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Drop are known for their improvised live performances; songs on their studio albums are versions refined over years of playing them live in New Zealand, and on tour abroad. Formation: 1999–2001 The band Fat Freddy’s Drop gradually took shape from members of other bands in Wellington, New Zealand's music scene in the late 1990s. The group's founder, Chris "Mu" Faiumu, had performed with other bands for most of that decade under the name DJ Fitchie. He and two friends, trumpeter Toby Laing and vocalist (Singing) Dallas Tamaira, occasionally played improvised jam sessions at his seaside home. Faiumu provided percussion and bass for these on an Akai Music Production Center (MPC). All three were involved with other bands. Faiumu and Tamaira were members of the 15-piece dub band Bongmaster; Wikipedia:New Zealand Commons:Category:New Zealand Dmoz:Regional Oceania New Zealand

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as far west as Pound Road. It meanders around the base of the Port Hills from west to south-east. Mid-Heathcote River Masterplan, page 8. thumb 412px right Overview map (Image:NZStewardIslandAreaMap.png) '''Foveaux Strait''' ( Three large

, GeographX publisher Robbie Burton nopp true page map 22 The town lies at the apex of a peninsula. A car ferry links it to Kohukohu and the northern Hokianga. The '''Westland Petrel''' (''Procellaria westlandica''), also known as the '''Westland Black Petrel''' or ''tāiko'', is a rare

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Crater in Tanzania, Krakatoa near Java and Sumatra, Indonesia. Supervolcanoes are hard to identify centuries later, given the enormous areas they cover. Large igneous provinces are also considered supervolcanoes because of the vast amount of basalt lava erupted, but are non-explosive (effusive eruption). VB is also available in New Zealand, Bali, Indonesia, the UK (United Kingdom), and, to a limited extent, other countries abroad. File:Vivien Leigh

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ornithologist . Interest in RMA and the structure of future United States armed forces is strong within the China's (People's Republic of China) People's Liberation Army and incorporated to current Chinese strategic military doctrine. Many other militaries have researched and considered RMA as an organizational concept, including Canada, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Republic of China ( Taiwan

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new.items d0338.pdf United States General Accounting Office: Implications of Eliminating the Visa Waiver Program * In the Republic of Ireland an Irish version of ''20 20'' launched on TV3 (TV3 Ireland) in 1998. The show used a mix of reports from Ireland and reports from the American edition until it was canceled in 2002. * In New Zealand TVNZ's TV2 airs an hour-long local version (20 20 (New Zealand television series)), featuring both locally and internationally

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tuition fees and their own living costs while studying at a New Zealand institution. Overseas students need to have a student visa and a reasonable level of cash to spend in order to undertake a course of study at a New Zealand based educational institution. Visas are generally valid for the duration of the course of study and only while the student is attending the course of study. New Zealand educational institutions will inform the appropriate immigration authorities if a student ceases

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-oldest university, operates its main campus in the suburb of Ilam (Ilam, New Zealand) in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. It offers degrees in Arts (humanities), Commerce, Education (physical education), Engineering, Fine Arts (Ilam School of Fine Arts), Forestry, Law, Music, Social Work, Speech and Language Therapy (Speech therapy), Science, Sports Coaching and Teaching. The University originated in 1873 in the centre

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, France and New Zealand in 1996, a music video directed by Nigel Dick Oasis' official YouTube channel, video for Champagne Supernova was released to music channels and, as a result, the song received much television and radio airplay. The song was released in the U.S. as a radio single and enjoyed great success there, becoming the band's second No. 1 single on the Modern Rock Tracks (Alternative Songs) chart. It also peaked

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and street art *'''New Zealand''': Auckland street artin 2009, decorated corners of the city far and wide with sophisticated graphic imagery. Formats and themes include stencil drawings of aerosol-can characters, sharks, and angels; murals of muscle men to intergalactic space settings; and "throw-ups" of artists' signatures in elaborate, bubble-shaped characters. Auckland's city council permitted electrical boxes to be used as canvases for street art. Local crew '''TMD (The Most


, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund was formed. In 1990, issues of ''"Omaha" the Cat Dancer'' were seized by New Zealand authorities; the country's Obscene Publications Tribunal declared that the series was not indecent. In the same

New Zealand

'''New Zealand''' ( south of the Pacific island areas (Pacific Islands) of New Caledonia, Fiji, and Tonga. Because of its remoteness, it was one of the last lands to be settled by humans. During its long isolation, New Zealand developed a distinctive biodiversity (Biodiversity of New Zealand) of animal, fungal and plant life. The country's varied topography and its sharp mountain peaks, such as the Southern Alps, owe much to the tectonic uplift of land and volcanic eruptions. New Zealand's capital city is Wellington, while its most populous city is Auckland.

Polynesians settled New Zealand in 1250–1300 CE and developed a distinctive Māori culture. Abel Tasman, a Dutch explorer, was the first European to sight New Zealand in 1642 CE. History of New Zealand. In 1840, representatives of the British Crown and Māori Chiefs signed the Treaty of Waitangi, making New Zealand a British colony (Colony of New Zealand). Today, the majority of New Zealand's population (New Zealanders) of 4.5 million is of European descent (New Zealand European); the indigenous Māori are the largest minority, followed by Asians and Pacific Islanders. Reflecting this, New Zealand's culture (Culture of New Zealand) is mainly derived from Māori and early British settlers, with recent broadening arising from increased immigration (Immigration to New Zealand). The official languages are English, Māori and New Zealand Sign Language, with English predominant. The country's economy was historically dominated by the export of wool, but exports of dairy products, meat, and wine, along with tourism, are more significant today.

Nationally, legislative authority is vested in an elected, unicameral Parliament (Parliament of New Zealand), while executive political power is exercised by the Cabinet (Cabinet of New Zealand), led by the Prime Minister (Prime Minister of New Zealand), who is currently John Key. Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth II) is the country's head of state and is represented by a Governor-General (Governor-General of New Zealand). In addition, New Zealand is organised into 11 regional councils (Regions of New Zealand) and 67 territorial authorities (Territorial authorities of New Zealand) for local government purposes. The Realm of New Zealand also includes Tokelau (a dependent territory); the Cook Islands and Niue (self-governing states in free association (Associated state) with New Zealand); and the Ross Dependency, which is New Zealand's territorial claim in Antarctica (territorial claims in Antarctica). New Zealand is a member of the United Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, ANZUS, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Pacific Islands Forum and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

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