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*"PenzaNews" news agency (Category:Penza) Category:Penza Governorate Category:Populated places established in 1663 On February 23, 1918 VCheKa sent a radio telegram to all Soviets with a petition to immediately organize emergency commissions to combat counter-revolution, sabotage and speculation, if such commissions had not been yet organized. February 1918 saw the creation of local

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arrived in Penza on the Tsar's orders to direct the construction of a fortress city, as part of a wider fortress building program to protect Russia from attacks by Crimean Tatars. The initial construction consisted of a wooden Kremlin, a village, and quarters for the nobility, small tradesmen, and merchants. In 1774, the insurgent army led by Yemelyan Pugachev occupied Penza after the citizens of the city welcomed the rebellious Cossacks

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and age df y 1939 1 18 1889 9 26 thumb Mozzhukhin as the demon in '' The Night Before Christmas (1913 film) The Night Before Christmas (File:Nightbefore1913.jpg)'' (1913). Mozzhukhin was born in Penza, Russia and studied law at Moscow State University. In 1910 he left academic life to join a troupe of traveling actors from Kiev, with which he toured for a year, gaining experience and a reputation for dynamic stage presence. Upon returning to Moscow, he launched his screen

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in Penza, Ulyanov conducted meteorological observations, on the basis of which he would write a couple of scientific works called ''On the Benefits of Meteorological Observations and Some Conclusions on Their Use for Penza'' (''О пользе метеорологических наблюдений и некоторые выводы из них для Пензы'') and ''On Thunderstorm and Lightning rods'' (''О грозе и громоотводах''). After marrying Ilya Nikolayevich Ulyanov (Ilya Ulyanov), an upwardly mobile teacher of mathematics and physics, the couple lived in moderate prosperity in Penza. Later, they moved to Nizhny Novgorod and then Simbirsk (Ulyanovsk), where Ulyanov took up a prestigious position as an inspector of primary schools. Olga:

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mar1998 leni-m06.shtml "An exchange of letters on the BBC documentary Lenin's Secret Files" Telegram to the Penza Gubernia Executive Committee of the Soviets in J. Brooks and G. Chernyavskiy's, p.77, Lenin and the Making of the Soviet State: A Brief History with Documents (2007). Bedford St Martin's: Boston and New York: p.77 Translation of 'hanging order' by Robert Service, p. 365, Lenin a Biography (2000). London: Macmillan ref>

(2010) 2010 Census ). Biography Vissarion Belinsky was born in Sveaborg, Helsinki and lived in the town of Chembar (Belinsky (town)) (now Belinsky in the Belinsky District of Penza Oblast) and in Penza, where he studied in gymnazia (:ru:Классическая гимназия № 1 имени В. Г. Белинского) (1825-1829). In 1829-1832 he was a student of Moscow University. In Moscow he published his first famous

to a family of peasants of Penza gubernia. He was married and even had children, but neither family life nor the official religion satisfied him. He found the founder of the Skoptzy sect Kondraty Selivanov and became an active proponent and preacher of the new sect. Biography Nikolay Ogaryov was born in Saint Petersburg in a Russian noble family. Having lost his mother early, Nikolay spent his childhood years in his father's estate nearby Penza. In 1820 he moved to Moscow

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. The first stone houses started to appear after 1801, and by 1809 Penza's population had grown to more than 13,000 people. In 1918, Vladimir Lenin sent a telegram to communists in the Penza area, complaining about the "insurrection of five kulak districts". He urged the public hanging (Lenin's Hanging Order) of 100 "landlords, richmen, bloodsuckers", grain seizure, and hostage taking. This telegram has been used in several historical works on the period and on Lenin.

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and age 1940 02 02 1874 02 09 df y In May 1857 Leskov moved with his family to Raiskoye village in Penza Governorate where the Scotts were based, and later that month embarked upon his first business trip, involving the transportation of the Oryol-based serfs of Count Perovsky to the Southern Russian steppes, not entirely successfully, as he later described in his autobiographical short story "The Product of Nature".


Extraordinary Commissions. One of the first founded was the Moscow Cheka. Sections and commissariats to combat counterrevolution were established in other cities. The Extraordinary Commissions arose, usually in the areas during the moments of the greatest aggravation of political situation. On February 25, 1918 as the counterrevolutionary organization ''Union of front-liners'' was making advances, the executive committee of the Saratov Soviet formed a counter-revolutionary section. On March 7, 1918

, because of the move from Petrograd to Moscow, the Petrograd Cheka was created. On March 9, a section for combating counterrevolution was created under the Omsk Soviet. Extraordinary commissions were also created in Penza, Perm, Novgorod, Cherepovets, Rostov, Taganrog. On March 18, VCheKa adopted a resolution ''The Work of VCheKa on the All-Russian Scale'' foreseeing the formation everywhere of Extraordinary Commissions after the same model, and sent a letter

that called for the widespread establishment of the Cheka in combating counterrevolution, speculation, and sabotage. Establishment of provincial Extraordinary Commissions was largely completed by August 1918. In the Soviet Republic, there were 38 gubernatorial (guberniya) Chekas (Gubcheks) by this time. *35px link European route E20 (File:Tabliczka E20.svg) - : Shannon (Shannon, County Clare) – Limerick – Dublin … Liverpool – Manchester – Leeds

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thumb Confluence of the Penza River in Sura River (File:Впадение Пензы в Суру.JPG)

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