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Earl . *September 2010, there was some damage from Hurricane Igor (Hurricane Igor (2010)). Culture wikipedia:Nevis

rich food

period, complimenting the ecosystem surrounding the coral reef just offshore. It was the easy access to fresh water on the island and the rich food source represented by the ocean life sheltered by the reef that made it feasible for the Amerindians to settle this area around 600 BC. With the loss of the natural vegetation, the balance in runoff nutrients to the reef was disturbed, eventually causing as much as 80 percent of the large eastern fringing reef

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to be an exclusive group of "highly influential, affluent, and freedom-orientated people from various business, social and economic sectors" who offer advice to its members. The group operates out of the country of Nevis and employs the Law of Attraction as its principal

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, Sections 23 of the Constitution. leader_name3 Eustace John leader_title4 President, Nevis Island Assembly (Nevis Island Assembly) leader_name4 Christen Springette area_rank 207th area_magnitude 1_E7 area_km2 93 area_sq_mi 35.9 population_census 12,106 Population number from the Ministry of Finance, Nevis Financial Services Development & Marketing Department, Quickfacts. Retrieved 8 August 2006. For an older breakdown by parish, see the Statistics Department Nevis August 2002 table, used by IFLA UNESCO in Country report on the public and school library sectors of Nevis, subsection 5ii. Retrieved 8 August 2006. population_census_year 2006 population_density_km2 130 population_density_sq_mi 99 population_density_rank not ranked GDP_PPP $726 million wikipedia:Nevis

winning past

that there are significant calpysonians from Nevis; I just don't see any evidence that Lord Cam is one of them. Compare the results for his name with those of another Nevisian, Dis N Dat (the current Culturama king). Despite the same "small country" handicaps as Lord Cam, there are mentions of him winning past competitions, performing other gigs, and even


, the population of Nevis consisted of a small, rich planter elite in control, a marginal population of poor whites, a great majority of African-descended slaves, and an unknown number of maroons (Maroon (people)), escaped slaves living in the mountains. In 1780, 90 percent of the 10,000 people living on Nevis were black. Some of the maroons joined with the few remaining Caribs in Nevis to form a resistance force. Memories of the Nevisian maroons' struggle

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development and infrastructure are especially contentious issues. Lists showing the disparities in sharing have been compiled by Dr. Everson Hull, a former Economics professor of Howard University, and are available online. Hull, E.amp; "Part I: Grabbing the Forgiven-debt Money." and

1080376524&archive &start_from &ucat 2& "On the Money Trail – PART II" . Nevis Independence. See also Powell, Everton (2006). "Disparities in sharing". Nevis Independence. Retrieved 8 August 2006. Parishes wikipedia:Nevis

unusual track

heavy damage to the island's infrastructure on the western coast, because of the storm's unusual track from west to east. *October 2008: Nevis was brushed with the edge of Hurricane Omar (Hurricane Omar (2008)). Among other establishments, The Four Seasons resort was forced to close to undergo repairs. Hurricane Omar thus caused the loss of 600 jobs for over 2 years; the resort reopened on 15 December 2010. *August 2010: there was some damage on Nevis from Hurricane Earl (2010) Hurricane

plays including

John Figtree Parish Anglican Church in Nevis. Eulalie Spence (1894–1981), pioneer playwright of the Harlem Renaissance, was born on Nevis on 11 June 1894. She and her family moved to New York in 1902. She wrote fourteen plays, including "Fools Errand" which ran on Broadway (Broadway theatre) in 1927. Her three act play, "The Whipping" was optioned by Paramount Studios, and was eventually filmed as Ready for Love (Ready for Love (film)), a 1934 film


right thumb 250px The east coast of Nevis, partially protected by coral reef (File:Nevis Aerial.jpg)s. Long Haul Bay is seen in the foreground. right thumb 250px Main Street, Charlestown, Nevis (File:Nevis Charlestown.jpg). right thumb 250px Part of the west coast of Nevis, including the location of Monuments and memorials to Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson#Sites overseas Nelson's Spring (File:Nevis 2008.jpg) thumb The view looking inland from the Nevis airport, 2008 (File:Vance Amory International Airport, Nevis.JPG)

'''Nevis''' is a small island in the Caribbean Sea that forms part of the inner arc of the Leeward Islands chain of the West Indies. It is located near the northern end of the Lesser Antilles archipelago, about 350 km east-southeast of Puerto Rico and 80 km west of Antigua. Its area is 93 km² and capital is Charlestown (Charlestown, Nevis).

Nevis and the island of Saint Kitts to the northwest form the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. The two islands are separated by a shallow two-mile (3.22 km) channel known as "The Narrows". Nevis is conical in shape with a volcanic peak known as Nevis Peak at its centre. The island is fringed on its western and northern coastlines by sandy beaches that are composed of a mixture of white coral sand with brown and black sand which was eroded and washed down from the volcanic rocks that make up the island. The gently-sloping coastal plain (0.6 miles 1 km wide) has natural freshwater springs as well as non-potable volcanic hot springs, especially along the western coast.

The island was named ''Oualie'' ("Land of Beautiful Waters") by the Caribs (Island Caribs) and ''Dulcina'' ("Sweet Island") by the early British settlers. The name, ''Nevis'', is derived from the Spanish, ''Nuestra Señora de las Nieves'' (which means Our Lady of the Snows (Dedication of Saint Mary Major)); the name first appears on maps in the 16th century. Hubbard, Vincent K. (2002). ''Swords, Ships & Sugar: History of Nevis''. Corvallis, Oregon: Premiere, ISBN 1-891519-05-0, pp. 20-23 (Captain Gilbert, Captain Smith), 25 (pearl diving), 41-44 (name Dulcina, treaty with Spain, first settlement), 69-70 (privateers, Captain Francis), 79-85 (slave trade, Royal African Company, Queen of the Caribees), 86-102 (Caribs), 113-120 (d'Iberville, buccaneers), 138-139 (Great Britain's wealth derived from West Indian sugar and slave trade, 1776 starvation), 194-195 (Alexandra Hospital), 211-223 (electricity, Anguilla in 1967, OECD blacklist). Nevis is also known by the sobriquet "Queen of the Caribees", which it earned in the 18th century, when its sugar plantations created much wealth for the British.

Nevis is of particular historical significance to Americans because it was the birthplace and early childhood home of Alexander Hamilton. For the British, Nevis is the place where Horatio Nelson was stationed as a young sea captain, and is where he met and married a Nevisian, Frances Nisbet, the young widow of a plantation-owner.

The majority of the approximately 12,000 citizens of Nevis are of primarily African descent. English is the official language, and the literacy rate, 98 percent, is one of the highest in the Western Hemisphere.

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