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Station Among the cities museums and galleries, the Perm State Art Gallery is recognized for its outstanding collections of art, including paintings from the 15th- to 18th-century art movements, and wooden sculptures from the region. It is housed in a notable early 19th-century structure, once an orthodox cathedral. The spire of the museum towers over the rest of Perm, as it is situated on the Komsomolsky Prospect. http: M1575 Perm is receiving

modern dance

attention from the development of the new Museum of Contemporary Art,

*S. Kishkovsky "Modern Dance and Art Bring a Burst of Color to a Gray City" *Unofficial website of Perm *Perm City Guide (English Version) Education *Perm State University *Perm State Technical University * Perm State

contemporary art

Perm State Technical University, ref

office, Lenina st, 50 lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content Take free maps in the tourist information office or download them from the site. The tour includes about 40 places of interest. Following the guide you will see unusual sculptures and historical buildings, places connected with famous Russian artists and scientists. *

email address Ordzhonikidze st., 2 lat 58.020556 long 56.251389 directions in the building of the old river port opposite the Perm-I train station phone +7 (342) 2199172 tollfree fax hours 12:00 — 21:00 price Entrance usually costs less than 100 Rub content The first and the only contemporary art museum in Russia. Catalogue of public art program. * wikipedia:Perm commons:Пермь


the creation of local Extraordinary Commissions. One of the first founded was the Moscow Cheka. Sections and commissariats to combat counterrevolution were established in other cities. The Extraordinary Commissions arose, usually in the areas during the moments of the greatest aggravation of political situation. On February 25, 1918 as the counterrevolutionary organization ''Union of front-liners'' was making advances, the executive committee of the Saratov Soviet formed a counter-revolutionary

section. On March 7, 1918, because of the move from Petrograd to Moscow, the Petrograd Cheka was created. On March 9, a section for combating counterrevolution was created under the Omsk Soviet. Extraordinary commissions were also created in Penza, Perm, Novgorod, Cherepovets, Rostov, Taganrog. On March 18, VCheKa adopted a resolution ''The Work of VCheKa on the All-Russian Scale'' foreseeing the formation everywhere of Extraordinary Commissions after the same model

, and sent a letter that called for the widespread establishment of the Cheka in combating counterrevolution, speculation, and sabotage. Establishment of provincial Extraordinary Commissions was largely completed by August 1918. In the Soviet Republic, there were 38 gubernatorial (guberniya) Chekas (Gubcheks) by this time. The process was dominated by British geologists, and the names of the periods reflect that dominance. The "Cambrian", (the classical name for Wales

small stage

was first mounted on 3 December 1942 on the small stage of the Perm state theatre. But despite these limitations, the effect was profound; in effect, the message was that the company was continuing to exist and to produce new ballets, despite the very hard times. Anisimova invited different dancers to participate in her ballet, dancers who happened to be in the city at that time: there was a sense of ''camaraderie'' and combined effort which suited the positive feeling of the ballet itself. *''Leningrad'' was the name of Saint Petersburg – Vladimir Lenin *''Molotov'' was the name of Perm – Vyacheslav Molotov *''Novonikolaevsk'' was the name of Novosibirsk – tsar Nicholas II (Nicholas II of Russia) - PEE USPP Bolshoye Savino Airport Perm, Russia - ;Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (URAN) :The Ural Branch was established in 1932, with Aleksandr Fersman as its founding chairman. Research centres are in Yekaterinburg, Perm, Cheliabinsk, Izhevsk, Orenburg, Ufa and Syktyvkar. As of 2007, the Branch employed 3,600 scientists, 590 of whom were full professors, 31 full members and 58 corresponding members of the Academy. ;Far East Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (FEB RAS) The overall length is wikipedia:Perm commons:Пермь

modern short

on the so-called Philosophers' ships in 1922 (e.g. Nikolai Lossky). Furthermore, the entire staff suffered from hunger and extreme poverty during those years. '''Nina Viktorovna Gorlanova''' (born 23 November 1947) is a modern short-story writer and novelist who has been living in a provincial Russian city Perm. Perm was depicted as 'Youryatin' in Pasternak (Boris Pasternak)'s novel ''Doctor Zhivago (Doctor Zhivago (novel))''. Birth

musical quot

201007213709 news sydney sydney-to-host-world-premiere-of-doctor-zhivago-musical.html "Sydney to host World Premiere of ''Doctor Zhivago'' musical" , (21 July 2010) - 50px (File:1000 Stefan Permsky.jpg) Stephen of Perm, Bishop and Missionary of Perm 50px (File:1000 Germogen.jpg) Hermogenes (Patriarch Hermogenes), Patriarch of Moscow 50px (File:1000 Vorotynsky.jpg) Mikhail Vorotynsky, Field Marshal File:1000

main works

, Permskaya Oblast, Middle Urals, Russia. '''Nikolay Dmitriyevich Moiseyev''' ( ; December 3(16), 1902, Perm - December 6, 1955, Moscow) was a Soviet (Soviet Union) astronomer and expert in celestial mechanics. In 1938, he became the chairman of the department of celestial mechanics at Moscow State University and worked on this position until his death. His main works were devoted

design team

wikipedia:Perm commons:Пермь

annual poetry

content The theatre festival which has taken place in Perm Opera and Bellet Theatre every two years since 2003 * *


'''Perm''' ( ). Official website of Perm. History.

According to the 2010 Census (Russian Census (2010)), Perm's population is 991,162, As of the 2010 Census, the city was the thirteenth most populous (list of cities and towns in Russia by population) in Russia.

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