What is Nigeria known for?

football focus

part in a Football Focus feature on faith in the game presented by fellow Christian footballer Gavin Peacock. Commons:Category:Nigeria Dmoz:Regional Africa Nigeria

business energy

990CE0D91539F93AA35752C0A963958260 title Gabon Plans To Quit OPEC - publisher New York Times date 1995-01-09 accessdate 2010-10-03 Angola joined on the first day of 2007. Norway and Russia have attended OPEC meetings as observers. Indicating that OPEC is not averse to further expansion, Mohammed Barkindo, OPEC's Secretary General, recently asked Sudan to join. business energy 4374140.html Angola, Sudan to ask

social criticism

* Following the recommendations of the World Health Organization, Nigeria decided to stop the prescription of chloroquine, the parasite responsible for malaria becoming resistant to this molecule used until today. Nigeria will be using Artemisinin, a more effective but also more expensive drug. * The "Africa Live" festival, Africa Live Concert held in Dakar (Senegal) on 12 and 13 March 2005, presented several great names of African music, like Malians Ali Farka Touré, Salif Keïta, Oumou Sangaré, Rokia Traoré, Tinariwen, Tiken Jah Fakoly of Côte d'Ivoire, Cameronian (Cameroon) Manu

skills expertise

is the beginning of the Nile. '''Abia State University''' is one of the state owned universities in Nigeria. These state academic institutions were created to expand admissions and bring professional skills, expertise and modern research facilities close to the city and rural dwellers; and have helped talented students to obtain Higher education. The inception of the university was in 1981 in the former Imo State under the name of Imo State University


home country of Nigeria, but quickly spreading through western and southern Africa, and eventually making an impact in Europe as well. Its success owed much to lead radio track "African Queen", a guitar ballad with elements of West African folk music and hip-hop (Hip hop music). "Nfana Ibaga" also became a local hit. * ''3. The Birds of The Gambia'' (2nd edition, 1991) by M. E. J. Gore * ''4. The Birds of Nigeria'' (2nd edition, 1994) by J. Helgood

impressive performances

career Eguavoen began his career with ACB Lagos in his native Nigeria, some impressive performances gained him a move to Gent (K.A.A. Gent) in 1986. He went onto play for K.V. Kortrijk, CD Ourense, Sacramento Scorpions, Torpedo Moscow (FC Torpedo Moscow) and finished his career in Malta with Sliema Wanderers (Sliema Wanderers F.C.). #20px (Image:Flag of the United States.svg) United States (Angela Daigle, Muna Lee (Muna Lee (athlete)), Me'Lisa Barber

site complex

kingdom, located along the Omi-Ọsun (Omi Osun) river in southwestern Nigeria. The ruins consist of remnants of ancient walls, potsherds, and other relics. Much of the site complex is currently overgrown with thicket, but large portions are being used as farmland. Efforts have been made since the late 1970s to persuade the paramount ruler and the local population to protect the remaining ruins from destruction by farming activity, building, and road construction. These efforts received

representing record

Festival often changed its formulas to pick a winner and offered many different contests for its participants. For example, at the 4th Intervision Song Festival (held in Sopot August 20-23, 1980) two competitions were effective: one for artists representing television companies, the other for those representing record companies. In the first the jury considered the artistic merits of the songs entered; while in the second, it judged the performers' interpretation." Commons:Category:Nigeria Dmoz:Regional Africa Nigeria

publication published

. Yearbooks * '''''CIDOB International Yearbook'''''. This is probably the centre's best-known publication. Published since 1990, it features four main sections: Spain's Foreign Relations; Europe; International Situation and (since the 1997 edition), Country Profile, which analyzes from different views a relevant country on the international stage. The countries highlighted to date have been: India (1997); Turkey (1998); Russia (1999); China (2000); Mexico (2001

award show

http: web 20081209102925 http: 2008 SHOWBIZ Music 11 22 MTV.Africa.ap index.html archivedate 2008-12-09 title AP CNN: MTV launches first-ever African music award show publisher CNN date 22 November 2008 accessdate 26 November 2008 The Nigerian film industry is known as Nollywood (a portmanteau of ''Nigeria'' and Hollywood "


'''Nigeria''' , officially the '''Federal Republic of Nigeria''', is a federal (federation) constitutional republic comprising 36 states (States of Nigeria) and its Federal Capital Territory (Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria), Abuja. Nigeria is located in West Africa and shares land borders with the Republic of Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, and Niger in the north. Its coast in the south lies on the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean.

Present-day Nigeria has been the site of numerous kingdoms and tribal states spanning over a millennium. The modern state has its origins in British colonization during the late 19th to early 20th centuries, with the merging of the Southern Nigeria Protectorate and Northern Nigeria Protectorate. During the colonial period, the British set up administrative and legal structures whilst retaining traditional chiefdoms. Nigeria achieved independence in 1960, but plunged into a two-year civil war (Nigerian Civil War) several years later. It has since alternated between democratically-elected civilian governments and military dictatorships, with its 2011 presidential elections being viewed as the first to be conducted reasonably freely and fairly.

Nigeria is often referred to as the "Giant of Africa", owing to its large population and economy. ''Nigeria: Giant of Africa,'' by Peter Holmes 1987 With approximately 174 million inhabitants, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous country in the world (list of countries by population). Nigeria has one of the largest populations of youth (Youth in Nigeria) in the world. The country is inhabited by over 500 ethnic groups, of which the three largest are the Hausa (Hausa people), Igbo (Igbo people) and Yoruba (Yoruba people). Regarding religion, Nigeria is roughly divided in half between Christians (Christianity), who live mostly in the southern and central parts of the country, and Muslims (Islam), concentrated mostly in the northern and southwestern regions. A minority of the population practice religions indigenous to Nigeria, such as those native to Igbo (Odinani) and Yoruba (Yoruba religion) peoples.

In 2014, Nigeria's economy (GDP) became the largest in Africa, worth more than $500 billion, and overtook South Africa to become the world's 21st largest economy. It is also a member of the MINT (MINT (economics)) group of countries, which are widely seen as the globe's next "BRIC-like" economies. It is also listed among the "Next Eleven" economies set to become among the biggest in the world. Nigeria is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the African Union, OPEC, and the United Nations among other international organizations.

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