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and published in 1994. Jon Fosse has written novels, short stories, poetry, children's books, essays and plays. His works have been translated into more than forty languages. He is widely considered as one of the world's greatest contemporary playwrights. Fosse was made a chevalier of the Ordre national du Mérite of France in 2007.


Risberget. Main inspirations were Celtic Frost, Cryptic Slaughter and Slayer's ''Show No Mercy (Show No Mercy (Slayer album))''. In fall 1987, the band changed their name to '''Darkthrone''' and were joined by Dag Nilsen. Ted Skjellum joined in spring of 1988. During 1988 and 1989, the band independently released four demo tapes: ''Land of Frost'', ''A New Dimension'', ''Thulcandra'', and ''Cromlech''. birth_date birth_place Kristiania ( Oslo

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on ''Top of the Pops'' on 1 March, and the public voted to decide the four finalists. The results were announced the following day, but there was no information given on who finished where. On 8 March the final was held, with Gina G winning very easily with her dance number ''Ooh Aah... Just A Little Bit''. The song became an instant hit in the charts, reaching number 1, but not in the Eurovision Contest itself. In Oslo, Gina could only manage 8th place, but was perhaps consoled by her

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'''Fita Bayisa''' (Amharic: ፍታ ባይሳ; born December 15, 1972 in Ambo (Ambo (woreda))), Oromia Sports Reference Database - Fita Bayisa is an Ethiopian long-distance (Long-distance track event) runner (Running), most known for winning a bronze medal on the 5000 metres at the 1992 Summer Olympics (Athletics at the 1992 Summer Olympics). A year before he had won a silver medal at the World Championships in Tokyo (1991 World Championships in Athletics). Before the Olympic Games in Barcelona Bayisa had emerged as the favourite for 10,000 metres, as he had defeated a world-class field at the Bislett Games in Oslo in a time of 27:14.26 min. However, he failed to make an impact on the 10,000 m final, which was won by Khalid Skah. '''Bente Skari''', née '''Martinsen''', (born 10 September 1972 in Oslo) is a former cross country skier from Nittedal, Norway. She is one of the most successful cross country skiers ever. thumb Dornier 328 Dornier 328-110 (Image:City Star Airlines Dornier 328 (TF-CSB).jpg) City Star Airlines started operations on 28 March 2005 with one aircraft flying between Aberdeen, Scotland (Aberdeen Airport) and Oslo (Oslo Gardermoen Airport) in cooperation with and on the AOC of domestic airline Landsflug in Iceland. CSA's owners acquired a controlling share in Landsflug in 2005 ref name "FI" >


, but it might be difficult to discern them. Snøhetta, the Rondane mountain range and all the mountains of Valdres, like Bitihorn can be seen from this summit. To the west many of the summits in Jotunheimen can be admired - most prominent among them from this vantage point - Glittertind, the distant neighbor to the northwest He is particularly noted as a great interpreter of large Romantic (Romantic music) works, for his performances of opera, in particular the operas

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, Kolsåsbanen. It also has its own library, McDonalds, police station and fire station. It has grown to be the second largest centre of the municipality after Sandvika, with small restaurants and shopping centres. History These echoes were first observed in 1927 by civil engineer Jørgen Hals from his home near Oslo, Norway. Hals had repeatedly observed an unexpected second radio echo with a significant time delay after the primary radio echo ended. Unable to account

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: Denmark work publisher United States Department of State accessdate 30 January 2011 Relations between the two countries are friendly.

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in the forests to the northeast of Oslo, near Siggerud. Norway * The Mausoleum located under the ground floor of Akershus Festning in Oslo contains the bodies of Olav V and Haakon VII of Norway. Queen Maud of Norway and Crown Princess Märtha of Norway On October 11, 2008, Rosso and Diesel celebrated the company's 30th anniversary through hosting 17 parties around the world all broadcast live online and spanning across 24 hours. ref name autogenerated19>

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painter Edward Munch. Be aware that some of Edvard Munchs more famous pictures may actually be shown in the National Gallery, so don't complain that "The Scream" is not on display! Included in the Oslo Pass. Munch also produced huge paintings (more than 200 square meters in total) for the grandiose walls of the University of Oslo Aula. Munch's paintings for the Aula are key works within monumental painting and includes iconic paintings ''The Sun'', ''History'' and ''Alma Mater''. The Aula

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, was the subject of much enthusiasm among the graduate students, although the faculty was more cautious, apparently feeling out of their depth. Jebsen's thesis was on electrodynamics within Einstein's special theory and was referred to the closest thing they could find as an "outside expert" on relativity, Carl Wilhelm Oseen at Uppsala University. The '''Sognsvann Line''' ( WikiPedia:Oslo Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Oslo Commons:Category:Oslo


name Oslo coatofarms Oslo komm.svg county Oslo idnumber 0301 '''Oslo''' ( ) is the capital and the most populous city (List of towns and cities in Norway) in Norway. Oslo constitutes both a county (Counties of Norway) and a municipality (Municipalities of Norway).

Founded around 1000 AD, and established a "kaupstad" or trading place in 1048 by King Harald III (Harald III of Norway), the city was elevated to a bishopric (diocese of Oslo) in 1070 and a capital under Haakon V (Haakon V of Norway) around 1300. Personal unions with Denmark from 1397 to 1523 (Kalmar Union) and again from 1536 to 1814 (Denmark–Norway) and with Sweden from 1814 to 1905 (Union between Sweden and Norway) reduced its influence. After being destroyed by a fire in 1624, the city was moved closer to Akershus Castle during the reign of King Christian IV (Christian IV of Norway) and renamed '''Christiania''' in his honour. It was established as a municipality (List of municipalities of Norway) (''formannskapsdistrikt'') on 1 January 1838. Following a spelling reform, it was known as '''Kristiania''' from 1877 to 1925, when its original Norwegian name was restored.

Oslo is the economic (Economy of Norway) and governmental (Politics of Norway) centre of Norway. The city is also a hub of Norwegian trade, banking, industry and shipping. It is an important centre for maritime industries and maritime trade in Europe. The city is home to many companies within the maritime sector, some of which are among the world's largest shipping companies, shipbrokers and maritime insurance brokers. Oslo is a pilot city of the Council of Europe and the European Commission intercultural cities programme.

Oslo is considered a global city and ranked "Beta World City" in studies performed by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network in 2008.

As of January 2014 the city of Oslo has a population of 634,000.

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