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the headquarters of GM Canada and its major manufacturing site. Current industries of note include manufacturing of railway maintenance equipment, mining equipment, steel fabrication, and rubber products. Oshawa is also recognized as an official port of entry for immigration and customs services. Economy Oshawa is headquarters to General Motors Canada, which has large-scale manufacturing and administrative operations in the city and employs many thousands both directly and indirectly. Since Windsor, Ontario houses Chrysler Canada headquarters, the two cities have something of a friendly rivalry for the title of "Automotive Capital of Canada", which is now held by Oshawa. The revenue collection divisions of the Ontario Ministry of Finance occupy one of the few major office buildings in the city's downtown, which continues to struggle despite business improvement efforts. The city's older southern neighbourhoods tend to be considerably less affluent than its more suburban northern sections, which are rapidly expanding as Toronto commuters move in. The southern half of the city consists of industrial zones and compact housing designed for early 20th century industrial workers, while the northern half has a suburban feel more typical of later decades. High wages paid to unionized GM employees have meant that these workers could enjoy a relatively high standard of living, although such jobs are much scarcer today than they once were. During its post-World War II heyday, General Motors offered some of the best manufacturing jobs available in Canada and attracted thousands of workers from economically depressed areas of the country, particularly the Maritimes, Newfoundland (Newfoundland and Labrador), rural Quebec and northern Ontario. The city was also a magnet for European immigrants in the skilled trades, and boasts substantial Polish (Poles), Ukrainian (Ukrainians), Hungarian (Hungarian people), Croatian (Croatian people), German (German people), Slovak and Russian (Russians) ethnic communities. Although the workforce at General Motors of Canada has shrunk dramatically in recent years, the company continues to make significant technology and capital investments at its sites in Oshawa. While the company's once essential role in the local economy has diminished, it remains the largest local employer. Many of its operations have been spun off to contractors. In most cases, new owners at the spun off facilities are not bound by the collective bargaining agreements of the Canadian Auto Workers, and wages at such operations tend to be much lower than at General Motors itself. Oshawa has become one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, although statements to this effect are often in reference to the Census Metropolitan Area, which includes neighbouring Whitby (Whitby, Ontario) and Clarington. Many commuters have been enticed to Oshawa by comparatively low housing prices and the regular rail service into downtown Toronto provided by GO Transit and Via Rail. The growth of subdivisions to house Toronto commuters will likely accelerate when the long-planned Highway 407 (Ontario Highway 407) extension is built across the city's northern tier by late 2015. The trend suggests major social changes for Oshawa, which has long had a vigorous labour union presence and largely blue collar identity. Rising property values and the emergence of land speculation associated with suburban growth have created new dynamics for the local economy. While unchecked growth was largely accepted (even embraced) in the 1980s and 1990s, concern over urban sprawl has emerged. In late 2004, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority announced a plan under which the Oshawa Airport would be closed and its traffic diverted to a major new Toronto reliever airport to be constructed in Pickering (Pickering, Ontario). The Oshawa airport handles occasional traffic related to General Motors (emergency spare parts and executives); GM has indicated that a move of its air traffic to Pickering would not affect its operations. The airport also handles significant general aviation, two flight training facilities, and numerous other aviation and non-aviation related companies, all of which would need to be diverted or relocated. Significant helicopter support services are also provided for police, military, and HydroOne aircraft. The city has considered ambitious proposals to repurpose the airport lands, and in January 2006, significant upgrade work was being performed on the main terminal building by the city, signalling that the city had no immediate plans to close the busy facility, understanding its importance to the community and local economy (injecting $52 million yearly). Additional aviation related construction was also taking place on the airport lands. Climate

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representative per 55,000 people. There has been recent discussion regarding a modification of the city regional council arrangement, with the possibility of reducing city council to six full-time representatives and having the six regional councillors serve on city council. While there is growing support in the business community for such an arrangement, city council has been unreceptive to such ideas. Today, Whitby is the seat of government in Durham Region. It is commonly considered part of the Greater Toronto Area, although statistically it belongs to the greater Oshawa Metropolitan Area (Census Metropolitan Area). They are both in the eastern part of the Golden Horseshoe region. It is part of the census metropolitan area of Oshawa and forms the eastern end of the Greater Toronto Area. Major employers in Clarington include the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station, General Motors in Oshawa, and several medium-to-large sized manufacturing businesses; however, most residents travel to points west in Durham Region or to Toronto for employment.Clarington was a candidate in the race to host ITER in 2001,

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point-to-point microwave (Microwave#Communication) links, whose dish antennae covered the roofs of large buildings. As each new skyscraper was added to the downtown, former line-of-sight links were no longer possible. CN intended to rent "hub" space for microwave links, visible from almost any building in the Toronto area. The CN Tower can be seen from at least as far away as Kennedy Street in Aurora, Ontario, approximately to the north, 60 km east

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-secondary institutions, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Durham College. Together they share the north campus on the northern side of Oshawa. * '''University of Ontario Institute of Technology''', (UOIT) is a relatively new university and is one of the newest universities in Ontario. It offers unique programs that are not commonly found in other schools, such as their "Game Development and Entrepreneurship", "Networking and IT Security" and "Automotive Engineering" programs. * '''Durham College''', next

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''' is located in Oshawa, Ontario within the Durham District School Board. The school has students in grades 9-12 and offers a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities. The Pathway Opportunities offered at Oshawa Central include Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM - pronounced "Shazaam") programs in Culinary Arts, Outdoor Education, and Health Physical Education. '''R S McLaughlin Collegiate and Vocational Institute''' is a secondary school located in Oshawa

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, she contracted rheumatic fever; she and her mother went to live in Birmingham. In 1969, she and her family settled in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. As a teenager, she modeled in Eaton's catalogues and danced on a television series called ''Boogie!'' which ran on Citytv. In 1977, Williams was crowned Miss Black Ontario. align left align left Oshawa, Ontario, Canada 2011 birth_date

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and recognition of their union, the United Auto Workers (Local 222). The then-Liberal government of Mitchell Hepburn, which had been elected on a platform of being the working man's friend, sided with the corporation and brought in armed university students to break up any union agitation. These much-derided "Hepburn's Hussars" and "Sons of Mitches" were never needed as the union refused to be drawn into violent acts. The union and workers had the backing of the local population


'''Oshawa''' (2011 population 149,607; CMA (Census Metropolitan Area) 356,177) Population and dwelling counts, for census metropolitan areas and census agglomerations, 2006 and 2001 censuses - 100% data is a city in Ontario, Canada, on the Lake Ontario shoreline. It lies in Southern Ontario approximately 60 kilometres east of downtown Toronto. It is commonly viewed as the eastern anchor of the Greater Toronto Area and of the Golden Horseshoe. It is the largest municipality in the Regional Municipality of Durham. The name Oshawa originates from the Ojibwa (Anishinaabe language) term ''aazhaway'', meaning "the crossing place" or just "(a)cross". Rayburn, Alan, ''Place Names of Ontario'', Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1997, p. 258. Freelang Ojibwe Dictionary

Oshawa is, as of 2011, the sole "Automotive Capital of Canada" (Self proclaimed), last Macaluso first Grace title Oshawa automotive capital of Canada work Windsor Star online date February 7, 2012 url http: blogs.windsorstar.com 2012 02 07 oshawa-automotive-capital-of-canada accessdate 2012-03-22 having shared the title with Windsor, Ontario in the past (Who holds the title as the first city in Canada to have and produce automobiles). The automobile industry, specifically the Canadian division of General Motors Company (General Motors), known as General Motors Canada, has always been at the forefront of Oshawa's economy. Founded in 1876 as the McLaughlin Carriage Company (McLaughlin automobile), General Motors of Canada's headquarters and major assembly plants are located in the city. The automotive industry was the inspiration for Oshawa's previous mottos: "The City That Motovates Canada", and "The City in Motion". The lavish home of the carriage company's founder, Parkwood Estate, is a National Historic Site of Canada, and a backdrop favoured by numerous film crews, featured in many movies including ''Studio 54 (54 (film))'', ''Billy Madison'', ''Chicago (Chicago (2002 film))'', and ''X-Men (X-Men (film))''. last Orr first Barbara Ramsay title Day trips from Toronto: Getaway ideas for the local traveler publisher Morris Book Publishing LLC year 2011 location Kearney, NE pages 82, 83 url http: books.google.ca books?id dZBMK_4EW5IC&pg PA82&dq %22Parkwood+National+Historic+Site%22&hl en&sa X&ei fKRrT8XJDqPx0gGTirXRBg&ved 0CDsQ6AEwAQ#v onepage&q %22Parkwood%20National%20Historic%20Site%22&f false isbn 978-0-7627-6462-4

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