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, on the new junction which has recently replaced a roundabout in May 2008. It is east-west traffic on the A52 that causes Grantham the most problems, not least to two of its frequently-hit railway bridges. The east-west bypass

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and Maidenhead Windsor and Maidenhead  · Wokingham (Wokingham (district)) · York ! 55 The original run was taped at Central's Lenton Lane studios in Nottingham, and the setup was a little different from America. The new version has a slightly different set from the original, and it has a new theme tune. The grand prize has also been upped to £5,000. British ''Fun House (Fun House (game show))'' announcer Gary King (Gary King (radio)) replaced Bobby Bragg

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There are also three community radio stations serving the city. Faza FM on 97.1FM, has been broadcasting since 2002 and is aimed at Asian women and their families. Dawn FM on 107.6FM used to share its broadcast hours with Faza, but in 2006 became a separate service in its own right – broadcasting news, current affairs and music of relevance to the Asian (specifically Islamic) community within the city. Kemet Radio on 97.5, launched in 2007 and broadcasts urban music while also serving the Afro-Caribbean community. Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Nottinghamshire Nottingham Commons:Category:Nottingham


, ''' was the first major stage in the mechanisation of the textile industry, and played an important part in the early history of the Industrial Revolution. Background and family He was born into a wealthy Nottingham family in 1896. He was the son of Sir Thomas Stanley Birkin, 2nd Bt. and Hon. Margaret Diana Hopetoun Chetwynd. In childhood, Henry Birkin gained the nickname "Tim", after the children's comic book character Tiger Tim, created by Julius Stafford Baker, who was extremely popular at the time. The nickname stuck right up to Birkin's death. Seirawan was born in Damascus, Syria, to an Arab father and English (England) mother and lived for a short time in Nottingham before immigrating with his family to the United States in 1967. He began playing chess aged twelve years and captured the Washington (Washington (U.S. state)) junior (Junior (chess)) championship soon thereafter, in 1973 (1973 in sports). Seirawan honed his game over the years following at a Seattle coffeehouse frequented by Latvian chess master '''Viktors Pupols''' before winning the world junior championship at the age of nineteen. Seirawan defeated Swiss (Switzerland) Grandmaster '''Viktor Korchnoi''', then the world's second-ranked (Elo rating) player, in a tournament in 1980 (1980 in sports) and was invited to train with Korchnoi in Switzerland in preparation for the latter's 1981 world championship rematch (Viktor Korchnoi#Second World Championship match against Karpov) with Russian Grandmaster '''Anatoly Karpov'''; Seirawan would himself defeat world champion Karpov in 1982 (1982 in sports). Having won the United States championship jointly with '''Walter Browne''' in 1981 (1981 in sports), Seirawan won the title outright in 1986 (1986 in sports) and was a member of the bronze medal-winning United States team at the Chess Olympiad contested in Dubai in that year. At 24 years of age, Botvinnik was competing on equal terms with the world's elite, chalking up international tournament successes in some of the strongest tournaments of the day. First (equal with Salo Flohr) at Moscow 1935, ahead of Emanuel Lasker and Capablanca. First (equal with Capablanca) at Nottingham in 1936 and third (behind Reuben Fine and Paul Keres) at the prestigious AVRO tournament of 1938. In 1941, he won a tournament designating him the title of "Absolute Champion of the U.S.S.R". Botvinnik defeated Paul Keres and future world champion Vassily Smyslov, amongst other strong Soviet grandmasters such as Isaac Boleslavsky and Andor Lilienthal, to win the title. He made his Test debut in the first match of the Ashes series at Trent Bridge, Nottingham. He took match figures of 2 65, his first wicket being Jack Hobbs, and in his first Test innings as a batsman, he hit the first ball for a boundary but was dismissed off the next ball, before scoring 49 in the second innings as Australia chased 428 for victory. Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Nottinghamshire Nottingham Commons:Category:Nottingham


;independent1" Her death came in a manner similar to what later became Shipman's own modus operandi: in the later stages

working part

cameras used in studios 3 and 4 at BBC Television Centre, Shepherd's Bush, were moved into the newly renamed "BBC Elstree Centre", along with ATV Central's old EMI 2001s that were repairable. As stated above, any working part from the more damaged EMI 2001s were kept as spares. Meanwhile, the BBC replaced the BBC Television Centre studio 3 and 4 cameras with Link 125 tube cameras. Various BBC studios around the country, including Elstree and TV Centre studio 1 kept the EMI 2001s up until 1991, as their picture quality was generally considered by the BBC to be superior to pictures produced by other brands of camera. Elstree's first new cameras were to be Thomson (Thomson SA) TTV-1531s, one of the last plumbicon (Video camera tube#Plumbicon)-tubed cameras to be made - being replaced in the mid-1990s with Thomson TTV-1542 and TTV-1647 lightweight cameras using, the then-new camera technology of CCDs (Charge-coupled device). Widescreen was introduced in 1999 using Philips Thomson LDK 100s. History Hucknall Town were renamed from Hucknall Colliery Welfare in 1987 and for the next two seasons finished first in the Notts Alliance. They moved into the Central Midlands League where they finished first in both 1989–90 and 1990–91 and runners up in 1991–92 to Lincoln United (Lincoln United F.C.). The league cup was also won in all three seasons with the losing finalists being the now defunct Crookes, Nottingham neighbours Arnold Town (Arnold Town F.C.) and Nettleham (Nettleham F.C.). Towards London By the 1890s construction of the company's so-called "Derbyshire Lines" had continued, including a station at Chesterfield, and trains via Annesley running into the GNR's Nottingham London Road. In 1889, Watkin wrote to the Great Northern soliciting its support for a line from Nottingham to the Metropolitan which, by that time, had extended to Aylesbury, in co-operation, if need be, with the Midland and the LNWR. The following year the GNR declined and, in spite of its somewhat shaky finances, the MS&LR submitted the Bill for the extension in 1891. Watkin and his co-directors set out to gather support which came from a number of influential businessmen and councillors in the area it would serve. In 1859 local Militia units (Predecessors of the Territorial Army (Territorial Army (United Kingdom))), were organised into a nationwide Volunteer Reserve Force. The first unit of the ACF to be formed was the Robin Hood Rifles formed by Octavia Hill on Castle Green in Nottingham in 1859. These new Volunteer units formed Cadet Companies and eight public schools formed independent cadet units (fore-runners of the Combined Cadet Force). The late Victorian period was when the time of social change began to take hold in Britain and a Mr Adam Gray who was considered to be a pioneer (Innovator) in Social Work founded Independent Cadet Corps units. Birmingham, Bradford (City of Bradford), Bristol, Canterbury (City of Canterbury), Chester (Chester (district)), Coventry, Exeter, Kingston upon Hull, Leeds (City of Leeds), Leicester, Liverpool, the City of London, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne, Norwich (Norwich, England), Nottingham, Oxford, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Stoke-on-Trent, the City of Westminster and York (City of York). The diocese covers an area of Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Nottinghamshire Nottingham Commons:Category:Nottingham

numerous talent

didn't enjoy these lessons at the time, although they were to come in handy during his later life. During this period, Eric Bartholomew won numerous talent contests, most notably in Hoylake in 1940, the prize for which was an audition with Jack Hylton. Also present was another young talent named Ernest Wiseman, already a familiar voice from Arthur Askey's radio series ''Band Waggon''. This was the first meeting of what was to become one

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for event handling. On 27 February 2002, a monthly membership service was introduced, allowing access to additional features including new areas, quests, and items not available to free users. - Nottingham Nottinghamshire EGNA   ''Hucknall Airfield'' Public 2,838 Grass - In England there are three main groups of continuing Congregationalists. These are the Congregational

ancient music

, writer and musicologist, well known as the founder of the Academy of Ancient Music. birth_date birth_place Nottingham, England instrument Drums (Drum kit), percussion (Percussion instrument) DATE OF BIRTH 29 June 1948 PLACE OF BIRTH Nottingham, England


'''Nottingham''' ( ) is a city (city status in the United Kingdom) in the ceremonial county of Nottinghamshire in the East Midlands of England.

Nottingham is known for its links to the legend of Robin Hood and for its lace-making, bicycle and tobacco industries. It was granted its city charter in 1897 as part of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

In 2013, Nottingham had an estimated population of 310,837 with the wider urban area (Nottingham Urban Area), which includes many of the city's suburbs, having a population of 729,977. The population of the Nottingham Derby metropolitan area is estimated to be 1,543,000.

Nottingham is a popular tourist destination; in 2011, visitors spent over £1.5 billion - the sixth highest amount in England.

Culturally, there are two large-capacity theatres, numerous museums and art galleries, the Broadway Cinema, the Savoy Cinema, Nottingham and several live music venues, including the Nottingham Arena and Rock City (Rock City (club)), both of which regularly host major UK and international artists. The city also hosts two music festivals annually - Dot to Dot (Dot to Dot Festival), which takes place in various city centre venues over the course of a weekend every May, and Splendour (Splendour in Nottingham), in Wollaton Park each July.

Nottingham has an award-winning public transport system, https: 2014 11 hat-trick-of-prestigious-award-wins-for-nottingham-city-transport including the largest publicly owned bus network in England south-west of the city.

Over 61,000 students attend the city's two universities, Nottingham Trent (Nottingham Trent University) and the University of Nottingham.

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