who from 1978 to 1991 had been Israel's exclusive distributor for SodaStream, creating the world's largest home carbonation systems supplier. ref>


'''Peterborough''' ( to the north-east. The railway station is an important stop on the East Coast Main Line between London and Edinburgh. The unitary authority borders Northamptonshire and Rutland to the west, Lincolnshire to the north, and non-metropolitan Cambridgeshire to the south and east.

The local topography is flat and low-lying, and in some places lies below sea level, for example in the Fens that lie to the east of Peterborough. Human settlement in the area began before the Bronze Age, as can be seen at the Flag Fen archaeological site to the east of the current city centre also with evidence of Roman (Ancient Rome) occupation. The Anglo-Saxon (History of Anglo-Saxon England) period saw the establishment of a monastery, Medeshamstede, which later became Peterborough Cathedral. Peterborough was until 1965 part of Northamptonshire, although the city with its surrounding rural area was from medieval times administered separately as the Soke of Peterborough.

The population grew rapidly following the arrival of the railways in the 19th century, and Peterborough became an industrial centre, particularly noted for its brick manufacture. Following the Second World War (World War II), growth was limited until designation as a New Town (New towns in the United Kingdom) in the 1960s. Housing and population are expanding and a £1 billion regeneration of the city centre and immediately surrounding area is underway. In common with much of the United Kingdom, industrial employment has fallen, with a significant proportion of new jobs in financial services and distribution.

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