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CP (Parish)" Until the 1960s there had not been any building in the village for 100 years. Widmerpool is also a name used for the disreputable character of Anthony Powell's novels including "A Dance to the Music of Time". The connection between the village and the character can be explored at Kenneth Widmerpool. '''Lady Bay Bridge''' is a road bridge of two lanes that spans the River Trent in West Bridgford, Nottingham. It is the bridge following (downstream) from Trent Bridge (Trent Bridge (bridge)) and connects the main thoroughfare of Radcliffe Road (on the south side) with Meadow Lane (on the north side). thumb right 250px (Image:RoHood.jpg) '''Robin Hood''' bicycles is an English manufacturer (Manufacturing). Made in Nottingham by the Raleigh Bicycle Company many of whose bicycles were imported into the United States. Best known for their three speeds they were an economy line for Raleigh (Raleigh Bicycle Company). They also imported racing bikes (Racing bicycle) as the Lenton Sports. The 2nd match of the 1989 series at Trent Bridge, Nottingham was a tie with both England and Australia (Australian cricket team) scoring 226 from 55 overs. Overseas R&D centres Possessing valuable IP (intellectual property), some R&D centres are more-valuable if located in secure, overseas locations. Chang'an has R&D centres in Nottingham, England; Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Nottinghamshire Nottingham Commons:Category:Nottingham

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GorillaBus operates services to Liverpool, Manchester, Yorkshire and Birmingham. Prices start at £1, and must be pre-booked online. National Express provides cheap advance tickets on a Nottingham-London route, often for as little as a pound each way if booked early enough online. National Express also offers cheap tickets (called funfares) to many other major cities from Nottingham. Get around By bus Nottingham has extensive bus services provided by two main companies, http

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Diurnall'' newsbook from 1642 to 1655. isbn 1-904994-10-5 page 267 1972, Nottingham, England) is an English (English people) singer (singing). The Epigram prototype was implemented by Conor McBride based on joint work with James McKinna. Its development is continued by the Epigram group in Nottingham, Durham, St Andrews and Royal Holloway in the UK (United Kingdom). The current experimental implementation of the Epigram system is freely available together with a user manual, a tutorial and some background material. The system has been used under Linux, Windows (Microsoft Windows) and Mac OS X. - 30 Nottingham 4,111 Unitary authority (Unitary authorities of England), City (1897) Nottinghamshire - '''Bunny''' is a village and civil parish in the Rushcliffe borough of Nottinghamshire, England. The parish has a population of around 600. It is on the A60 (A60 road) Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Nottinghamshire Nottingham Commons:Category:Nottingham

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to Meadow Lane for home matches. Ice skating The city was the birthplace and training location for ice dancers Torvill and Dean, who won Gold at the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics (1984 Winter Olympics); their performance is the only one to have obtained a perfect 6.0 score from all on the judging

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title Stage: Classic Thriller Season url http: entertainment Stage-Classic-Thriller-Season article-246014-detail article.html work Derby Evening Telegraph date 2008-08-01 accessdate 2008-08-01 He also appeared in the film ''Adulthood (Adulthood (film))'', written and directed by fellow ''Doctor Who'' actor Noel Clarke. As of 30 January 2010, Briggs is currently presenting the 7th Dimension on BBC Radio 4 Extra.

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in early 1842. Inspired by how the ''Weekly Chronicle'' always sold more copies when it featured an illustration, he had the idea of publishing a weekly newspaper that would contain pictures in every edition. Ingram's initial idea was that it would concentrate on crime reporting, as per the later ''Illustrated Police News (The Illustrated Police News)'', but his collaborator, engraver Henry Vizetelly, convinced him that a newspaper covering more general news would enjoy greater

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. The area has a population of just over 1 million. alias origin Nottingham, England genre Sludge metal Post-hardcore Noise rock '''Fudge Tunnel''' were a band formed in Nottingham, England by Alex Newport, David Ryley and Adrian Parkin. After two critically acclaimed singles (single (music)) on Pigboy Records ("Fudge Tunnel" in 1989, "The Sweet Sound of Excess" in 1990


'''Nottingham''' ( ) is a city (city status in the United Kingdom) in the ceremonial county of Nottinghamshire in the East Midlands of England.

Nottingham is known for its links to the legend of Robin Hood and for its lace-making, bicycle and tobacco industries. It was granted its city charter in 1897 as part of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

In 2013, Nottingham had an estimated population of 310,837 with the wider urban area (Nottingham Urban Area), which includes many of the city's suburbs, having a population of 729,977. The population of the Nottingham Derby metropolitan area is estimated to be 1,543,000.

Nottingham is a popular tourist destination; in 2011, visitors spent over £1.5 billion - the sixth highest amount in England.

Culturally, there are two large-capacity theatres, numerous museums and art galleries, the Broadway Cinema, the Savoy Cinema, Nottingham and several live music venues, including the Nottingham Arena and Rock City (Rock City (club)), both of which regularly host major UK and international artists. The city also hosts two music festivals annually - Dot to Dot (Dot to Dot Festival), which takes place in various city centre venues over the course of a weekend every May, and Splendour (Splendour in Nottingham), in Wollaton Park each July.

Nottingham has an award-winning public transport system, https: 2014 11 hat-trick-of-prestigious-award-wins-for-nottingham-city-transport including the largest publicly owned bus network in England south-west of the city.

Over 61,000 students attend the city's two universities, Nottingham Trent (Nottingham Trent University) and the University of Nottingham.

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