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as a town has eight churches: ** church of Saint Michael ** church of Holy Ghost ** church of Saint Rock ** church of Saint Peter ** church of Saint Luca ** church of Saint Mary ** Franciscan Monastery with church of Our Lady of Carmel ** church of Saint Stephan and ** remains of church of Saint John in Borak. *Other summertime cultural activities include: ** " Jure's poplars " ** " Fishing nights " ** " Swimming marathon " ** " Omiš triathlon " ** "


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( . Name It is supposed that the name of this city, ''Omiš'', developed from the Slavic ''Holm'', ''Hum'' as a translation from the Illyrian (Illyrian language) - Greek (Greek language) word ''Onaion'', ''Oneon'', meaning "hill" or "place on the hill", but there is also the possibility that the name


, population 140 * Slime (Slime, Croatia), population 270 * Smolonje, population 79 * Srijane, population 270 * Stanići (Stanići, Croatia), population 534 * Svinišće, population 98 * Trnbusi, population 162 * Tugare, population 885 * Zakučac, population 148 * Zvečanje, population 202 Tourist attractions thumb 250px Pirate battle 2009 Click to enlarge (File:Gusarska bitka.jpg) The Omiš Riviera stretches for twenty kilometers (

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; Pirate nights " ** " Pirate battle " ** " Crazy dives " International relations San Felice del Molise

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in the Dalmatian coastal town of Omiš. Commons:Category:Omiš

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in the Dalmatian coastal town of Omiš. Commons:Category:Omiš

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in the Dalmatian coastal town of Omiš. Commons:Category:Omiš

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, located five kilometers ( ) up to the canyon of Cetina River, is an excursion picnic place famous for bread baked under an iron lid (''peka'') and for fresh trout that can be caught from the river. The Cetina River is a great place for those who like active holidays (white water rafting, canoeing and kayaking). Recreational activities, in Omiš, also include: free climbing, cycling, tennis, football (soccer), basketball, 9-pin bowling, bocce

festival festival

, paragliding, beach volleyball, windsurfing, water-skiing, sea kayaking, waterpolo and scuba diving. Culture 200px thumb left Omiš Festival of Dalmatian a cappella singing groups Click to enlarge (File:omis-klape.jpg) Omiš is best known for the traditional klapa music festival - Festival of the Dalmatian a cappella singing groups (Festival dalmatinskih klapa Omiš).

popular music

tz0TTJqRBcfJcdvtmbsM&sa X&oi book_result&ct result&resnum 5&ved 0CEAQ6AEwBDgK#v onepage&q Omis&f false Mediterranean Mosaic: Popular Music and Global Sounds ''by'' Goffredo Plastino indexeng This festival is the highlight of Omiš's summer, the expression of the town's beauty. Omiš's Summer Festival - during which various concerts and recitals are performed - takes place at the plazas and in churches. *Omiš


thumb 260px Cetina River bridge (File:Most na Cetini, Omiš - jug.jpg)

'''Omiš''' ( .

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