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NCDC year 1997 title Event Record Details: Hurricane (Mississippi) publisher National Climatic Data Center accessdate 2007-01-01 url http: cgi-win wwcgi.dll?wwevent~ShowEvent~299434 '''Michael Moore''' (born April 3, 1952, in Pascagoula, Mississippi profile ) was the Attorney General for the U.S. State of Mississippi from 1988 to 2004. In 1994, he filed the first

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Also included in her modernization were upgrades to radar and fire control systems for her guns and missiles, and improved electronic warfare capabilities. Armed as such, ''Wisconsin'' was formally recommissioned on 22 October 1988 in Pascagoula, Mississippi under the command of Captain Jerry M. Blesch, USN. Assigned to the United States Atlantic fleet, she was subsequently homeported at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia, where she became the centerpiece of her own surface action group (SAG), also referred to as a battleship battle group (BBBG). The cruiser was ordered 25 February 1988, laid down 18 October 1991 by Ingalls Shipbuilding at Pascagoula, Mississippi, launched on 20 November 1992, christened on 5 December 1992 by Susan G. Baker (wife of James A. Baker III (James Baker), Chief of Staff (White House Chief of Staff) to President George H. W. Bush and former Secretary of State (United States Secretary of State)), and formally commissioned on 9 July 1994 at Savannah, Georgia; Captain Nicholas L. Richards Commanding, Lieutenant Commander Derek B. Kemp Executive Officer, and Master Chief Petty Officer Dennis W. Mills, Command Master Chief. Decommissioning is set for March 31, 2013. http: bupers-npc reference messages Documents NAVADMINS NAV2012 NAV12087.txt ''Boxer'' was constructed at Ingalls Shipbuilding, Pascagoula, Mississippi, launched 13 August 1993, and commissioned 11 February 1995. She immediately left for San Diego


; and Honolulu, Hawaii; by Port Captains located in those ports. Ship ordered 23 March 1978 Ship builder Litton Ingalls (Ingalls Shipbuilding), Pascagoula (Pascagoula, Mississippi), Mississippi Ship laid down 23 October 1978 Because the storm was so large, highly destructive eye-wall winds and the strong northeastern quadrant of the storm pushed record storm surges onshore, smashing the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast, including towns in Mississippi such as Waveland

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. Cook began his musical career at age five, singing with his family's group, The Cook Family Singers. His parents divorced in 1980, after which the group disbanded.

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on the wall there, including the day-by-day outline covering an entire week that he wrote out on the walls of his small study to help him keep track of the plot twists in the novel ''A Fable''. * General George Patton Road, Nashville, Tennessee * General Patton Street, Hammond, Louisiana; Lake Charles, Louisiana; Morgan City, Louisiana; Jackson, Mississippi; Pascagoula, Mississippi; Fort Drum, New York * George Patton Street, Orangeburg, South Carolina

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, Mississippi) for the Israeli Navy, based on Israeli designs. AWU does not have a physical campus. It was based in Iowa City, Iowa until forced out by the passage of new state legislation governing postsecondary institutions in 2000. AWU relocated to Rapid City, South Dakota, but was forced to move again by the creation of a similar law. It is currently based in Pascagoula, Mississippi, ref name "quick"

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1968, sponsored by Mrs. John B. Colwell, and commissioned (Ship commissioning) on 9 August 1969 with Commander John M. Will, Jr., in command. ''The New York Times'' concluded that Phillips' potential for an upset rested with "an unlikely coalition of Goldwater Republicans and Democrats who range in viewpoint from middle-of-the-road to liberal." ''The New York Times'', October 26, 1963 The state AFL-CIO, then with some

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"clear:both;" '''NOAAS ''Ronald H. Brown'' (R 104)''' is a blue-water (wiktionary:blue-water) research vessel of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. She was launched on May 30, 1996 at Halter Marine's Moss Point shipyard in Pascagoula (Pascagoula, Mississippi) (the keel being laid in February 1995) and then commissioned on July 19, 1997 in Charleston (Charleston, South Carolina). She was NOAA's first newly built oceanographic

Pascagoula, Mississippi

'''Pascagoula''' is a city in Jackson County (Jackson County, Mississippi), Mississippi. It is the principal city of the Pascagoula, Mississippi Metropolitan Statistical Area (Pascagoula metropolitan area), as a part of the Gulfport (Gulfport, Mississippi)–Biloxi (Biloxi, Mississippi)–Pascagoula, Mississippi Combined Statistical Area (Gulfport-Biloxi-Pascagoula combined statistical area). The population was 26,200 at the 2000 census. It is the county seat of Jackson County (Jackson County, Mississippi).

Pascagoula is a major industrial city of Mississippi, along the Gulf Coast. Prior to World War II, the town was a sleepy fishing village of only about 5,000. The population exploded with the war-driven shipbuilding industry. Although the city's population seemed to peak in the late 1970s and early 1980s as Cold War defense spending was at its height, Pascagoula experienced some new growth and development in the years before Hurricane Katrina. Today, Pascagoula is home to the state’s largest employer, Ingalls Shipbuilding, owned by Huntington Ingalls Industries. Other major industries include one of the largest Chevron refineries in the country; Signal International, an oil platform builder; and Mississippi Phosphates.

Naval Station Pascagoula was located on Singing River Island, and was homeport to several Navy warships, as well as a large Coast Guard (United States Coast Guard) contingent. However, Naval Station Pascagoula was decommissioned as part of the 2005 BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) recommendations and ceased operations in 2006.

The city is served by three airports: Mobile Regional Airport, which is located in nearby Mobile, Alabama; the Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport, about west of Pascagoula; and the Trent Lott International Airport, located within Jackson County.

The mayor of the city is Jim Blevins.

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