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: faces tableservices jsf pages productview.xhtml?pid ACS_11_5YR_DP02 title Community Facts – Selected Social Characteristics in the United States – 2007–2011 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates – Washington, state publisher United States Census Bureau date April 1, 2010 accessdate April 25, 2013 Omak's schools are administered by the county's largest educational district, Omak School District, which operate two mainstream high schools, one mainstream middle

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operates a Main Street Historical Tour in the central business district. A local recreational complex comprises a Native American wooden sculpture area.

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economy is experiencing significant growth, according to the County of Okanogan. SR 20 Business '''SR 20 Business''' was a bannered route through Okanagan (Okanogan, Washington) and Omak (Omak, Washington) that followed the former route of SR 20 and US 97 (US Route 97), while SR 20 bypasses the cities along with US 97 along the East Bank of the Columbia River. This route has been replaced with SR 215 (Washington State Route 215). *KQWC-FM, a radio station on 95.7 MHz (Megahertz) licensed to Webster City (Webster City, Iowa), Iowa, United States *KQWS, an FM (FM broadcasting) radio station on 90.1 MHz (Megahertz) licensed to Omak, Washington, United States *KQWY, an FM (FM broadcasting) radio station on 96.3 MHz (Megahertz) licensed to Lusk (Lusk, Wyoming), Wyoming, United States


(USGS). The Moses Mountain, with a summit, sits east of the city, Cushman (1918) (#Cushman), p. 14. while Little Moses Mountain, located above sea level, are adjacent to the Moses Mountain.

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it a gender balance close to national averages with 14.8 percent male and 11.9 percent female. The racial makeup was dominated by white

aged 65 or over. The cost of living rate is 85.5 per unit, less than state and national averages. During the 2007–2011 American Community Survey, the city had a per capita income of $17,785 and an average income of $31,649 per household.

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business park, is bordered by U.S. Route 97 from the east. The city's residential neighborhoods


West date July 1, 2012 accessdate June 15, 2013 The Valley Lanes bowling alley serves the city and has hosted intrastate competitions,

Omak, Washington

'''Omak''' ( , Omak is the largest municipality of Okanogan County (Okanogan County, Washington) and the largest municipality in Central Washington north of Wenatchee (Wenatchee, Washington). The Greater Omak Area (Greater Omak) of around 8,229 inhabitants as of the 2010 census (2010 United States Census) is the largest urban cluster (United States urban area) in the Okanogan Country (Okanagan Country) region, encompassing most of its twin city (twin cities (geographical proximity)) of Okanogan (Okanogan, Washington). The population has increased significantly since the 1910 census (1910 United States Census), reporting 520 residents just prior to incorporation (municipal corporation) in 1911.

The land that is now Omak had been inhabited by various Native American (Native Americans in the United States) tribes before the arrival of non-indigenous (indigenous peoples) settlers in the early 19th century. The city began to develop after the completion of the Okanogan Irrigation Project affecting the Grand Coulee Dam and other nearby electric facilities. The housing and municipal infrastructure, along with regional infrastructure connecting the new town (planned community) to other municipalities, were built simultaneously in 1908 supported by the local agricultural industry (Agriculture in the United States). The name Omak comes from the Okanagan (Okanagan language) placename umák , . Omak acts as the gateway to the Okanogan National Forest and consists of a central business district and residential neighborhoods.

Omak is a code city (city government in Washington (state)) governed by a seven-member council (local government) and the state's 4th district (Washington's 4th congressional district). Omak's economy is dominated by the primary industries (primary industry) of agriculture and forestry, although economic diversification has occurred with sawmills and recreational tourism. Nearby recreational destinations include walking trails, state parks (List of Washington state parks) and national forests (U.S. National Forest), such as Conconully State Park, Bridgeport State Park and Osoyoos Lake State Park. The city is home to a weekly newspaper, the ''Omak–Okanogan County Chronicle'', and a Wenatchee Valley College campus. Standards for education in Omak are higher than the state's average, though drugs and alcohol remains a problem among students. The prominent U.S. Route 97 (U.S. Route 97 in Washington) intersects in town, while Washington State Route 155, as well as Washington State Route 215, connects the city to Okanogan (Okanogan, Washington) and Nespelem (Nespelem, Washington), respectively. By road, Omak is located approximately from Kelowna, British Columbia.

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