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directly then crossing the green line to holiday in Northern Cyprus.

Turkish Peace Force also reports directly to the Turkish General Staff in Ankara. The Cyprus Turkish Peace Force is deployed principally along the Green Line (Green Line (Cyprus)) and in locations where hostile amphibious landings might take place. The presence of the mainland Turkish military in Cyprus is highly controversial, having been denounced as an illegal occupation force by the Republic of Cyprus and the international community. Several United Nations Security Council resolutions have called on the Turkish forces to withdraw. UN Security Council resolutions 353(1974), 357(1974), 358(1974), 359(1974), 360(1974), 365(1974) A 2011 article published in ''Defence and Peace Economics'' by Mete Feridun of the University of Greenwich and Bansi Sawhney of the University of Baltimore, military expenditure in North Cyprus has a statistically significant impact on economic growth. Feridun, Mete, Sawhney, Bansi and Shahbaz, Muhammad (2011) The impact of military spending on economic growth: the case of North Cyprus. Defence and Peace Economics, 22 (5). pp. 555-562. ISSN 1024-2694 (print), 1476-8267 (online) (doi:10.1080 10242694.2011.562370) Geography

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+PRESIDENT+OPENS+GIRNE+AMERICAN+UNIVERSITY%27S...-a0213657553 title (Edu) Turkish Cypriot President Opens Girne American University'S Campus In Canterbury. - Free Online Library publisher accessdate 14 February 2014 and was accredited by the British Accreditation Council in 2010. Northern Cyprus regularly participates in international Robocup competition

great development

: GSMH En GNP-04.pdf publisher TRNC State Planning Organization accessdate 12 January 2015 Accommodation and catering created more than 10,000 jobs in the same year.

scale business

and middle-scale business and shop owners. The "nightclubs" that have been established for prostitution attract sex tourism to Northern Cyprus and the industry has been described as a "civilized one", despite the sex workers being described as "

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Northern Cyprus is divided into five districts. Lefkoşa (Lefkoşa District), Gazimağusa (Gazimağusa District), Girne (Kyrenia District), Güzelyurt (Güzelyurt District) and İskele (İskele District). In addition there are further twelve sub-districts divided between the five larger districts and twenty-eight municipalities. 600px Blank district map of Northern Cyprus (File:Blank district map Northern Cyprus.png) Lefkoşa (Lefkoşa District) Girne (Kyrenia District) İskele (İskele District) small

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-in-ankara.html WHAT'S DOING IN ANKARA, April 5, 1981 She started her sports career in Ankara and became later a member of the club Bursa Nilüfer (Nilüfer, Bursa) Belediyespor. During her time at the Near East University in Nicosia, she ran

modern sense

, but remains to be televised during religious festivals. Turkish-Cypriot Theatres,, retrieved on 28 December 2014. After 1840s, as the Ottoman Empire started modernizing, theater with greater European elements met with the Turkish Cypriot public. However, the inception of Turkish Cypriot theater in the modern sense is considered the staging of the play "Vatan Yahut Silistre" ("

time drinking

Lemons ''. He mentions passing the time drinking coffee under the Tree of Idleness in the village and there are two places which lay claim to being the spot. Unfortunately his book did not identify it completely, or perhaps fortunately, because two establishments can now profit from the name. His house, up a very steep climb, has a plaque on it and one can have the pleasure of returning by a not-quite-so-perpendicular way that passes by old olive presses. With the Turkey's military action

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+ 7-digit local number'' is used. When calling from other countries '' '''+90 + 392''' + 7-digit local number'' is used. On the other hand, calls from (southern Greek part of) Cyprus can be made by dialing the ''0 + 139 + 7-digit local number'' format which charges at local rates as well as the international ''+90 + 392 + 7-digit local number'' format which charges at international rates. Mobile Phones The two local mobile phone networks will allow you to make and accept

Northern Cyprus

'''Northern Cyprus''' (

Northern Cyprus extends from the tip (Cape Apostolos Andreas) of the Karpass Peninsula in the north east, westward to Morphou Bay and Cape Kormakitis (the Kokkina Erenköy exclave marks the westernmost extent of the area), and southward to the village of Louroujina. A buffer zone (United Nations Buffer Zone in Cyprus) under the control of the United Nations stretches between Northern Cyprus and the rest of the island and divides Nicosia, the island's largest city and capital of both states.

The 1974 coup d'état (1974 Cypriot coup d'état), an attempt to annex the island to Greece, was followed by the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. This resulted in the eviction of much of the north's Greek Cypriot population, the flight of Turkish Cypriots from the south, and the partitioning of the island, leading to a unilateral declaration of independence by the North in 1983. Due to its lack of recognition, Northern Cyprus is heavily dependent on Turkey for economic, political and military support.

Attempts to reach a solution to the Cyprus dispute have been unsuccessful. The Turkish Army maintains a large force in Northern Cyprus. While its presence is supported and approved by the TRNC government, the Republic of Cyprus and the international community regard it as an illegal occupation force, and its presence has been denounced in several United Nations Security Council resolutions.

Northern Cyprus is a semi-presidential (semi-presidential system), democratic republic with an economy that is dominated by the services sector. The economy has seen growth through the 2000s, with the GNP per capita more than tripling, but is held back by an international embargo due to the official closure of the ports in Northern Cyprus by the Republic of Cyprus. The official language is Turkish (Turkish language), with a distinct local dialect (Cypriot Turkish) being spoken. The vast majority of the population consists of Sunni Muslims, while religious attitudes are moderate and secular.

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