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archive-url http: web 20030108061934 http: profiles statspack 20448.html archive-date 8 January 2003 it is followed in close second by resource extraction, principally forestry, agriculture, oil and gas and their support services. Over the years, Peace River's economy has expanded to include professional services, manufacturing, health social services and construction. Major construction companies in the Town of Peace River

heavy oil

similarities with actual tar, "Oil sands or tar sands? The oil sands contain a type of heavy oil called bitumen – oil similar in consistency to tar but chemically very different. Tar is a man-made substance produced from organic material, usually coal." are large deposits of bitumen or extremely heavy crude oil, located

energy projects

It is for this reason that large energy projects are being considered in the region. In March 2008, Bruce Power made an application with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to build a 4 GW nuclear power plant in the area 30 kilometres west of the Town of Peace River around Lac Cardinal (Cardinal Lake). After a detailed review of that site and other potential sites, Bruce Power Alberta, a subsidiary

population growing

base or 58.3% of the town’s total land area is developable and . The existing land base just meets the 30 year requirement of residential development based on the 2006 Peace River Growth study that projected the population growing to 28,200 citizens. If future residential development occurs at higher than current densities and in more land-efficient manner

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, such as clustered employment locations, tend to have a larger impact on transit ridership than residential density alone. Utilities The Town of Peace River extracts water from the Peace River (Peace River (Canada)) at the Shaftesbury Water Treatment Plant. The treatment process involves clarification, sedimentation, filtration, chlorination and fluoridation. Town of Peace River Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant

news coverage

News is based in Grimshaw. Although the Record-Gazette reports mostly on the Town of Peace River, Nampa, St. Isidore and Northern Sunrise County and the Mile Zero News reports mostly on Grimshaw, the M.D. of Peace No. 135 and the County of Northern Lights, there is significant overlap in the news coverage by the two newspapers. The Town of Peace River has two locally based radio stations: CKKX-FM (KIX FM) http: and CKYL (YL Country), http: both owned by Peace River Broadcasting. CKRP-FM, operating out of Fahler, is a French language community radio station that also serves the Peace River area. Other radio stations available in the area include CIAM-FM, CHFA (AM), CBX (AM), CKUA (CKUA Radio Network) and CFGP-FM. Notable people *Wade Campbell *Jillian Harris *Linden Gaydosh *Kelly Kisio *Ken Lovsin *Chris Osgood *Alex Ritson *Brian Skrudland *Aaron James Sorensen Photo gallery Image:Peaceriver.jpg Peace River in winter Image:Peace River aerial.jpg Aerial view of the Town of Peace River See also *List of communities in Alberta *List of towns in Alberta References birth_place Peace River, Alberta, CAN (Canada) career_start 1985 DATE OF BIRTH July 31, 1963 PLACE OF BIRTH Peace River, Alberta, CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH

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publisher Canoe Sun Media date June 6, 2013 accessdate April 21, 2013 Libraries As a member of The Regional Automated Consortium (TRAC), the Peace River Public Library provides patrons with access to over 2.9 million holdings throughout Alberta. In addition to books, videos, books on tape or CD, music CDs, several daily newspapers and reference material and information about Peace River, the Peace River Public Library carries some old environmental reports from area industries as well as a demonstration CANFLEX fuel bundle in the nuclear display from the time when Energy Alberta (Energy Alberta Corporation) first proposed building a nuclear plant in the region. Having grown out of space and aging, the Peace River Public Library is in the process of being upgraded and upsized. The preliminary design layout is located on the Town of Peace River's website. The new library building will include a cultural centre and an art gallery. Alberta Law Society Libraries has a local library located at the Peace River Courthouse. There is also a toy library located at the Belle Centre. Other libraries in the area include Nampa Municipal Library in Nampa, the Grimshaw Municipal Library in Grimshaw and Manning Municipal Library in Manning. Film and theatre There are two theatre companies in the area: the Peace Players based at Athabasca Hall in Peace River and the Lac Cardinal Regional Performing Arts Society who perform at Elk's Hall in nearby Grimshaw. The Peace Players has several productions every season from September to June, including a musical theatre, a children’s production theatre, an evening of One Acts and dinner & theatre. The Lac Cardinal Regional Performing Arts Society also runs adult productions as well a children’s production. The two companies work together sometimes in productions, especially the larger ones. The Peace River Film Festival is in its second year and runs for two days in March at Athabasca Hall. Cinema 72 which is part of the Magic Lantern Theatres, national chain is a 2 auditorium theatre showing mostly commercial films. It is currently undergoing expansion to be become a 4 auditorium theatre with the intent of running independent films several times a year in one of the auditoriums. birth_place Peace River, Alberta, CAN (Canada) career_start 1985 DATE OF BIRTH July 31, 1963 PLACE OF BIRTH Peace River, Alberta, CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH

low year

(Köppen climate classification ''Dfb'' (Humid continental climate#Dfb.2FDwb: Warm summer subtype)) with low year-round precipitation. Its dry climate, which results in reduced humidity, causes the summer heat and winter cold feel less severe than in places with higher humidity. Moisture coming with Pacific Ocean air is lost over the mountain ranges as precipitation before moving into the area, while air from the Arctic flows uninterrupted into the region. Due to cold air drainage

arts performance

and hotels. The Riverfront District borders the Peace River and River Road between 94 Avenue to the north and 102 Avenue to the south adjacent to the Heart River bridge. It is home to restaurants, an enclosed shopping mall, an arts performance hall, a mini-golf facility, hotels, a museum, a convention centre, apartments, parks, trails and a boat launch. The Mixed Commercial Residential District makes the rest of the Downtown and consists of a mixture of low density and high density housing, government offices, professional and commercial offices, recreational facilities, hotels, bars, retail stores and restaurants. Outside of Downtown core, the South End is the oldest neighbourhood in the town. It is located immediately south of the Downtown core, across the Heart River bridge, and west of Judah Hill. It is developed in a long and somewhat linear form parallel to the Peace River. The South End consists of mostly older single detached homes, a relatively small number of duplexes and apartments and various seniors' residences including a large seniors' apartment lodge immediately across the Heart River bridge on 103 Avenue, which is managed by the North Peace Housing Foundation. The South End stretches a far as 118 Avenue block after which the bank slopes become too unstable and has resulted in slides in past. The North End is located north of the Highway 2 and west of Kauffman Hill, and is also developed in a linear form parallel to the Peace River. The North End is actually two neighbourhoods: Springfield and Norglen, which are seamlessly connected. The town's schools and most of its recreational facilities are located in the North End. In addition to single detached housing, the North End consists of the majority of the town's high density housing. The North End has a boat launch. Bewley Island, a sizable Crown owned island on the Peace River is also located on the North End of town. 300px right thumb Peace River neighbourhoods: South End on the front left while Upper West Peace is at the foot of Misery mountain. Lower West Peace almost at river level. (File:Peace River neighbourhoods.jpg) West Peace lies southeast of the old Highway 2 alignment on the west shore of the Peace River. It includes two sub-neighbourhoods - Upper and Lower West Peace - that are divided by Shaftesbury Trail (Highway 684). Upper West Peace is on the west side of Highway 684 to the foot of the Misery Mountain Ski Hill. Lower West Peace is on the east side of Highway 684 and abuts Sisson Island, an 83 Acre privately owned island on the Peace River. Both Upper and Lower West Peace are predominantly developed with low density housing with some interspersed medium density housing. Lower West Peace features a boat launch. The Pines neighbourhood is located north of Upper and Lower West Peace, generally between the old and current Highway 2 alignments and more specifically across 100 Avenue from the Lions Camp Site. It was named for the numerous pine trees that grew in the area. The pine trees have since been chopped down after being ravaged by pine beetles. The Pines is single detached housing neighbourhood. Rosedale is located to the south of Lower West Peace between Highway 684 and the Peace River. It consists of single detached housing with relatively larger lots on un-paved roads. Shaftesbury Estates is further south of Rosedale separated by a short strip of undeveloped land and St. Germaine Creek along Highway 684 and abutting the Peace River. It is the town's most rapidly growing neighbourhood and consists of single detached housing. Saddleback Ridge, or Saddleback, is atop the West Hill immediately behind Misery Mountain and south of Highway 2 behind an industrial area. Rolling Hills neighbourhood is often considered to be part of Saddleback, although it is separate neighbourhood of single detached housing with some duplexes and row housing. Saddleback consists mostly of single detached housing, and after a bylaw amendment allowed medium density housing and not high density residential. 350px thumb left Saddleback Ridge neighbourhood at the foot of Misery Mountain (File:Peace River Saddleback Ridge Estates.jpg) Westbrook Estates is approximately 1 kilometre south of Saddleback, west of 80 Street separated by a stretch of undeveloped wilderness with trails through which St. Germain Creek and one of its tributaries cut while flowing to the Peace River. It is flanked by Misery Mountain to the east and Brick Hill on the west side. It consists single detached housing on acreages and lacking in town sewer and potable piped water services. West Hill Commercial District extends from 80 Street to 73 Street on either side of Highway 2. The District encompasses Freson Centre which is home to most of the big-box stores in Peace River, a veterinary clinic, hotels, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, car and holiday trailers dealerships and the Northern Lakes College Peace River Campus. The Peace River Community Health Centre is also located in the District, on 68 Street and south of Highway 2. There are three trailer parks in the Town of Peace River: Cheviot Heights Trailer Park behind Freson Center on West Hill, Terrace Trailer Park adjacent to Bridgeview Industrial Park just across the bridge on the west side of the Peace River and Coolsprings Mobile Home Park at the foot of Kauffman Hill just outside the downtown. Area structure plans containing new residential neighbourhoods were adopted in 2009 and 2010, including St. Germaine Creek on a recently annexed land northwest of the intersection of Highway 2 and Highway 743, and Citadel Park on land west of Highway 684 between the Pines and Upper West Peace. Future residential development is also planned in Westview on the lands adjacent to the Peace River Community Health Centre. Demographics birth_place Peace River, Alberta, CAN (Canada) career_start 1985 DATE OF BIRTH July 31, 1963 PLACE OF BIRTH Peace River, Alberta, CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH

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The potable water is then pumped to the three reservoirs the town owns. Sanitary waste is piped to the wastewater treatment plant in the north end of town that involves secondary treatment and extended aeration. Residential garbage pickup is contracted out to Allen Bros. Trucking Ltd., a private company. The Town of Peace River provides municipal sanitary sewer and treated potable water against a unique set of topographical and climatic conditions. There is a significant annual

Peace River, Alberta

'''Peace River''', originally named '''Peace River Crossing''', and known as '''Rivière-la-Paix''' in French, ''Les francophones de Rivière-la-Paix, Radio-Canada is a town in northwestern Alberta (Northern Alberta), Canada, situated along the banks of the Peace River (Peace River (Canada)), at its confluence with the Smoky River, the Heart River (Heart River (Alberta)) and Pat's Creek (Pat's Creek (Alberta)). It is located

The Peace River townsite is nearly below the relatively flat terrain surrounding it. Pat's Creek used to be an open channel though the town but is now a channeled though a culvert under the town streets, re-emerging at the mouth on the Peace River at the Riverfront Park.

The population in the Town of Peace River was 6,729 in 2011, a 6.6% increase over its 2006 population. There are significant nodal settlements and subdivisions in the vicinity of the town on acreages along Highway 2 to the west, Highways 684 (Alberta Highway 684) (Shaftesbury Trail) as well as the southwest portion of Northern Sunrise County. Regionally, there are various First Nation communities to the northeast, French-Canadian farming communities to the south and to the east, and Mennonite and Hutterite German-Canadian farming communities to the north and northwest of the town.

Peace River was the site of the 2004 Alberta Winter Games. In 2010, Peace River, in conjunction with Grimshaw and surrounding municipalities, jointly hosted the 2010 Alberta Summer Games. These Games are held every two years and are Alberta's largest sporting event.

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