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;ref Some time after 1894, Walker visited New Zealand, where he taught elocution, promoted temperance (Temperance movement), lectured on various subjects, and wrote for the press

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. These migrations vary among the different groups. Many landbirds, shorebirds, and waterbirds undertake annual long distance migrations, usually triggered by the length of daylight as well as weather conditions. These birds are characterised by a breeding season spent in the temperate or arctic antarctic regions and a non-breeding season in the tropical regions or opposite hemisphere. Before migration, birds substantially increase body fats and reserves and reduce the size

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SteveSLeavesPQ publisher SteveWilliams accessdate January 8, 2009 The band found a replacement bassist in Oliver Holzwarth from prominent power metal band Blind Guardian. In April 2009, Steve Williams announced the departure of joint lead

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; ref Swainson re-married in 1840 to Ann Grasby, and emigrated (emigration) to New Zealand in 1841. He was involved in property management and natural history-related publications from 1841–1855, and forestry-related investigations in Tasmania, New South Wales, and Victoria (Victoria (Australia)) 1851-1853. Swainson died at Fern Grove, Lower Hutt, New Zealand, on 7 December 1855. In 1856, a poem was written by the New Zealand poet William Golder in his

in this side-by-side comparison of Milo from New Zealand and Ghana. right 250px thumb Milo packaged in cans being sold in a Hong Kong Food Market (Image:Canned Milo In Store.jpg) in Northwest Houston. History Related variations of the name Corcoran historically include ''MacCorcoran'', ''O'Corcoran'', and ''Corcorran''. The sept called MacCorcoran was of some importance in the Ely O'Carroll country. The Corcorans hailed from Fermanagh and included a number of figures of historical importance such as the Bishop of Clogher in 1370 and Edmund O'Corcoran, "the hero of Limerick" (from the siege of 1691 (Siege of Limerick (1691))). Grenham, John: "Clans and Families of Ireland: The Heritage and Heraldry of Irish Clans and Families", Gill & Macmillan Ltd The surname Corcoran is found in Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States (U.S.). Wikipedia:New Zealand Commons:Category:New Zealand Dmoz:Regional Oceania New Zealand

active annual

the shower's name). However, they can appear almost anywhere in the night sky, and often appear yellowish in hue. The meteors travel at medium speed in relation to other showers, at about 22 miles per second, making them fairly easy to spot. The Geminids are now considered by many to be the most consistent and active annual shower. In 2005, viewing of the shower was restricted due to a full moon washing out the fainter meteors. The 2006 shower had a less full moon, however the 2007 shower was a new moon, with the best viewing position being in the southern hemisphere, with Australia, New Zealand and Chile being noted spectacle locales. In 2008, the Geminids coincided with a full moon. In 2009 the peak date occurred two days before a new moon.2005, Canada changed its Letter of Credence and Letter of Recall by removing all references to Elizabeth II as Queen of Canada (Monarchy in Canada), Canada's head of state, instead having them run in the name of the Governor General (Governor General of Canada), Wikipedia:New Zealand Commons:Category:New Zealand Dmoz:Regional Oceania New Zealand

bass played

the first verse is sung to the accompaniment of a solo double bass, played by Danny Thompson. The recording was never issued in the USA until Kent State University's commemorative CD (Compact disc) was released in 2005. It reached number 2 in the New Zealand chart in November 1972. In stark contrast, his ''Boothferry Bridge'' (mp3 clip) and ''Gift of a Brand New day


wargaming company, makers of the Flames of War rule set and miniatures (Miniature wargaming). The '''New Zealand national football team''', nicknamed the '''All Whites''', is the national association football team of New Zealand and is governed by New Zealand Football (NZF). The team plays in an all-white strip rather than the traditional New Zealand sporting black due to a former FIFA regulation that reserved black for the international referee strip. Its nickname is also a play on the New Zealand national rugby union team, known as the All Blacks (New Zealand national rugby union team). The silver fern, a symbol of New Zealand, appears on the All Whites uniform. 7 September TBA (To be announced), New Zealand Away TBD 11 September TBA (To be announced), New Zealand Away TBD 12 October TBA (To be announced), New Zealand Away TBD 16 October TBA (To be announced), New Zealand Away TBD 22 March TBA (To be announced), New Zealand Away TBD 26 March TBA (To be announced), New Zealand Away TBD '''Lake Benmore''' is a lake located in the South Island of New Zealand. It was artificially created in the 1960s by construction of Benmore Dam. The lake covers an area of approximately 75 km². Parts of it lie in the Mackenzie (Mackenzie District), Waimate, and Waitaki (Waitaki District) districts (Territorial authorities of New Zealand) within the southern portion of the Canterbury Region (Canterbury, New Zealand). right thumb Waitaki District Council building, Thames Street, Oamaru. (Image:WaitakiDC.jpg) The '''Waitaki''' district, in the Canterbury (Canterbury Region) and Otago (Otago Region) regions of New Zealand, straddles the traditional border between the two regions, the Waitaki River. It has a land area of 7,151.94 km² (2,761.38 sq mi), divided 59.28% to Canterbury Region and 40.72% to Otago Region. It is the only district on the South Island that is divided between two regions. A major reason for this split was the governance of the Waitaki River which forms a political boundary between Canterbury and Otago. With major hydro schemes on this river it was decided to place the entire catchment in one administrative region, thus forming the split. Some people who fall into the Canterbury Region of Waitaki District still regard themselves as part of Otago, and attempts have been made in the past to change the boundary. The district, which is agricultural by nature, comprises the wide alluvial fan of the river, and runs inland along the banks of the river, this forming a roughly triangular region. The population is Wikipedia:New Zealand Commons:Category:New Zealand Dmoz:Regional Oceania New Zealand

controversial history

while Australia did not have enough to form a second division so the brigades were combined. After Gallipoli, the Australian 4th Brigade (4th Brigade (Australia)) was moved to the newly formed Australian 4th Division (Australian 4th Division (World War I)) while New Zealand formed their own division, the New Zealand Division. Controversy over approval of Depo-Provera in the United States There was a long, controversial history regarding the approval of Depo-Provera by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The original manufacturer, Upjohn, applied repeatedly for approval. FDA advisory committees unanimously recommended approval in 1973, 1975 and 1992, as did the FDA's professional medical staff, but the FDA repeatedly denied approval. Ultimately, on October 29, 1992, the FDA approved Depo-Provera, which had by then been used by over 30 million women since 1969 and was approved and being used by nearly 9 million women in more than 90 countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Thailand, New Zealand and Indonesia. Wikipedia:New Zealand Commons:Category:New Zealand Dmoz:Regional Oceania New Zealand

highly vocal

culture and community through Womyn's music. Dobkin has been a highly vocal defender of women-only space. Her controversial analysis of postmodernism, sadomasochism, transgenderism and other issues, including her piece "The Emperor's New Gender", have appeared in several of her written columns, "Minstrel Blood." September *17 September - New Zealand holds a general election, which Helen Clark's left-wing (left-wing politics) Labour Party (New Zealand Labour Party) wins, in coalition with the Progressives Party (New Zealand Progressive Party), with confidence and supply from New Zealand First and United Future, with further support from the Green (Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand) and Māori (Māori Party) parties. *18 September - General Election in Germany produces an inconclusive result, with a narrow majority for the Christian Democratic Union (Christian Democratic Union (Germany)) over the governing Social Democratic Party (Social Democratic Party (Germany)). Post-WW1 Career Following the war, Casson resumed his career as a theatrical director. At this point, his wife's fame as an actress was becoming widespread, and Casson supported her in her burgeoning career. He directed his wife in ''Saint Joan (Saint Joan (play))''. He also directed productions of ''The Trojan Women'' and ''Medea'', written by Euripides and translated by Gilbert Murray. He also directed ''Henry VIII (Henry VIII (play))'' in 1925 and ''Macbeth'' in 1926. Lewis and Sybil toured South Africa in 1928 and the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand in 1932. In 1938 Casson directed ''Henry V (Henry V (play))'' for Ivor Novello In 1939 he led an Old Vic tour around the Mediterranean, and in 1940 he directed John Gielgud in ''King Lear'' at the Old Vic. He played Gonzalo in ''The Tempest'', that tale of a son missing at sea, while his own son was for a time missing off the Norwegian coast. Wikipedia:New Zealand Commons:Category:New Zealand Dmoz:Regional Oceania New Zealand

opposition national

opposition National Party. As a result, New Zealand, from having a reputation as an almost socialist country, is considered one of the most business-friendly countries of the world, next to Singapore. However, critics charge that the deregulation has brought little benefit to some sections of society, and has caused much of New Zealand's economy (including almost all of the banks) to become foreign-owned. frame right '''Ronald Syme''' (Image:Ronald Syme.jpg) '''Sir Ronald Syme''', OM (Order of Merit (Commonwealth)), FBA (Fellow of the British Academy) (11 March 1903 – 4 September 1989) was a New Zealand-born historian and classicist (classics). Long associated with Oxford University, he is widely regarded as the 20th century's greatest historian of ancient Rome. His great work was ''The Roman Revolution'' (1939), a masterly and controversial analysis of Roman political life in the period following the assassination of Julius Caesar. * Wikipedia:New Zealand Commons:Category:New Zealand Dmoz:Regional Oceania New Zealand

New Zealand

'''New Zealand''' ( south of the Pacific island areas (Pacific Islands) of New Caledonia, Fiji, and Tonga. Because of its remoteness, it was one of the last lands to be settled by humans. During its long isolation, New Zealand developed a distinctive biodiversity (Biodiversity of New Zealand) of animal, fungal and plant life. The country's varied topography and its sharp mountain peaks, such as the Southern Alps, owe much to the tectonic uplift of land and volcanic eruptions. New Zealand's capital city is Wellington, while its most populous city is Auckland.

Polynesians settled New Zealand in 1250–1300 CE and developed a distinctive Māori culture. Abel Tasman, a Dutch explorer, was the first European to sight New Zealand in 1642 CE. History of New Zealand. In 1840, representatives of the British Crown and Māori Chiefs signed the Treaty of Waitangi, making New Zealand a British colony (Colony of New Zealand). Today, the majority of New Zealand's population (New Zealanders) of 4.5 million is of European descent (New Zealand European); the indigenous Māori are the largest minority, followed by Asians and Pacific Islanders. Reflecting this, New Zealand's culture (Culture of New Zealand) is mainly derived from Māori and early British settlers, with recent broadening arising from increased immigration (Immigration to New Zealand). The official languages are English, Māori and New Zealand Sign Language, with English predominant. The country's economy was historically dominated by the export of wool, but exports of dairy products, meat, and wine, along with tourism, are more significant today.

Nationally, legislative authority is vested in an elected, unicameral Parliament (Parliament of New Zealand), while executive political power is exercised by the Cabinet (Cabinet of New Zealand), led by the Prime Minister (Prime Minister of New Zealand), who is currently John Key. Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth II) is the country's head of state and is represented by a Governor-General (Governor-General of New Zealand). In addition, New Zealand is organised into 11 regional councils (Regions of New Zealand) and 67 territorial authorities (Territorial authorities of New Zealand) for local government purposes. The Realm of New Zealand also includes Tokelau (a dependent territory); the Cook Islands and Niue (self-governing states in free association (Associated state) with New Zealand); and the Ross Dependency, which is New Zealand's territorial claim in Antarctica (territorial claims in Antarctica). New Zealand is a member of the United Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, ANZUS, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Pacific Islands Forum and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

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