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artistic depictions

of a number of references and artistic depictions. A sculpture depicting the two stands in the southern Swedish city of Sölvesborg, created in 1948 by Stig Blomberg. Ask and Embla are depicted on two of the sixteen wooden panels found on the Oslo City Hall in Oslo, Norway by Dagfin Werenskjold.


'' on 1 July 1944) : Operated North Atlantic Route for aircraft, personnel and cargo from Presque Isle AAF to Prestwick Airport, Scotland, via Greenland, Iceland or directly from Nova Scotia. Operated transport routes into Labrador, Northeast Canada and to bases in Greenland. In 1945, it operated a transport route from Iceland to Oslo, Norway, and to Stockholm, Sweden. Recordings *Big Chief Jazzband recorded the tune in Oslo on May 10, 1953

century ancient

in Spitzbergen, the largest island in Svalbard. Ultimately, it is revealed that the characters are dealing with an ancient, fungal parasite that was discovered and used first by the Egyptians and then, later, by eleventh century ancient Celts and Druids as a bioweapon. Had it been used in an attempt at genocide? Viatus International has been infiltrated by the Guild. Together, and with the assistance of Senator Sebastian Gorman, they have put a major part of the U.S. population at risk of contracting an appalling fatal plague. Firstly, by obtaining the fungus, and secondly, by combining it with genetically modified corn. A counteragent must be found. Ultimately, an ancient embalming compound is revealed to be the cure. A surprise twist at the end indicates that perhaps the SIGMA team had been traveling with one of the Guild. Director Painter Crowe plays a major role in this excellent drama, and a tantalising teaser leaves the reader clamouring for the next book. Seems to be about 598 Google hits, and practically zero of them in English. '''Delete''' or '''Give to Norwegian Wiki''' as they don't seem to have a page on it yet. JHMM13 (User:JHMM13) 19:54, 3 December 2005 (UTC) *The information is true. It's a sledging hill in Oslo. Does it deserve an entry? Punkmorten (User:Punkmorten) 20:26, 3 December 2005 (UTC) *'''Weak keep'''; I guess it just barely qualifies, but why did we get it in English before the Norwegian Wiki got it? *Dan T.* (User:Dtobias) 05:35, 5 December 2005 (UTC) birth_date WikiPedia:Oslo Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Oslo Commons:Category:Oslo

vocal training

Christiania . When she was 12 years of age her parents moved to America, settling in Minneapolis (Minneapolis, Minnesota). Even before leaving Christiania, her progress on the piano had been such that she had appeared as an infant prodigy. She began her vocal training in New York with Frederick Bristol in 1890 after singing in church choirs, then studied in Berlin with Lilli Lehmann before making her operatic debut as a mezzo-soprano as Azucena in Verdi's '' Il trovatore

distinct wooden

can also be found in the affluent inner-city suburbs of for instance Frogner and Fagerborg as well as above St.Hanshaugen park. Northern Europe has a distinct '''wooden house''' tradition. Wooden houses are not allowed downtown, but these charming houses can be found in large numbers in villa suburbs such as Bygdøy and Holmenkollen, or former workers' areas such as Rodeløkka, Kampen, Vålerenga, Damstredet, Hellerud or Telthusbakken. Oslo also has many exciting building projects, and the city's

title speed

skating competition. WikiPedia:Oslo Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Oslo Commons:Category:Oslo

translation published

. ''I kjølvannet'', translated as ''In the Wake'' (2002), is a young man's story of losing his family in the ''Scandinavian Star'' ferry disaster in 1990; it won the Brage Prize for 2000. His 2008 novel ''Jeg forbanner tidens elv'' (''I Curse the River of Time'') won The Nordic Council's Literature Prize for 2009, with an English translation published in 2010. On December 2, 2005, conservative newspaper ''Le Figaro'' had revealed the existence of two CIA planes that had landed

support buildings

WikiPedia:Oslo Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Oslo Commons:Category:Oslo

coverage life

and the agriarian sector, with focus on district politics, farming, commentaries and features. It is based in Oslo, with offices in Trondheim and Fagernes, and edited by Mari Velsand. The newspaper relies heavily on freelance journalists for regional coverage. Life Fehn was born in Kongsberg, Buskerud. Grimes, William: ''Sverre Fehn, 84, Architect of Modern Nordic Forms, Dies'', in The New York Times, February 27, 2009 He received his architectural education shortly after World War II in Oslo, a crisis course that would later become an independent school under various names during the next decades, today known as the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. He quickly became the leading Norwegian architect of his generation. On the second leg of the Black Halo World Tour, they visited North America (Canada and the United States), South America (Brazil), and Europe (Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden). On February 11, 2006, the band's live DVD, ''One Cold Winter's Night'' was shot by Patric Ullaeus at Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo, Norway. It was released on November 17, 2006 in Germany, on November 20 in other parts of Europe, and on November 21 in US Canada via SPV Records. political Labour (Norwegian Labour Party) (1887-1990s) Independent headquarters Oslo, Norway editor Arne Strand '''''Dagsavisen''''' is a daily newspaper published in Oslo, Norway. The former party organ of the Norwegian Labour Party, the ties loosened over time from 1975 to 1999, and it is now fully independent. It has borne several names, most famously ''Arbeiderbladet'' from 1923 to 1997. During the night of 24 January 2010, 3 shots were fired through one of the windows of Krekar's apartment in Oslo. The attack was investigated as an assassination attempt. Krekar's son-in-law was mildly injured by one of the bullets. Politiet etterforsker Krekar-angrep som drapsforsøk Aftenposten 2010-01-25. Kurdish groups were cited as possible or likely perpetrators. WikiPedia:Oslo Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Oslo Commons:Category:Oslo

painting oil

under Professor Georg Jakobsen and graduated at the Norwegian National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo. His works span from oil (oil painting), tempera, woodcutting and through to stone mosaics. He was the creator of some of the biggest monumental art decorations in Norway, tapestries (tapestry) in Oslo City Hall, and has been innovative in his art, is represented in the National Gallery, Oslo and has been awarded a number of distinctions, among others HM The King's


name Oslo coatofarms Oslo komm.svg county Oslo idnumber 0301 '''Oslo''' ( ) is the capital and the most populous city (List of towns and cities in Norway) in Norway. Oslo constitutes both a county (Counties of Norway) and a municipality (Municipalities of Norway).

Founded around 1000 AD, and established a "kaupstad" or trading place in 1048 by King Harald III (Harald III of Norway), the city was elevated to a bishopric (diocese of Oslo) in 1070 and a capital under Haakon V (Haakon V of Norway) around 1300. Personal unions with Denmark from 1397 to 1523 (Kalmar Union) and again from 1536 to 1814 (Denmark–Norway) and with Sweden from 1814 to 1905 (Union between Sweden and Norway) reduced its influence. After being destroyed by a fire in 1624, the city was moved closer to Akershus Castle during the reign of King Christian IV (Christian IV of Norway) and renamed '''Christiania''' in his honour. It was established as a municipality (List of municipalities of Norway) (''formannskapsdistrikt'') on 1 January 1838. Following a spelling reform, it was known as '''Kristiania''' from 1877 to 1925, when its original Norwegian name was restored.

Oslo is the economic (Economy of Norway) and governmental (Politics of Norway) centre of Norway. The city is also a hub of Norwegian trade, banking, industry and shipping. It is an important centre for maritime industries and maritime trade in Europe. The city is home to many companies within the maritime sector, some of which are among the world's largest shipping companies, shipbrokers and maritime insurance brokers. Oslo is a pilot city of the Council of Europe and the European Commission intercultural cities programme.

Oslo is considered a global city and ranked "Beta World City" in studies performed by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network in 2008.

As of January 2014 the city of Oslo has a population of 634,000.

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