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Granville William Gresham Leveson-Gower, ''Genealogy of the family of Gresham'' (1883) p. 27 The river's source is just east of the village of Antingham in North Norfolk at Antingham Ponds. Just below the pools the river's route has been used as a canal in the past, starting at what was Antingham bone mill. An Act of Parliament (Parliament of the United Kingdom) established the North Walsham & Dilham Canal in 1812

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runs a frequent service between Norwich (Norwich railway station), Cromer (Cromer railway station) and Sheringham. The nearest airport is Norwich International Airport. The North Sea is the northern boundary of the parish, and the wooded Beeston Heath rises up from the parish to form the southern boundary. '''Salthouse''' is a village and a civil parish in the English (England) county of Norfolk. It is situated on the salt marshes of North Norfolk. It is

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across countryside towards Burnham Thorpe. At Burnham Thorpe the river runs through another pool very close to the site of the Burnham Thorpe Parsonage. That parsonage was the birth place of Admiral Horatio Nelson. Burnham Thorpe was originally one of a group of seven villages all prefixed with "Burnham" taking their name from the river. It is approximately three miles from the North Norfolk coast, a low, flat coastline of muted colour, of sand and salt marsh salt-marsh


to acting; regarding the change, his father informed him, "I wondered when you would come to your senses." He earned a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in Bloomsbury, London. Actor Charles Laughton enrolled in the Academy at the same time as Shaw, who later said his first impression of Laughton was "a poor fat boy". ref name "Post Shaw">

, cottages, bed and breakfast, pubs and businesses work Glaven Valley url http: norfolk village great-snoring.html accessdate 2006-03-31 Its population in the 2001 census was 168, a dramatic decrease since 1841 when it was 556 (this included 81 people in the Walsingham Union Workhouse).

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Management Plan introduced by the Environment Agency has proposed a number of strategies in the light of continual erosion and predicted rising sea levels caused by global warming: these include ''Advance the line'', ''Hold the line'', ''Managed retreat'' and ''Do nothing''. Even after extensive public consulation there is widespread local concern that the marshes, with their unique wildlife, will be irretrievably lost to the North Sea. Sea defences The northern frontage of Sheringham

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, Norfolk in England on 29 May 1905. He was one of three children born to Dr. Geoffrey Shaw (Geoffrey Shaw (composer)), the music master (Music education) at Gresham's School, a North Norfolk independent boarding school, where Shaw began his education. Leech, Richard. "Better Than Beefcake: Sebastian Shaw," ''The Guardian'', 29 December 1994, Features (section), pg. T12. His uncle, Martin Shaw (composer) Martin

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Shaw , was a composer of church music, and his family's love of music heavily influenced Shaw's career path. "Sebastian Shaw," ''The Times'', 30 December 1994, Features (section). Shaw made his acting debut at age eight on the London stage as one of the juvenile band in ''The Cockyolly Bird'' at the Royal Court Theatre in Chelsea (Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea) ref name "Better Than Beefcake" >


;genusname Parablennius&speciesname gattorugine Tompot blenny at FishBase Black Sea Fishes Check List The fish are very inquisitive and are often seen by scuba divers (Scuba diving). The civil parish


the district (Non-metropolitan district) of North Norfolk. The village is situated on the route of the B1159 (B1159 road) that runs between the town of Cromer and the town of Stalham. County A to Z Atlas, Street & Road maps Norfolk, page 229 ISBN 978-1-84348-614-5 The civil parish has an area of and in the 2001 census (United Kingdom Census 2001) had a population of 2,451 in 1,205 households. For the purposes of local

ncc028390.pdf ''. Retrieved December 2, 2005. . Beeston Regis' public transport operates a frequent bus service on the coast road A149 (A149 road) County A to Z Atlas, Street & Road maps Norfolk, page 228 ISBN 978-1-84348-614-5 and a rail service (Greater Anglia) from the nearby stations of Sheringham (Sheringham railway station) to the west and West Runton (West Runton railway station) to the east, where the Bittern Line

North Norfolk

'''North Norfolk''' is a local government district (Non-metropolitan district) in Norfolk, United Kingdom. Its council is based in Cromer. The council headquarters (North Norfolk District Council Headquarters) can be found approximately out of the town of Cromer on the road to Holt (Holt, Norfolk) and there is a smaller office for callers in Fakenham.

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