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Kingdom British Prime Minister (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), Tony Blair, as an "appalling act of savagery and evil". WikiPedia:Northern Ireland Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom Northern Ireland commons:Northern Ireland

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3–0 Win 2006 FIFA World Cup qualification (UEFA) - Hayes had sent a plan for the invasion of Northern Ireland by German troops to Germany in April 1940. This plan later became known as Plan Kathleen. Hayes is also known to have met with German agent Hermann Görtz on 21 May 1940 in Dublin shortly after the latter’s parachuting into Ireland on 5 May 1940 as part of Operation Mainau. Hayes is known to have asked Görtz for money and arms to wage a campaign in Northern Ireland, although shortly after this meeting the original plan Kathleen was discovered. The discovery of the plan led to the acceleration of joint British and Irish military planning for a German invasion known as Plan W. - colspan "5" U-turned over intervention in industry; negotiated Britain's entry to the European Community; Violence due to Northern Ireland's (Northern Ireland) "Troubles" (The Troubles) peaked; the Sunningdale Agreement agreed; Three-Day Week; called early election in backfiring attempt to confront National Union of Mineworkers (Great Britain) striking

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, and the reaction to it, proved to be a precursor to a more violent period. Richard English, "The Interplay of Non-violent and Violent Action in Northern Ireland, 1967–72", in Adam Roberts (Adam Roberts (scholar)) and Timothy Garton Ash (eds.), ''Civil Resistance and Power Politics: The Experience of Non-violent Action from Gandhi to the Present'', Oxford University Press, 2009, ISBN 978-0-19-955201-6, pp. 75–90.

, and Iraq. Between 1972 and 1990, 15 Kingsmen died during military operations in Northern Ireland during a violent period in the province's history known as "The Troubles". WikiPedia:Northern Ireland Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom Northern Ireland commons:Northern Ireland

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. Pre-war and wartime career In 1935 he moved to Belfast as an outside broadcasts assistant, and began commentating on local sporting events on the BBC's Northern Ireland service. In 1939 he moved to London and joined the national outside broadcasts staff, becoming assistant director in 1942. By this time he was commentating on many major sporting events, and by the end of the Second World War was the BBC's leading sports commentator. File:Royal Avenue Belfast2.jpg

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and others to his Nobel event, but not President Halonen. Presidentti Halosta ei kutsuttu Ahtisaaren Nobel-juhliin. Helsingin Sanomat FitzGerald's policy towards Northern Ireland, however, brought him into confrontation with the Roman Catholic church, whose "special position" in the Republic had until the Referendum (Fifth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland)of December 1972 been enshrined in the Constitution (Constitution of Ireland). FitzGerald in 1973 met Cardinal Secretary of State Agostino Casaroli and proposed to further modify the Republic's Constitution to remove laws with overtly Catholic foundations, such as the bans on divorce and contraception, as well as to relax the public stigmas in Northern Ireland towards mixed religious marriages and integrated education. Casaroli at first seemed receptive, and the Government formally submitted the proposal to the Vatican (Holy See). FitzGerald's vision caused great consternation among the church's hierarchy, however, and in 1977 Pope Paul VI personally met with FitzGerald to tell him that "Ireland was a catholic country — perhaps the only one left — and it should stay that way. Laws should not be changed in any way that would make the country less catholic." WikiPedia:Northern Ireland Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom Northern Ireland commons:Northern Ireland

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then it would be appreciated and would put my poor image editing skills to shame. Ben W Bell (User:Ben W Bell) 08:50, 7 February 2006 (UTC) '''Barmeen''' is the anglicised name of a townland located at the foot of Glendun, one of the nine Glens of Antrim in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Barmeen is located west of Cushendun village and north of Knocknacarry, a hamlet. * Netherlands: Feyenoord


later, in January 2007, Sinn Féin formally endorsed policing and justice, thereby paving the way for the historic power-sharing arrangement with Ian Paisley's Democratic Unionist Party on March 26, 2007. Adams criticises Bush's NI envoy — BBC News article, 16 March 2006 '''Michael James Duff''' (born 11 January 1979) is a Northern Irish (Northern Ireland) Northern Ireland national

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; Alex Higgins, who won the title in 1972 and 1982, and Dennis Taylor, who won in 1985. The highest-ranked Northern Ireland professional on the world circuit presently is Mark Allen (Mark Allen (snooker player)) from Antrim (County Antrim). The sport is governed locally by the Northern Ireland Billiards and Snooker Association who run regular ranking tournaments and competitions. Motor sports Although Northern Ireland lacks an international automobile racecourse, two

restoration work is carried out in the Dublin area and at Mullingar. * Irish Traction Group, based in Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary, has a diesel locomotive collection at the site by the Limerick–Waterford railway route (rail transport in Ireland). ITG also run regular railtours around the country, sometimes with older (but still in regular use), Iarnród Éireann locomotives and rolling stock. A monarchical polity has existed

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with resignation. The process was accelerated by the pro-Free State stance taken by most Unionists in the Irish Civil War. The process of assimilation had begun prior to Irish independence, with a number of Protestant Nationalists playing leading roles in the Irish nationalist and Gaelic revival movements. Structural Some official agencies and organisations at a national level have developed specific structural links as part of the union. These links reflect the responsibilities of the agency or organisation to the citizens of Northern Ireland and the other UK regions. However, they do not indicate support for political unionism as the UK Civil Service is regulated by strict laws on impartiality. In addition, Northern Ireland is nowadays part of a web of co-operative links with the Republic of Ireland (north-south), the United Kingdom (east-west), the European Union and the United States. * Reinhold Messner, a renowned Italian mountaineer and explorer from South Tyrol * Ian Paisley, leading politician of Northern Ireland, a member from 1979 to 2004 with a "triple mandate" as MEP, MP (Parliament of the United Kingdom), and MLA (Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly) * John Hume, another leading Northern Irish politician and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, similarly having held a "triple mandate" Legislatures using this system include those of Albania, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, East Timor, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, Guatemala, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg, Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Uruguay and Wales. The system has also been used in Northern Ireland to allocate the ministerial positions in the Northern Ireland Executive; for the 'top-up' seats in the London Assembly; in some countries during elections to the European Parliament (European Parliament election, 2004); and during the 1997 Constitution (1997 Constitution of Thailand)-era for allocating party-list parliamentary seats in Thailand. Aurel Croissant and Daniel J. Pojar, Jr., Quo Vadis Thailand? Thai Politics after the 2005 Parliamentary Election, Strategic Insights, Volume IV, Issue 6 (June 2005) A modified form was used for elections in the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly but abandoned in favour of the Hare-Clark system. The system is also used in practice for the allocation between political groups of a large number of posts (Vice Presidents, committee chairmen and vice-chairmen, delegation chairmen and vice-chairmen) in the European Parliament. Some people think that the town was named after the island of Cuba. A common reason for this is that there are other towns in the area with names of Spanish (Spain) cities or towns, such as Salamanca, Cadiz, Panama, Mexico and Bolivar, to name a few. Another town, Belfast, although not Spanish, bears the name of another foreign city (in Northern Ireland or Ulster). The scheme applies only to England, Scotland and Wales. Alternative systems are used in Northern Ireland (see Roads in Northern Ireland), the Isle of Man (see Roads in the Isle of Man), Jersey, Guernsey, and British overseas territories. All of these numbering schemes use identical basic conventions and road-sign designs. SPC's founding charter is the Canberra Agreement. WikiPedia:Northern Ireland Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom Northern Ireland commons:Northern Ireland


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Northern Ireland

leader_title4 Prime Minister (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) leader_name4 David Cameron leader_title5 Secretary of State (Secretary of State for Northern Ireland) leader_name5 Theresa Villiers sovereignty_type Devolution (History of Northern Ireland) established_event1 established_date1 3 May 1921 established_event2 established_date2 18 July 1973 established_event3 established_date3 17 July 1974 established_event4 established_date4 19 November 1998 legislature Northern Ireland Assembly area_rank area_magnitude 1 E10 area_km2 13,843 area_sq_mi 5,345 percent_water population_estimate 1,841,245 NISRA Population Clock population_estimate_rank population_estimate_year 2014 population_census 1,810,863 population_census_year 2011 population_density_km2 131 population_density_sq_mi 339 population_density_rank GDP_PPP_year 2011 GDP_PPP $45.22 billion GDP_PPP_per_capita $25197 GDP_nominal_year 2011 GDP_nominal $48.36 billion GDP_nominal_per_capita $25859 GDP_nominal_rank currency Pound sterling currency_code GBP country_code UKN time_zone GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) date_format dd mm yyyy (AD (Anno Domini)) drives_on left utc_offset ​ time_zone_DST BST (British Summer Time) utc_offset_DST +1 calling_code +44 (Telephone numbers in the United Kingdom) footnote_a Northern Ireland has no official language. The use of English has been established through precedent. Irish and Ulster Scots are officially recognised by the British Government as minority languages. footnote_b +44 is always followed by 28 when calling landlines. The code is 028 within the UK and 048 from the Republic of Ireland

'''Northern Ireland''' (

Northern Ireland was created in 1921, when Ireland was partitioned (Partition of Ireland) between Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland by an act (Government of Ireland Act 1920) of the British parliament. Unlike Southern Ireland, which would become the Irish Free State in 1922, the majority of Northern Ireland's population were unionists (Unionism in Ireland) or loyalists (Ulster loyalism), who wanted to remain within the United Kingdom. Historically, Northern Ireland was marked by discrimination and hostility between these two communities in what Nobel Peace Prize-winner David Trimble called a "cold house" for Catholics. In the late 1960s, conflict between the two communities, and involving state forces, erupted into three decades of violence known as the Troubles, which claimed over 3,000 lives and caused over 50,000 casualties. Security and defense-related statistics. Conflict Archive on the Internet (CAIN) (Conflict Archive on the Internet) The Good Friday Agreement in 1998 was a major step in the peace process (Northern Ireland peace process) although sectarianism and religious segregation still remain major social problems.

Northern Ireland has historically been the most industrialised region of the island. After declining as a result of the political and social turmoil of the Troubles, and down by 1.2 percentage points over the year, Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Investment: Full Economic Overview, 15 October 2014 similar to the UK figure of 6.2%. The Guardian newspaper:UK unemployment rate falls to lowest level since 2008 financial crisis, 17 September 2014 58.2% of those unemployed had been unemployed for over a year.

Prominent artists and sports persons (Culture of Northern Ireland) from Northern Ireland include Van Morrison, Rory McIlroy, Joey Dunlop and George Best. Some from that part of the island prefer to identify as Irish (e.g., poet Seamus Heaney and actor Liam Neeson). Cultural links between Northern Ireland, the rest of Ireland, and the rest of the UK are complex, with Northern Ireland sharing both the culture of Ireland and the culture of the United Kingdom. In most sports, the island of Ireland fields a single team, a notable exception being association football. Northern Ireland competes separately (Northern Ireland at the Commonwealth Games) at the Commonwealth Games, and athletes from Northern Ireland may compete for either Great Britain (Great Britain at the Olympics) or Ireland (Ireland at the Olympics) at the Olympic Games.

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