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the first British Ambassador to Ireland. * 29 April — Major de Courcy Wheeler, the man who accepted the surrender of Patrick Pearse in 1916, presents President Seán T. O'Kelly with Pearse's revolver at a special function at Áras an Uachtaráin. * 3 May — The British Government passes an act guaranteeing the position of Northern Ireland as part of the United Kingdom as long as a majority of its citizens want it to be. The government also recognises the existence of the Republic

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Northern Ireland international (Northern Ireland national football team) and is most associated with Manchester City (Manchester City F.C.), for whom he played in three different divisions including the Premier League. He also played for Swindon Town (Swindon Town F.C.), West Ham United (West Ham United F.C.), Ipswich Town (Ipswich Town F.C.), Doncaster Rovers (Doncaster Rovers F.C.) and Mansfield Town (Mansfield Town F.C.). Horlock was well known for his accurate set pieces and is particularly skilled at taking free kicks. Biography Loyd grew up in Churt on the Hampshire Surrey border and attended St Edmunds School, Hindhead and Eton College. He joined the Royal Green Jackets and served with the British Army in Northern Ireland and the first Persian Gulf war. '''Whitehead''' is a small seaside town on the east coast of County Antrim, Northern Ireland, lying almost midway between the towns of Carrickfergus and Larne. It lies within the civil parishes of Island Magee and Templecorran, the barony of Belfast Lower, and is part of Carrickfergus Borough Council. Before the Plantation of Ulster its name was recorded as both Whitehead and Kinbaine ( WikiPedia:Northern Ireland Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom Northern Ireland commons:Northern Ireland

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by students' fees, although it is often more loosely used to refer to any independent school. Independent schools are also known as ''private schools'', and the latter is the correct term in Scotland and Northern Ireland for all such fee-funded schools. Strictly, the term ''public school'' is not used in Scotland and Northern Ireland in the same sense as in England, but nevertheless Gordonstoun, the Scottish private school which Charles, Prince of Wales attended, is sometimes referred to as a ''public school''. Government-funded schools in Scotland and Northern Ireland are properly referred to as ''state schools''—but are sometimes confusingly referred to as ''public schools'' (with the same meaning as in the US); whereas in the US, where most public schools are administered by local governments, a ''state school'' is typically a college or university (State university system) run by one of the states (U.S. state). The UK use of the term "public" school is in contrast with "private" education, i.e. to be educated privately with a tutor. ^ "public education". Oxford English Dictionary. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press. 1971. " PUBLIC 4b. This tactic was used again by the Provisional IRA during the Troubles in Northern Ireland (1969–present). Killing of RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary) officers and assassination of RUC politicians was one of a number of methods used in the Provisional IRA campaign 1969–1997. The IRA also attempted to assassinate British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher by bombing the Conservative Party Conference in a Brighton hotel. Loyalist paramilitaries (Ulster loyalism) retaliated by killing Catholics at random and assassinating Irish nationalist politicians. WikiPedia:Northern Ireland Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom Northern Ireland commons:Northern Ireland

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-the-judiciary the-judiciary-in-detail jurisdictions military-jurisdiction publisher Judiciary of England and Wales title Military year 2011 accessdate 2011-04-11 In practice the post is held by a Senior Circuit Judge (Circuit judge (UK)). NTFS HEFCE also funds a National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) for those working in England and Northern Ireland. The initiative is administered by the Higher Education Academy and has two separate strands providing

individual awards - recognising individual excellence in teaching within the Higher Education sector - and awards for large-scale projects typically undertaken by Higher Education institutions over periods of up to three years. File:Irish News, Belfast, July 2010 (02

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Golf Rankings for 43 weeks between 2000 and 2002. 69 Players Who Have Reached The Top-10 In World Ranking His highest finish on the European Tour money list is second, which he achieved in 1998, 2000 and 2003. Clarke is currently ranked as the sixth highest career money winner (PGA European Tour#Leading career money winners) on the European Tour.

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) is a small village in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, situated five miles (8 km) east of Cookstown (Cookstown, County Tyrone). Part of the village also extends into County Londonderry. It had a population of 545 people in the 2001 Census (United Kingdom Census 2001). It owes its existence to George Butle Conyngham of Springhill (Springhill, Northern Ireland), and was founded in 1728 when King George II granted Conyngham a market charter allowing the village to host 4 fairs per year. http: introduction__lenox-conyngham_papers.pdf Early life Lewis was born in Swansea, West Glamorgan, though was educated at the co-educational Dalriada School in Northern Ireland and graduated with a BA degree from Trinity College, Dublin. He then joined BBC Northern Ireland in 1967. Martyn also holds an honorary Doctor of Letters from the University of Ulster and is a Freeman of the City of London, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a Member of the Garrick Club and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. The P-38F-equipped 82nd Fighter Group arrived in Northern Ireland in November 1942. However, the P-38 was not to become famous for its exploits in Europe as the needs of the North African Invasion (Operation Torch) took priority in the fall of 1942 and the 1st, 14th and 82nd Fighter Groups were transferred to the Twelfth Air Force in the North African Campaign. The fighter plane which would be used most extensively over the skies of Europe would first be the P-47 Thunderbolt (Republic P-47 Thunderbolt) in 1943, then in 1944, be joined in the sky by the P-51 Mustang (North American P-51 Mustang). For a few years in the 1880s they entered the FA Cup, then known as the English Cup. Despite some good results they were rarely a match for the two major town

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, a girl from the village. Jimmy McShane of Londonderry (Derry), Northern Ireland, was the frontman of the group. Some sources state lead vocals were performed by Maurizio Bassi (with Jimmy actually providing the backing vocals), including lead vocals on their biggest hit "Tarzan Boy" despite the fact that McShane lip synched while appearing in the "Tarzan Boy" music video and not Bassi, who was also the group's keyboardist although this still remains uncertain.<


of the Orange Order, and the Twelfth is a tense occasion in many parts of Northern Ireland and County Donegal, with riot police on duty at flashpoint parades to prevent clashes between the nationalist (Irish nationalism) community and unionist (Unionists (Ireland)) community. Many in the nationalist community view the parades as triumphalist and a sign of Unionist Protestant dominance in Northern Ireland. Marchers insist that they have the right to walk on public streets, particularly along

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that primarily apply only in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland are listed under both those categories and the relevant categories ''United Kingdom Acts of Parliament by year (:Category:United Kingdom Acts of Parliament by year)'' and ''Acts of the Parliament of Great Britain by year (:Category:Acts of the Parliament of Great Britain by year).'' *The six Ulster counties of Antrim (County Antrim), Armagh (County Armagh), Down (County Down), Fermanagh (County Fermanagh), Londonderry (County Londonderry), and Tyrone (County Tyrone), are known together as Northern Ireland, and are part of the United Kingdom. Some of the Unionist (Unionists (Ireland)) population frequently refers to these six counties as "Ulster". The population of Northern Ireland in 2001 was 1,685,267. thumb Fallen tree by Onslunda Onslunda Church (Image:Fallet träd i Onslunda, januari 2005.jpg) in Sweden On January 6, 2005, a low pressure system developed at a frontal zone south of Newfoundland (Newfoundland and Labrador). WikiPedia:Northern Ireland Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom Northern Ireland commons:Northern Ireland

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Celtic from the senior ranks in 1949 resulted in Crusaders being elected in their place in time for the start of the 1949 50 season. The Crues then entered the 2011–12 UEFA Europa League and received their biggest draw since the famous game against Liverpool 35 years before, as the side drew Premier League team Fulham (Fulham F.C.) in the second qualifying round. In the home tie the side put up a brave fight, with new signing Timmy Adamson scoring an equalising goal

Northern Ireland

leader_title4 Prime&nbsp;Minister (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) leader_name4 David&nbsp;Cameron leader_title5 Secretary&nbsp;of&nbsp;State (Secretary of State for Northern Ireland) leader_name5 Theresa&nbsp;Villiers sovereignty_type Devolution (History of Northern Ireland) established_event1 established_date1 3 May 1921 established_event2 established_date2 18 July 1973 established_event3 established_date3 17 July 1974 established_event4 established_date4 19 November 1998 legislature Northern Ireland Assembly area_rank area_magnitude 1 E10 area_km2 13,843 area_sq_mi 5,345 percent_water population_estimate 1,841,245 NISRA Population Clock population_estimate_rank population_estimate_year 2014 population_census 1,810,863 population_census_year 2011 population_density_km2 131 population_density_sq_mi 339 population_density_rank GDP_PPP_year 2011 GDP_PPP $45.22 billion GDP_PPP_per_capita $25197 GDP_nominal_year 2011 GDP_nominal $48.36 billion GDP_nominal_per_capita $25859 GDP_nominal_rank currency Pound sterling currency_code GBP country_code UKN time_zone GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) date_format dd mm yyyy (AD (Anno Domini)) drives_on left utc_offset &#8203; time_zone_DST BST (British Summer Time) utc_offset_DST +1 calling_code +44 (Telephone numbers in the United Kingdom) footnote_a Northern Ireland has no official language. The use of English has been established through precedent. Irish and Ulster Scots are officially recognised by the British Government as minority languages. footnote_b +44 is always followed by 28 when calling landlines. The code is 028 within the UK and 048 from the Republic of Ireland

'''Northern Ireland''' (

Northern Ireland was created in 1921, when Ireland was partitioned (Partition of Ireland) between Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland by an act (Government of Ireland Act 1920) of the British parliament. Unlike Southern Ireland, which would become the Irish Free State in 1922, the majority of Northern Ireland's population were unionists (Unionism in Ireland) or loyalists (Ulster loyalism), who wanted to remain within the United Kingdom. Historically, Northern Ireland was marked by discrimination and hostility between these two communities in what Nobel Peace Prize-winner David Trimble called a "cold house" for Catholics. In the late 1960s, conflict between the two communities, and involving state forces, erupted into three decades of violence known as the Troubles, which claimed over 3,000 lives and caused over 50,000 casualties. Security and defense-related statistics. Conflict Archive on the Internet (CAIN) (Conflict Archive on the Internet) The Good Friday Agreement in 1998 was a major step in the peace process (Northern Ireland peace process) although sectarianism and religious segregation still remain major social problems.

Northern Ireland has historically been the most industrialised region of the island. After declining as a result of the political and social turmoil of the Troubles, and down by 1.2 percentage points over the year, Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Investment: Full Economic Overview, 15 October 2014 similar to the UK figure of 6.2%. The Guardian newspaper:UK unemployment rate falls to lowest level since 2008 financial crisis, 17 September 2014 58.2% of those unemployed had been unemployed for over a year.

Prominent artists and sports persons (Culture of Northern Ireland) from Northern Ireland include Van Morrison, Rory McIlroy, Joey Dunlop and George Best. Some from that part of the island prefer to identify as Irish (e.g., poet Seamus Heaney and actor Liam Neeson). Cultural links between Northern Ireland, the rest of Ireland, and the rest of the UK are complex, with Northern Ireland sharing both the culture of Ireland and the culture of the United Kingdom. In most sports, the island of Ireland fields a single team, a notable exception being association football. Northern Ireland competes separately (Northern Ireland at the Commonwealth Games) at the Commonwealth Games, and athletes from Northern Ireland may compete for either Great Britain (Great Britain at the Olympics) or Ireland (Ireland at the Olympics) at the Olympic Games.

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