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. It averaged , achieved with a Bugatti EB110 Supersport. The record-breaking Bentley was largely standard except for a roll-cage, aerodynamic improvements, and low-temperature fuel and calibration.

radio intelligence

included three major air attacks involving a total of over 6,000 sorties. Finnish anti-aircraft defences managed to repel the raids as only 5% of the dropped bomb (Aerial bomb)s hit their planned targets. Major air attacks also hit Oulu and Kotka but, because of radio intelligence and effective anti-aircraft defence (Anti-aircraft warfare)s, the number of casualties was small.

art development

article date July 2009 '''Oulun Lyseon Lukio''' (Oulu Lyseo Upper Secondary School) is a Finnish school in the city of Oulu in northern Finland. There are about 50 teachers and about 500 students in the high school and 150 in the IB-study programme (2005). Sasken operates out of its headquarters in Bangalore. Besides its '''Global Development Center''' (called ''Fac-Z''), it also has 2 other state of art development centers in Bangalore - at Bagmane Tech Park at C V Raman Nagara (also called ''Fac-B'')and Adarsh Prime Projects on Outer Ring Road (''Fac-A''). Sasken also has development centers at Chennai (''Fac-C''), Pune (''Fac-P'') and Hyderabad. Most of its offices outside India handle sales operations. Since 2006, Sasken also has a globaenter in Monterrey, Mexico (''Fac-Mx''). Sasken has offices at Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad (Hyderabad, India) in India, Kawasaki (Kawasaki, Kanagawa) in Japan, Santa Clara (Santa Clara, California), Plano (Plano, Texas) and Burlington (Burlington, Massachusetts) in USA, Monterrey in Mexico (2005), Saint-Laurent-du-Var in France, Frankfurt and Bochum in Germany and Guildford in UK (United Kingdom). Apart from these, in September 2006, Sasken acquired 100% stake in Botnia Hightech(Now Sasken Finland) headquartered in Kaustinen, Finland, with other offices in Tampere, Oulu and Turku in Finland.On 24 January 07 Sasken entered into a Joint Venture with Tata Autocomp (Tata AutoComp Systems Limited) (A prominent member of Tata Group) known as TACO Sasken Automotive Electronics Pvt Ltd (TSAE). The JV focussed on automotive electronic products in the areas of telematics, infotainment and occupant convenience. The Joint Venture was closed in the year 2009. The constituency is largely rural, and the major cities are Oulu and Kajaani. The dominant party is the Centre (Centre Party (Finland)), which has took half of the available seats since 1991. birth_date commons:Oulu


212 Sep sun 133 Oct sun 69 Nov sun 28 Dec sun 8 source 1 FMI Culture thumb 240px Air Guitar World Championships 2012, Annual event held in Oulu since 1996 (File:20120824- MG 8352.jpg) The best known cultural exports of the city of Oulu

are Air Guitar World Championships (Air guitar), Mieskuoro Huutajat (also known as Screaming Men), and the now defunct metal band Sentenced (Sentenced (band)). Many artists, writers, and musicians live in the city. A variety of concerts—rock, classical, and jazz—as well as other cultural events take place each year. Examples include the Oulu Music Video Festival, the Air Guitar World Championships, and the Musixine Music Film Competition, all in August. In July is the annual

Church * Oulujoki Church * Oulunsalo Church * St. Luke's Chapel (St. Luke's Chapel, Oulu) * Tuira Church * Ylikiiminki Church Other points of interest *Oulu Music Video Festival *Air Guitar World Championships (The Annual Air Guitar World Championship contest) *Jalometalli Metal Music Festival *Madetoja Hall, housing the Oulu Music Centre (website) the residence of the Oulu Symphony Orchestra *Oulu Hall

business studies

Vocational College School of Business Studies is one of the few vocational schools which has game programming in it´s curriculum. Oulu International School is one of nine schools in Finland offering basic education in English. Transport Oulu is served by Oulu Airport, the second largest airport in Finland by passenger volume. It is located south-west of the city centre. The Port of Oulu is one of the busiest harbours on the Bothnian Bay. It includes

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publisher Metal Review accessdate 2010-01-05 <

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foods varying from reindeer meat to Asian specialities. The market and the surrounding 'aitat' (or barns) also offer a variety of souvenir-type items. *

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, Germany Early career Niemi was born in Oulu, Finland and began his career with HJK Helsinki, where he made over 100 appearances in four years, before transferring to FC Copenhagen (F.C. Copenhagen) in 1995. Impressive performances over the next two years saw a transfer to Scotland with Glasgow club Rangers (Rangers F.C.), where he became the first and only player to wear the number 13 shirt for the club in their Scottish Premier League history. commons:Oulu

monumental work

in Swedish source documents. Every once in a while, he sent pleas to king Gustav II Adolph and later to Christina's regency. In these pleas, he swore on his innocence, or referred to his works as reason for pardon. In 1635, he was moved to Oulu, and had his pension doubled. At this time, the government sent him the translator Erik Schroderus, to appraise himself of Messenius' monumental work ''Scondia illustrata'', which treated Sweden's history from the Deluge (mythology) deluge

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, but in America, where there is no official Lutheran church, they founded their own denomination, which split into several sub-groups in the mid-20th Century. Because of doctrinal opinion differences and personality conflicts, the movement split into 19 branches, of which about 15 are active today. The three large main branches are Conservative Laestadianism (corresponds to the Laestadian Lutheran Church, in North America known to other Laestadians as the "Heidemans" after 20th Century leader Paul A. Heideman); the Firstborn (The Firstborn Laestadianism) (in North America, "Old Apostolic Lutheran Church" ("Esikoinens" to other Laestadian denominations); and the ''Rauhan Sana'' ("the Word of Peace") group, known in the USA and Canada as the Apostolic Lutheran Church of America (to other Laestadians, the Michelsons after 20th Century leader Andrew Michelson). These comprise about 90 percent of Laestadians. Other branches are small and some of them inactive. In Finland, the ''Elämän Sana'' ("the Word of life") group, as the most "mainline (Mainline (Protestant))" of the different branches of Laestadianism, has been prominent within the hierarchy of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland: Two members have been elected bishops of Oulu, and one has served as Field Bishop (head chaplain of the Finnish Defence Forces and the equivalent of a Major General). Equipment and technology thumb 150px Birders using a tower hide to gain views over foreground vegetation. Bay of Liminka, south of Oulu (Image:Birdwatchers Liminka Bay 2006 04 14.JPG), Finland. Equipment commonly used for birding includes binoculars, a spotting scope with tripod (Tripod (photography)), a notepad, and one or more field guides. Hides (known as ''blinds'' in North America) or observation towers are often used to conceal the observers from birds, and or to improve viewing conditions. Over the years optics manufacturers have learned that birding binoculars sell, and virtually all have specific binoculars for just that. Some have even geared their whole brand to birders. Alta is twinned (town twinning) with: * commons:Oulu


'''Oulu''' (pronounced

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