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of Colorado at Colorado Springs . He returned to Rice in 1986 to become provost of the university, a position he held for six years. Biography Henderson was raised by his teenage mother in the eastside of Austin, Texas. In 1969, he moved to Oklahoma City to live with his grandmother for a more stable environment. Although he became an all-city defensive end, he was not recruited by colleges. After graduation he joined the Air Force (United States Air Force), but quit before being sworn in. He had a brief period of depression. Henderson attended and played college football at the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) school Langston University. Gil Brandt, the chief scout of the Dallas Cowboys, noticed him and selected him in the 1st round (18th overall) of the 1975 NFL Draft. http: www.dallascowboys.com team draft_history_1970.cfm The Oklahoma City plant employed 2,400 people — 2,200 hourly and 200 salaried — but economists estimated that as many as 7,500 jobs in the area could be affected, including those at GM suppliers and secondary jobs, like hotel and restaurant workers. Aviation cadet In the summer of 1941, Johnson enlisted as an aviation cadet in the United States Army, and entered the service at Oklahoma City on November 11, 1941, as a member of Class 42F. Pre-Flight training was conducted at Kelly Field (Kelly Air Force Base), Texas, beginning November 12 and was still in progress when the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (Attack on Pearl Harbor) thrust the United States into World War II. When the college was in the Houston Heights, it tried to establish a campus by buying houses and tearing them down. In 1984 the university announced that it was moving to Oklahoma City. Not all of the officials wanted to move to Oklahoma. Moore, Louis. "Ecumenism the byword on high-rise college campus." ''Houston Chronicle''. Saturday August 31, 1985. Religion 1. Retrieved on September 25, 2011. birth_date commons:Category:Oklahoma City

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state championship in 1998 against the Tishomingo Indians. In the process, Colton and Welker set multiple state passing and receiving records, respectively. After leaving his hometown of Oklahoma City to attend Southern Methodist University, Colton began writing and performing songs in Dallas pubs and coffee houses. During this time, Colton perceived an appreciable demand for his music, “I would return to my college dorm room and have e-mails from

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; commons:Category:Oklahoma City

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Oklahoma. There are numerous community and international newspapers locally that cater to the city's ethnic mosaic; such as ''The Black Chronicle (Black Chronicle)'', headquartered in the Eastside (Eastside, Oklahoma City), the OK VIETIMES and ''Oklahoma Chinese Times'', located in Asia District (Asia District, Oklahoma City), and various Hispanic community publications. ''The Campus'' is the student newspaper at Oklahoma City University. Gay publications

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industry in the form of meat packing. Oklahoma City business leaders began campaigning soon after statehood to make Oklahoma City the new state capital, and in 1910 a special election was held to determine the location of the state capital. 96,488 votes were cast for Oklahoma City; 31,031 for Guthrie; and 8,382 for Shawnee (Shawnee, Oklahoma).

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, the Portland State Vikings men's basketball team has played home games in the Rose Garden; currently, the team plays its home games in the Peter Stott Center on the PSU campus. commons:Category:Oklahoma City

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. For example, during Predators games on FSN South, Weber promotes the Best Damn Sports Show Period as "B.D.S.S.P." According to Emerson, the impetus for the film came in 1992, when he happened to come across a conference of Arab youths in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After gaining entrance by pretending to be Muslim, Emerson said that he found tables of pro-terrorism literature from groups such as Hamas and heard speeches calling for death to Americans. airdate June 6, 1949 (1949 in television) location Oklahoma City, Oklahoma callsign_meaning Refers to former analog channel (and current virtual channel), 4 Groeschel was born in Houston, Texas and grew up in southern Oklahoma, attending Ardmore High School. After high school, he attended Oklahoma City University, where he was a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. Craig attended for four years on an athletic scholarship, and received a Bachelor's degree in Marketing. Shortly thereafter, he met his wife Amy, and the two married in 1991. That same year, Groeschel entered the ministry as an associate pastor in the United Methodist Church. He attended Phillips Theological Seminary, which is affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and secured a Master of Divinity degree. He was an associate pastor at First United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City when it was damaged in the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing. Emily M. Bernstein, "Terror in Oklahoma: The Displaced; Its Building Is Shattered, But Church Survives", ''New York Times'', April 24, 1995. Julie DelCour, "Public Chapel to Open At Site of OC Church", ''Tulsa World'', June 22, 1995. History In January 1996, Life Church began in Oklahoma City with 40 congregants meeting together "in a two-car garage, equipped with just a borrowed overhead projector and two construction lights purchased at Lowe's (Lowes) for $19.99." commons:Category:Oklahoma City

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, the Oklahoma City Community College Bruce Owen Theater and the 488-seat Petree Recital Hall, at the Oklahoma City University campus. The university also opened the Wanda L Bass School of Music and auditorium in April 2006. The Science Museum Oklahoma (formerly Kirkpatrick Science and Air Space Museum at Omniplex) houses exhibits on science, aviation, and an IMAX theater. The museum formerly housed the International Photography Hall

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). In addition, OKCPS's Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School was named the top middle school in the state according to the Academic Performance Index, and recently received the Blue Ribbon School (National Blue Ribbon Schools Program) Award, in 2004 and again in 2011. Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School (Retrieved January 26, 2010). KIPP Reach College Preparatory School in Oklahoma City

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Historic Landmark . Although the title of the movie is Elizabethtown, most of the small town scenes were actually filmed in Versailles, Kentucky. Only two scenes portraying distinctive landmarks were filmed in Elizabethtown (Elizabethtown, Kentucky) itself because many of Elizabethtown's historic buildings have been replaced by chain stores and sprawl. A few scenes were filmed in LaGrange, Kentucky. Other local scenes were filmed in Otter Creek Park in Meade County, Kentucky

Oklahoma City

'''Oklahoma City''' is the capital and largest city of the state (U.S. state) of Oklahoma. The county seat of Oklahoma County (Oklahoma County, Oklahoma), and the Oklahoma City-Shawnee (Shawnee, Oklahoma) Combined Statistical Area had a population of 1,390,835 residents, making it Oklahoma's largest metropolitan area. Oklahoma City's city limits extend into Canadian (Canadian County, Oklahoma), Cleveland (Cleveland County, Oklahoma), and Pottawatomie (Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma) counties, though much of those areas outside of the core Oklahoma County area are suburban or rural (watershed (Drainage basin)). The city ranks as the eighth-largest city in the United States by land area (List of United States cities by area) (including consolidated city-counties (Consolidated city–county); it is the second-largest city in the United States by land area whose government is not consolidated with that of a county).

Oklahoma City features one of the largest livestock markets in the world. Knapp, Adam. Stockyards City district at About.com (Retrieved April 29, 2010) Oil, natural gas, petroleum products and related industries are the largest sector of the local economy. The city is situated in the middle of an active oil field and oil derricks dot the capitol grounds. The federal government (Federal government of the United States) employs large numbers of workers at Tinker Air Force Base and the United States Department of Transportation's Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (these two sites house several offices of the Federal Aviation Administration and the Transportation Department's Enterprise Service Center, respectively).

Oklahoma City is on the I-35 Corridor as one of the primary travel corridors into neighboring Texas and Mexico. Located in the Frontier Country (Central Oklahoma) region of the state, the city's northeast section lies in an ecological region known as the Cross Timbers. The city was founded during the Land Run of 1889, and grew to a population of over 10,000 within hours of its founding. The city was the scene of the April 19, 1995 bombing (Oklahoma City bombing) of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, in which 168 people died. It was the deadliest terror attack in the history of the United States until the attacks of September 11, 2001, and remains the deadliest act of domestic terrorism (Domestic terrorism in the United States) in U.S. history.

Since the time weather records (List of weather records) have been kept, Oklahoma City has been struck by nine strong tornadoes, eight F EF4s and one F5.

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