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the Terminal Marítimo de Ponta da Madeira in Brazil to the Europoort near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Even at these ports, passage must be timed to coincide with high tides to prevent the ship running aground. ''Berge Stahl'' made this trip about ten times each year, or a round-trip about every five weeks. ''"Machine Support services on world's largest dry bulk carrier"'' Machine Support News ref>

classical international

:''' Germany 31.4%, Netherlands 6.7%, Slovakia 6.4%, Poland 6.3%, Austria 5.1%, China (People's Republic of China) 5.1%, Russia 4.5%, Italy 4.4%, France 4.1% (2007). The future structure of the Council of Europe was discussed at a specific congress of several hundred leading politicians, government representatives and civil society in The Hague, Netherlands, in 1948. There were two schools of thought competing: some favoured a classical international organisation with representatives of governments, while others preferred a political forum with parliamentarians. Both approaches were finally combined through the creation of the Committee of Ministers and the Parliamentary Assembly under the Statute of the Council of Europe. This dual intergovernmental and inter-parliamentary structure was later copied for the European Communities, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. Commons:Category:Netherlands Dmoz:Regional Europe Netherlands Wikipedia:Netherlands

winning bronze

Unified Team (Unified Team at the 1992 Summer Olympics), Netherlands, and Italy for a first Olympic championship. Runner-up Netherlands, with Ron Zwerver and Olof van der Meulen, came back in the following edition for a five-set win, again over Italy. In spite of their success in other competitions, Italy did not fare well at the Olympics. After winning bronze in 1996 (Volleyball at the 1996 Summer Olympics), Serbia and Montenegro, led by Vladimir Grbić Vladimir

in the following edition for a five-set win, again over Italy. In spite of their success in other competitions, Italy did not fare well at the Olympics. After winning bronze in 1996 (Volleyball at the 1996 Summer Olympics), Serbia and Montenegro, led by Vladimir (Vladimir Grbić) and Nikola Grbić, beat Russia at the finals in 2000 (Volleyball at the 2000 Summer Olympics) to secure the gold (in 1996 and 2000 they played under the name Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

exceptional medical

and safe, as the Nazis turn Amsterdam upside-down. Europe Most Western European countries have put in place a mechanism to fund formal care and, in a number of Northern (Northern Europe) and Continental European countries, arrangements exist to at least partially fund informal care as well. Some countries have had publicly organized funding arrangements in place for many years: the Netherlands adopted the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (ABWZ) in 1967, and in 1988 Norway

paintings representing

, David Teniers the Younger, who had painted a series of oil-on-copper paintings representing the five senses. His painting, "Smell" is quite similar to Rembrandt Peale’s. Rembrandt's piece captures the essence of a young gardener artist’s peace of mind, gracefully looking out, a posture of wonder and calmness. Soltis, Carol Eaton. "Rembrandt Peale's ‘Rubens Peale with a Geranium’: A Possible Source in David Teniers the Younger". ''American Art Journal'', Vol. 33

title organizing

, together with former Belgian (Belgium) Prime Minister (Prime Minister of Belgium) Paul Van Zeeland, and the head of Unilever at that time, Dutchman Paul Rijkens. Bernhard in turn contacted Walter Bedell Smith, then head of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), who asked Eisenhower (Dwight Eisenhower) adviser Charles Douglas Jackson to deal with the suggestion. Commons:Category:Netherlands Dmoz:Regional Europe Netherlands Wikipedia:Netherlands


, owned by the Brenninkmeijer family of the Netherlands, had owned many retail chains including Ricky's Bootlegger, Clark Shoes, Collacut luggage and D'Aillards. The family also owns the C&A chain of department stores in Europe. ''The Globe and Mail, "Meet the Green Family", 10 September 008, p.B1 Early life Jan Pronk was born in Scheveningen in the Netherlands on March 16, 1940.

single love

''' is a Dutch (Netherlands) rock band, formed in 1997. Their first big appearance was at the 1999 Noorderslagfestival. First album Till Monkeys Fly appeared in January 2000, produced by Michael Schoots (Urban Dance Squad). The first single, Feel Like Flying, became a hit and got a lot of airplay on the Dutch radiostation 3FM. The band's biggest hit so far came in 2005, when its single Love You More reached number three in the Dutch music charts. Greater Canada Geese have also been

works series

).jpg thumb Oosterscheldekering ''(centre)'' The '''Oosterscheldekering''' (in English: '''Eastern Scheldt (Oosterschelde) storm surge barrier'''), between the islands Schouwen-Duiveland and Noord-Beveland, is the largest of the 13 ambitious Delta works (Delta Works) series of dams, designed to protect the Netherlands from flooding. The construction of the Delta Works was in response to the North Sea Flood of 1953. ''Fractured (Fractured (novel))'', the second


The '''Netherlands''' (

The Netherlands' name literally means "Low Country (Low Countries)", inspired by its low and flat geography, with only about 50% of its land exceeding one metre above sea level (Above mean sea level). Most of the areas below sea level are man-made. Since the late 16th century, large areas (polders) have been reclaimed (land reclamation) from the sea and from lakes, amounting to nearly 17% of the country's current land mass.

With a population density of 406 people per km² – 497 if water is excluded – the Netherlands is a very densely populated country (List of sovereign states and dependent territories by population density) for its size. Only Bangladesh, South Korea and Taiwan have both a larger population and a higher population density. Nevertheless, the Netherlands is the world's second largest exporter of food and agriculture products, after the United States. Netherlands: Agricultural exports top 80 billion Euros Holland is world-leading exporter of agri-food products

The Netherlands was one of the first countries in the world to have an elected parliament, and since 1848 it has been governed as a parliamentary (parliamentary system) democracy and a constitutional monarchy, organised as a unitary state. The Netherlands has a long history of social tolerance and is generally regarded as a liberal (liberalism) country, having legalised abortion, prostitution and euthanasia, while maintaining a progressive drugs policy (drug policy of the Netherlands). In 2001 it became the world's first country to legalize same-sex marriage (same-sex marriage in the Netherlands).

The Netherlands is a founding member of the EU (European Union), Eurozone, G-10 (Group of Ten (economic)), NATO, OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), WTO (World Trade Organization) and a part of the trilateral Benelux economic union. The country is host to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and five international courts: the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the International Criminal Court and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. The first four are situated in The Hague, as is the EU's criminal intelligence agency Europol and judicial co-operation agency Eurojust. This has led to the city being dubbed "the world's legal capital". , specifically, ''"In the 1990s, during his term as United Nations Secretary-General, Boutros Boutros-Ghali started calling The Hague the world's legal capital."'' The Netherlands is also a part of the Schengen Area.

The Netherlands has a market-based mixed economy, ranking 17th of 177 countries according to the Index of Economic Freedom.

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