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(''Stadtschloß''), a royal palace built in 1662. Under Frederick the Great (Frederick II of Prussia), the palace became the winter residence of the Prussian kings. The palace was severely damaged by bombing in 1945 and demolished in 1961 by the Communist authorities. In 2002 the Gate of Fortune (''Fortunaportal'') was rebuilt in its original historic position, which marks the first step in the reconstruction of the palace. The Old Market Square is dominated today by the dome of St. Nicolas

century blue

Chinese export porcelains made for the Dutch market were made in large numbers throughout the 17th Century. Blue and white Delftware was itself extensively copied by factories in other European countries, including England, where it is known as ''English Delftware.'' The next agent recruited abroad by the Committee was Charles W. F. Dumas, a Swiss journalist at The Hague. Dumas was briefed personally by Thomas Story, a courier of the Committee, and instructed on the use

set poems

, and his wife Sara Olivier, Lex van Delden took piano-lessons from an early age - first from Martha Zwaga and later from the celebrated pianist, Cor de Groot. He started composing at the age of eleven, when he set poems by Guido Gezelle to music since a long illness prevented him from playing the piano. He remained self-taught as a composer. Despite his artistic promise and interests (by the age of fourteen, for instance, he was accompanying the famous German Expressionist

series made

icon and some parts in Chinese In the United States, the initial run of the series ran for 14 of the 20 episodes, leaving the six remaining episodes unaired for a period of roughly two years. (They aired in 2004 on Showtime (Showtime (TV network)) as "missing" episodes, which ostensibly included the open-ended series finale.) The series made a full run of all 20 episodes in the United Kingdom on Sky One and on Sci Fi Channel (United Kingdom) Sci Fi Channel

is kidnapped in Iraq. (BBC) '''''Evelien''''' is a Dutch (Netherlands) dramedy television series made for broadcaster Net 5. Actress Kim van Kooten plays the eponymous starring role. So far two seasons have been made; the first episode was broadcast on March 7, 2006. In 2007 the series was sold to Belgian (Belgium) channel Een. 1 December 2005 (Thursday) * South Africa's Constitutional Court of South Africa

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: olympic-news n news afp-news speed-skating--davis-defends-men%27s-1-000m-title_282672Qd.html Speed Skating: Davis defends men's 1,000m title, February 17, 2010 finishing just 18 100ths of a second quicker than his rival, South Korea's Mo Tae-Bum. Shani Davis defends his 1,000-meter speedskating gold

Yahoo! Sports, February 17, 2010 Davis won a silver medal at the 1,500m distance, being defeated for the gold medal by Mark Tuitert of the Netherlandsnews speed-skating--tuitert-wins-1-500m--denies-davis-double_286946kU.html Tuitert wins 1,500m, denies Davis double, Davis finished Speed skating at the 2010 Winter Olympics – Men's 5000 metres#Results 12th in the 5,000 meters

tough battle

to Pride in February 2002, facing long-time rival Ken Shamrock at Pride 19. After an exciting hard tough battle, Frye pulled out a decision victory. Even though Shamrock had injured Frye's ankles, later leading to dependency on painkillers, http: news articles 2 16-Questions-for-Don-Frye-16222 the two hugged after the fight ended, putting an end to their rivalry. Many MMA fans agree that both fighters were never the same again, as both their careers


direct restrictions on motor-vehicle speed and acceleration performance. Enabling and encouraging people to cycle, John Franklin, Paper presented to the Cambridge Cycling Campaign AGM, 5 October 1999 An EU report on promoting walking and cycling specifies as one of its top measures comprehensive camera-based speed control using mainly movable equipment at unexpected spots. How to enhance WALking and CYcliNG

professional technical

. In Canada, the Netherlands and other places the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) is equivalent to the Bachelor of Engineering, and is classified as a professional degree. In Australia and New Zealand this degree is awarded in various fields of study and is considered a highly specialized professional degree. However, in the United States it is also considered a highly specialized professional technical degree, the Bachelor of Applied Science is an applied baccalaureate, typically containing advanced technical training (e.g. military training) in sciences combined with liberal arts that traditional degrees do not have. All the general education courses are valid courses if taken at accredited universities and colleges that have Regional accreditation. Hence, an earned BAS degree does include having to take upper-division coursework as required in addition to traditional bachelor degree programs. http: undergraduate degrees index.php http: bas http: degree-programs undergraduate bachelor-applied-science-health-sciences On 20 February 2009 the Dutch (Netherlands) Minister (Minister (government)) of Education, Culture and Science, Ronald Plasterk, proposed to replace all the existing degrees offered by Dutch vocational universities, such as the BBA, BEd and BEng, with the BAA (Bachelor of Applied Arts) and the BASc. Website of the Dutch government In the Netherlands (''Minister van Staat'' in Dutch) and Belgium (also ''Ministre d'État'' in French), Minister of State is a title of honour awarded formally by the Monarch, but on the initiative of the government. It is given on a personal basis, for life rather than for a specified period. The title is granted for exceptional merits, generally to senior politicians (politics) at the end of their party career. Ministers of state are often former cabinet members or party leaders. Ministers of State advise the Sovereign in delicate situations, with moral authority but without formal competence. Schoepen married Dutch (Netherlands) former opera singer and photo model Josephina (Josée) Jongen on 18 May 1961. They have five children: Robert (“Bob Jr.”, 1962), Myriam (1963), Jacky (1964), Peggy (1968), and Tom (1970). His son Tom became his manager in Belgium. Sticks of liquorice typically have a diameter between two and ten millimetres. Although they resemble plain wooden sticks, they are soft enough to be chewed on. They used to be popular among Dutch (Netherlands), Danish (Danish people) and Swedish (Swedish people) children Commons:Category:Netherlands Dmoz:Regional Europe Netherlands Wikipedia:Netherlands

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vocals on that...” The original version, without vocals by Carlton, appeared on the first album release as a hidden track. ''Hard Candy'' received better reviews than the previous efforts, with "radio friendly" songs, like "American Girls (American Girls (song))" (which featured Sheryl Crow on backing vocals), and contains a more upbeat feel and tempo. The band toured with the Dutch (Netherlands) band, Bløf. A song, "Holiday in Spain," came

successful term

title Rapid Fire: 2010-06-22 publisher Defense Industry Daily year 2010 url http: Rapid-Fire-2010-06-22-06442 accessdate 2010-06-25 An engineer, his reputation was established by his long and successful term as Resident of Malacca, of which he was given charge when it passed into British hands from the Dutch (Netherlands). A task given him by the British Government was to demolish all the structures left by the former occupants; he


The '''Netherlands''' (

The Netherlands' name literally means "Low Country (Low Countries)", inspired by its low and flat geography, with only about 50% of its land exceeding one metre above sea level (Above mean sea level). Most of the areas below sea level are man-made. Since the late 16th century, large areas (polders) have been reclaimed (land reclamation) from the sea and from lakes, amounting to nearly 17% of the country's current land mass.

With a population density of 406 people per km² – 497 if water is excluded – the Netherlands is a very densely populated country (List of sovereign states and dependent territories by population density) for its size. Only Bangladesh, South Korea and Taiwan have both a larger population and a higher population density. Nevertheless, the Netherlands is the world's second largest exporter of food and agriculture products, after the United States. Netherlands: Agricultural exports top 80 billion Euros Holland is world-leading exporter of agri-food products

The Netherlands was one of the first countries in the world to have an elected parliament, and since 1848 it has been governed as a parliamentary (parliamentary system) democracy and a constitutional monarchy, organised as a unitary state. The Netherlands has a long history of social tolerance and is generally regarded as a liberal (liberalism) country, having legalised abortion, prostitution and euthanasia, while maintaining a progressive drugs policy (drug policy of the Netherlands). In 2001 it became the world's first country to legalize same-sex marriage (same-sex marriage in the Netherlands).

The Netherlands is a founding member of the EU (European Union), Eurozone, G-10 (Group of Ten (economic)), NATO, OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), WTO (World Trade Organization) and a part of the trilateral Benelux economic union. The country is host to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and five international courts: the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the International Criminal Court and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. The first four are situated in The Hague, as is the EU's criminal intelligence agency Europol and judicial co-operation agency Eurojust. This has led to the city being dubbed "the world's legal capital". , specifically, ''"In the 1990s, during his term as United Nations Secretary-General, Boutros Boutros-Ghali started calling The Hague the world's legal capital."'' The Netherlands is also a part of the Schengen Area.

The Netherlands has a market-based mixed economy, ranking 17th of 177 countries according to the Index of Economic Freedom.

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