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website Wayne County, PA - Public Tax Information publisher Wayne County, Pennsylvania accessdate 5 December 2014 This new area was dubbed "Elkview," after Elk Hill (North Knob) (often called Elk Mountain White & Dolph. 137. ) in Tirzah, Pennsylvania (Herrick Township, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania#Communities), which

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;Orson" blank2_name Major Roads blank2_info 22px link Pennsylvania Route 370 (File:PA-370.svg) 22px link Pennsylvania Route 670 (File:PA-670.svg) blank3_name Waterways blank3_info Independent Lake, Lackawanna River (East Branch) (Lackawanna River), Mud Pond,

(partially in Poyntelle, Pennsylvania, and formerly known as Independence Pond or Independent Pond, and sometimes known today

as Lake Independence or Lake Independent


, Pennsylvania Thompson ) 18470 (Union Dale (Union Dale, Pennsylvania)) area_code 570 (Area code 570) blank_name GNIS (Geographic Names Information System) feature ID blank_info 1183050 blank1_name FIPS code (Federal Information Processing Standard) blank1_info 42-127-62600 -57144 ref name "

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; Company page 711 accessdate 17 December 2014 or 1840 founder Merritt Hine named_for Orson C. Chamberlain ref name "Orson Chamberlain

;Goodrich. p. 244. ) of Woodbridge, Connecticut, in either 1831 or 1840. He was the son of David Hine, who relocated to Pennsylvania sometime after his

son was established there. Like many of the early settlers of Wayne County, the elder Hine was a veteran of the Revolutionary War (American Revolutionary War), having served in the Continental Army. In its early days, the settlement was known as Hine's Corners, and was situated around what is now the intersection of Clark and Oxbow Roads. "Hines Corners" long, rises in northern Wayne County near Orson (Orson, Pennsylvania) and flows south-southeast. After a confluence with Johnson Creek, it flows southeast through Prompton Lake reservoir, to its confluence with Van Auken Creek to form the main stem. Gertler, Edward. ''Keystone Canoeing'', Seneca Press, 2004. ISBN 0-9749692-0-6

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with PA-370 (Pennsylvania Route 370)), or as the location of Independent Lake Camp (ILC), since ILC's reputation and commercial reach, like those of most rural (Rural area) American summer camps (Summer camp#United States), extend

as Lake Independence or Lake Independent

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Reunion 2013 last Wilcock first Michael date 22 March 2013 website Facebook publisher Facebook, Inc. accessdate 7 December 2014 and is the name by which it is known exclusively today. On September 13, 2001, the owners of ILC purchased land on a nameless hill to the south of the lakefront.

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been known as New England Experience, and had been located in Avon, Connecticut, from 1983 to 1992.

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. location New York publisher A. Pomeroy & Co. page 16 The population subsisted in large part on agriculture (Agriculture in the United States), dairying (Dairy farming#United States), and ice harvesting, the last of which was facilitated by the large number of lakes in the area. The Hine's Corners United Methodist Church

, and several hotels and stores, created in large part to serve the influx of people brought to and through Orson by the O&W. Summer camp industry The depot was abandoned in 1957 after the O&W went bankrupt (Bankruptcy), and this event largely marked the end of Orson's importance outside of its contiguity. Many of the village's business establishments closed soon after the railroad did, with the notable exception of the summer camps that would

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June 1924 accessdate 17 December 2014 and 1927, Nehantic moved to the western bank of Independent Lake, in Orson, and was an important part of the community's economy ref name "Steffen

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Stations author date 2014 website Pennsylvania Railroad Stations Past & Present publisher Dan West accessdate 4 November 2014 the latter being a variant name (Variant name (geography)) for Belmont Corners. The Orson Belmont depot, which had the call letters (Call sign) "BM," was located a few yards south of what is now the intersection of Belmont Turnpike

Orson, Pennsylvania

'''Orson''' is a village (Local government in Pennsylvania#Village) in Preston Township (Preston Township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania), Wayne County (Wayne County, Pennsylvania), Pennsylvania. It was once an important depot (Train station) of the Scranton Division of the New York, Ontario & Western (O&W) Railway (New York, Ontario and Western Railway#History), but today, when it is known outside of its immediate vicinity, it is largely for being the site of the intersection (Intersection (road)) of two state roads (List of State Routes in Pennsylvania), Belmont Turnpike (partially concurrent (Concurrency (road)) with Pennsylvania Route 670, or PA-670) and Crosstown Highway (entirely concurrent with PA-370 (Pennsylvania Route 370)), or as the location of Independent Lake Camp (ILC), since ILC's reputation and commercial reach, like those of most rural (Rural area) American summer camps (Summer camp#United States), extend beyond the community in which the camp is physically located.

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