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'''Pavlodar''' is a city in northeastern Kazakhstan (Kazakhstani North). It is the capital of the Pavlodar Province and has a population of 318,000 (January 2009). Get in From Almaty by train either through Astana or through Semei (Semipalatinsk). Through Astana, trains run everyday and through Semipalatinsk every other day. From Astana either by evening train or several buses a day. From Omsk (Russia) by bus. Flights on Air Astana are available from Astana and Almaty and on S7 from Moscow. Long-distance and regional buses are available from most surrounding cities. Get around Within the city, there are many options for getting around. A fairly simple yet complete bus and marshrutka system exists as does a tram system. Taxis can be taken most places in the city for 350 tenge (2012). Outer regions of the city usually run about 400-450 tenge. To learn more about the bus system, one can download an electronic interactive map of the city. Click on the little "A" circles, which are the bus stops, to see what buses go there. Many things are in walking distance as well if you're looking for a little exercise. See Pavlodar is a fairly quiet and uneventful former Soviet


%) * Ingushetians — 1 279 (0.39%) * Moldovans — 954 (0.29%) * Azeris (Azerbaijani people) — 802 (0.24%) * Chechens (Chechen people) — 800 (0.24%) * Koreans (Koryo-saram) — 594 (0.18%) * Polish (Poles in Kazakhstan) — 574 (0.17%) * Bulgarians — 475 (0.15%) * Chuvash (Chuvash people) — 425 (0.14%) * Bashkirs — 415 (0.13%) * Others — 5 470 (1.65%) * Total — 331 710 (100.00%) Economy In 2012 Polish rolling stock manufacturer Pesa Bydgoszcz (PESA SA) announced its intentions

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) Kutuzov street, 36 tel.: 8 (7182) 460305, 546285, 546227 Karabas (Карабас) Victory Square, 25 tel.: 8 (7182) 321932 Crystal(Кристалл) Lomov street, 38 tel.: 8 (7182) 675610 159 (formerally 777) Kutuzov street, 159 tel.: 8 (7182) 572652 Buy Like all cities, there are several major open and closed bazaars in the city. There are also several large shopping centers ("Артур", "Тулпар", and "Цум") and several large grocery store chains (GROS, Рубиком, Аманат Махх). Eat Drink Sleep There is no normal hotels in this city. Connect Go next wikipedia:Pavlodar

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and KGB archives. * wikipedia:Pavlodar

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turned into civil unrest as clashes in the streets, universities and dormitories between troops, volunteers and militia units and Kazakh students turned into a wide-scale confrontation. The clashes could only be controlled on the third day. The Almaty events were followed by smaller protests and demonstrations in Shymkent, Pavlodar, Karaganda and Taldykorgan. Reports from Kazakh SSR authorities estimated that the riots drew 3,000 people. Soviet Riots Worse Than First Reported San Francisco Chronicle. San Francisco, Calif.: Feb 19, 1987. pg. 22 Other estimates are of at least 30,000 to 40,000 protestors with 5,000 arrested and jailed, and an unknown number of casualties. Jeltoqsan leaders say over sixty thousand Kazakhs participated in the protests. Kazakhstan: Jeltoqsan Protest Marked 20 Years Later RadioFreeEurope RadioLiberty "Jeltoqsan" Movement blames leader of Kazakh Communists. EurasiaNet According to the Kazakh SSR government, there were two deaths during the riots, including a volunteer police worker and a student. Both of them had died due to blows to the head. About 100 others were detained and several others were sentenced to terms in labor camps. San Francisco Chronicle. Retrieved March 27, 2010, from ProQuest Newsstand. Sources cited by Library of Congress claim that at least 200 people died or were summarily executed soon after. Some accounts estimate casualties at more than 1,000. The writer Mukhtar Shakhanov claimed that a KGB officer testified that 168 protesters were killed, but that figure remains unconfirmed as most material about Jeltoksan is in Moscow, locked in CPSU and KGB archives. * wikipedia:Pavlodar

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and of the Soviet Union; the largest local industries are the manufacture of farm machinery, aluminum, and industrial chemicals; an oil refinery was completed in 1978. Because of a major arms and armour manufacturing facility located in the city, ''Pavlodar'' was closed to foreigners (closed city) until 1992. Geography Climate thumb 100px left An embankment on the Irtysh River (Image:Pavlodar-Fiume Irtysh.JPG) Pavlodar has a temperate continental climate with long, cold winters and hot summers. The average temperature in January is wikipedia:Pavlodar

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to build a tram assembly plant in Pavlodar, in conjunction with the city's plans to buy up to 100 new trams from the manufacturer to shore up its aging public transport single-view view pesa-to-establish-tram-assembly-plant-in-kazakhstan.html "Pesa to establish tram assembly plant in Kazakhstan", ''Railway Gazette'', 4 May 2012 Sports FC Irtysh is a Kazakh football club based

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Nationalist riots in Kazakhstan: "Violent nationalist riots erupted in Alma-Ata, the capital of. Kazakhstan, on December 17 and 18, 1986". publisher date 1970-01-01 accessdate 2011-12-11 that took place in Alma-Ata (Almaty), Kazakhstan in response to General Secretary (General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union) Mikhail Gorbachev's dismissal of Dinmukhamed Konayev, the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan


%) * Ingushetians — 1 279 (0.39%) * Moldovans — 954 (0.29%) * Azeris (Azerbaijani people) — 802 (0.24%) * Chechens (Chechen people) — 800 (0.24%) * Koreans (Koryo-saram) — 594 (0.18%) * Polish (Poles in Kazakhstan) — 574 (0.17%) * Bulgarians — 475 (0.15%) * Chuvash (Chuvash people) — 425 (0.14%) * Bashkirs — 415 (0.13%) * Others — 5 470 (1.65%) * Total — 331 710 (100.00%) Economy In 2012 Polish rolling stock manufacturer Pesa Bydgoszcz (PESA SA) announced its intentions


320400 align right 354809 align center 2 Pavlodar Province ----- style "height:60px" Image:Egypt.Aswan.Mosque.02.jpg El-Tabia Mosque with two minarets in Aswan, Egypt. File:Центральная мечеть Павлодара.JPG The four minarets in Mashkhur Jusup central mosque, Pavlodar , Kazakhstan. File:Minaret of a mosque in the center of jubail town proper. Saudi Arabia.4-23-2010.jpg A Minaret of a Mosque in central Jubail, Saudi Arabia. * Fort-Shevchenko

– Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko *Pavlodar – Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich of Russia. *Petropavl – Saint Peter and Saint Paul. - PWQ UASP Pavlodar Airport Pavlodar, Kazakhstan - ) (born 15 June 1954 in Pavlodar, Kazakh SSR, Soviet Union) has served as the Minister of Defense and General of the Military of Kazakhstan Army


thumb Fountain in riverside park (File:P8250011.JPG) thumb Sultanmahmut Toraygirov (File:Sultammahmut Toraygirov monument.jpg) monument thumb Amateur racing in downtown Pavlodar on "City Day" 2006 (File:Построение участников перед стартом 26.08.2006 г.JPG) thumb 200 px Mosque, Pavlodar (Image:Mechet pavlodar.jpg) '''Pavlodar''' (Kazakh (Kazakh language) and Russian (Russian language): '''Павлодар''', Kazakh (Kazakh language): '''پاۆلودار''') is a city in northeastern Kazakhstan and the capital of Pavlodar Province. It is located 450 km northeast of the national capital Astana, and 405 km southeast of the Russian city of Omsk along the Irtysh River. , the city has a population of 331710. Pavlodar Statistics The population of ''Pavlodar'' is composed predominantly of ethnic Russians and Kazakhs with significant Ukrainian (Ukrainians), German (Volga Germans) and Tatar minorities. The city is served by Pavlodar Airport.

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